Keep on Caking On

Thanks for the Happy Birthdays and I’m glad you guys all enjoyed my psychedelic cake experience. I think everyone needs to make some kind of rainbow cake at least once in their birthday cake career.

I’ve eaten mine multiple times since the day of.


018 014

That last one would be cake pudding innards.

Half the cake down, half tucked away in its cryonic grave for resuscitation at a (hopefully) later date.

And speaking of cake, I finally jumped on the bandwagon and cooked myself up a Protein Cake!


And it was… awful?!

I drowned half of it in yogurt and peanut butter and choked it down but the other half ended up in the trash. And I never throw food out.


I used, from what I can remember: 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, 1/4 C egg whites, 1 T pumpkin, 1/4 tsp baking powder.  I’m going to assume that, judging by the love of these darn things all over the food blog world, it must be due to the protein powder I used that this turned into a sponge.

I am determined to make this work though, so I will be trying again. Both with the same protein powder (maybe different ratios?) and my other vanilla protein powder. We’ll see how it goes.

All of these cake stuff has more than quenched my sweet tooth over the past several days but you gotta have that balance, so I haven’t forgotten about my precious veggies!



…and bowls…


…and bowls…


…and plates…


…and plates of them!


Veggies (like chopped tomatoes and steamed snap peas) on and beside baked sweet potatoes spread with red pepper hummus.


Veggies (like spinach) inside wraps with egg whites and laughing cow.


Veggies (like green peppers) beside wraps, dressed with salsa and hot sauce


Veggies (like steamed broccoli) beside english muffins, doused with hummus/marinara sauce; and in english muffins (spinach) mingling with veggie burgers, laughing cow cheese and dijonnaise. 020

Veggies underneath tuna burgers


Veggies veggies everywhere! Holy moley veggie overload. That’s one way to knock this darn cold I seemed to have picked up right outta the park. Hopefully…

I swear I haven’t eaten only vegetables and cake over the last several days though. I’ve also thrown in:

Plenty of fruit (kicking that cold hard while it’s down!)


Yogurt (doused in peanut butter and filled with chopped dates)


Waffles. So happy I finally have a waffle stash again since buying them to celebrate national waffle day! (and my birthday…)


Kamut Flakes cooked in water, banana, cinnamon, flax and stevia. Drizzled with an icing of soy nut butter, almond milk and SF maple syrup.

005 011

Coconut Pancakes with fruit, SF syrup and coconut butter -> I didn’t fall head over heals at first but I think I’m officially crazed over melted coconut butter. It’s gotta be melted and then it’s delicious.



And last but far far from least…Cereal. Oh so much cereal. Can anyone truthfully tell me that they’re not addicted to cereal? All it takes is one taste…



I’ve also thrown my money around a little bit this weekend:

– On my birthday waffles. And Almond Breeze. And tempeh. And Sunbutter – Opinions? I’m not sure how I feel about it yet. I got the crunchy and although I love sunflower seeds… I’m not really digging them in here! I find the whole thing a bit too salty… I’m sure I’ll learn to like it by the end of the jar though.


– On warmth and comfort.


– On my desire to be Barbie?! I have no idea when I will ever wear this HOT pink dress. But my dress collection sucks. And it was $30. And it’s cute. So my closet shall now house a hot pink dress… just in case.


– On floral patterns


– On face perfectors (Clinique Bonus time! Gotta love the free bag of swag with purchase) 046

– On muscular determination. I swear one day I will be able to do a pull up. I haven’t tried this out yet. As far as I know I can do ten already! Wishful thinking? I do my push ups… I bought it mainly because I hate missing out on the pull up sections whenever I do a P90X DVD that uses these.
Can YOU do pull ups? I’ll let you know how this one goes for me…


And now I’m off to la la land. Gotta get in as much rest as possible considering I’ll most likely pulling some late nighters for the next month. Hello end of term. Hello last week of classes. Hello big essay due. Hello exam time. I can’t wait til I can bid you adieu.

Please help me out here:
Have protein cakes been a success for you? How are you making them? I need to make one that lives up to the hype!

And seriously, can you do a pull up? I’m pretty excited to try it out… despite the fear of feeling like a total failure once I discover my weaklingness (which definitely should be a word).

Happy Week Ahead!


20 thoughts on “Keep on Caking On

  1. Yep, the cake still looks amazing!!

    Veg and fruit are the BEST way to combat a cold- feel better, girl!

    I have not tried protein cakes, but I know what protein powder & egg whites do in my oats… turn it into a spongy mess…. so I have not tried it yet! I’m scared of the texture!!

    And I wish I could do a pullup! But alas, I can not. Maybe some day, but right now my runner/yoga bod is a whole different kind of strong!!


  2. BOO sorry about the protein cakes!! what a bummeR!!!
    i can do 3 pull ups..and THAT IS ALL!
    your eats look AWESOME! ahi tuna burgers?!?! that sounds so good!

  3. heehee “EXTREME Doorway Gym” – I love it! I definitely cannot do a pull-up :( In my first-year residence there was a random bar in the middle of the hallway which we used to try them on. Then a large fellow broke it, so that was the end of my pull-up training!

    Those are some drool-worthy coconut pancakes.

  4. STAT: i need to know where to get my hands on that hoodie. erm.. non hoodie. it is the cutest thing ive seen in ages.

    also, i LOVE the colorful cake leftovers! so fun to see!

    sorry about the protein cake fail. i have had some successes and some fails, it is ALL ABOUT the powder. 100%

  5. i think i need to whip up a rainbow cake for sad days. there is no possible way to be depressed when your eating rainbows regularly.
    boooourrrns about the protein cake fail. :(
    i thought i was going to be helpful and say “you forgot applesauce!” but applesauce and pumpkin are pretttyyy much the same thing. my only suggestions are a little vanilla and stevia.
    and holy hannah. loooove all the featured clothing!

  6. YUUUUM, girl – such delicious eats!
    I have to ask you: how did you make that rainbow cake? With different kinds of artificial colorant?
    Gotta looove veggies, hahaha.
    Have a great week!
    Brazilian XOXO´s,

  7. lol the rainbow cake just made my day better. AGAIN. such a happy lovely cake. such a happy lovely piece of food.

    i wish we could have a study date! i am swaaaaaaampied, and i could use some Kristie hilarity!

    and so lame bout the protein cake. that’s actually kinda why i haven’t made one yet…….my protein powd IS BLAAAAAAH.

    love all the beautiful oatmeal bowls, wraps, and pancakies!!!


  8. I think it definitely helps if you add cocoa powder to is since it’s floury? so i think it’ll make it lighter and actual cake like? :S well that’s my 2cents from experience!

  9. Hello!
    Quick suggestions: Pancake syrup/Maple syrup makes everything taste good! I would drown the protein cake and let it soak it up or make french toast with it.
    2, add more sweetener or cocoa powder etc.
    3, mix in a bit of regular flour/oats etc
    4, apple sauce/or pumpkin puree
    5, you need to play around with the baking soda amount. Too much it gets rubbery and too salty and gross.
    6, add nut butter to the batter.

    Just play around with it. Add some angel food cake mix to it or a white cake etc (1tb) and the texture will change!
    ps- I am literally obsessed with your rainbow cake. I feel like going out and getting food coloring NOW

  10. i love when you go veggie crazy, its so cute LOL. that’s a LOT of greenery. thank goodness for rainbow cake tossed into the mix.

    i am loving all those super cute clothes you picked up!!!! i’ve been feeling the shopping but lately but everything i like is so darn expensive. i did get magenta and yellow sunglasses though, so that counts :)

    happy weekend!!!

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