The Day I Grew to 22

Wednesday night: Before I lay my head down to rest, I was a 21 year old girl named Kristie.

Thursday morning: Something had changed…

                    …I was a 22 year old girl…named Kristie.

In other words, yesterday was my birthday!


And it all started off with WAFFLES.

All thanks to Janetha who gave me an advanced heads up that my birthday also happened to fall on National Waffle Day, there was no way I was passing up the chance to celebrate both at once. So I ran on Wednesday afternoon and picked myself up an extra special treat: Nature’s Path Flax Plus Red Berry Waffles. I’ve always wanted to buy a box of the “gourmet” waffles but I was waiting for the right moment. Well this was clearly it!

Birthday Breakfast: (Half Soggy/Half Burnt) toasted Red Berry waffle topped with cheap-man strained yogurt, banana, strawberries, peanut butter and SF maple syrup.

001 014

I also may have been discussing with my mom the other day about how I wanted a golden retriever. Well…say hello to my new puppy Jake!


I totally saw this thing at the store weeks ago and thought it was the cutest thing ever and my mom totally bought it and told me she’d give it to me later for a gift. And I’m totally the biggest geek of life. Hey it’s darn cute, admit it. 

Then I went to my early morning class (on my birthday! I know, I know, what a good student I am).

Came home. Tamed the tum with tempeh and tomatoes (and slaw, leftover cold potato chunks, feta cheese).


Coughed up a lung as I tried to do a sprint interval run on the treadmill with a bad cold. Not the smartest idea ever.

Then… birthday cake bake time! Yes, I bake my own birthday cake. Yes, I chose to. Yes, I liked every second of it.

Usually I try to pick a really good recipe and bake a really tasty cake but this year I was all about the novelty.

Que pasa?


Ooh la la!


And the final product? Wait and see!


Birthday Flowers – Thanks Daddio! He had them delivered to my door. His specifications? Make them colourful. I think the flower shop folk managed quite alright :)


I also went to my second class of the day. I’m an even better student than I thought! I figured all that learning would help me build up a hefty appetite for…

Birthday Dinner: Umm… SUSHI?! What else! How could I not go for one of my favourite meals for my birthday.

My mom, brother and I hit up a little place downtown that I’ve been to a handful of times before and love. Every roll is a good size and plenty filling with a lovely presentation, and all come with miso soup, garden salad and a fresh cut orange for dessert. Oh, and the rolls all taste amazing too.

I ordered the Dragon Roll. I was only mildly afraid of the eel on top but I figured I’d be brave. It was actually very mild tasting. The only part I was slightly disappointed with was the sweet sauce they drizzled on top. It wasn’t bad by any means but I think I prefer my sushi rolls to be fully on the savoury side.


My mom got the Niko Niko roll, which included crab, avocado and cream cheese.


Broski didn’t want to attempt anything fishy so he went with a beef teriyaki dish. What a cop-out! After trying a piece of my mom’s roll though and saying it was the best thing he’d ever eaten, I think he might be re-evaluating his next sushi visit order.

After arriving home from dinner and digesting a bit…

Birthday Cake Time!

Uhh… I said I was a total geek. And my cake deco skills aren’t quite so refined. And the cake deco resources in my house are minimal. I did what I could.

Face cake!


Face cake gets the light.


Face cake is out.



And The Reveal…

Ready for it?




I was dying to make a rainbow cake. It happened. Just Google “Rainbow Cake”, seriously. You won’t be able to get the idea out of your head until you make one yourself.

Face cake is hurtin.


Does a sight like this not just make you want to giggle and never stop? Seriously, this stupid cake made me so excited!


By the end of the day I was completely exhausted (probably a combo of food coma + bad cold + restless nights of sleep this week + early morning wake up) and I’m honestly not one for celebrating my birthday (aka partying it up) so I just never really do it.

But this year my friend insisted she was kidnapping me for the night.
I thought we were just going to go out somewhere chill, sit and get a drink or a coffee or something.

Instead, after a bit of reluctance, I ended up happy on free cups of house beer and ice cold Bud Lights at a karaoke bar where drunken people were screeching and butchering some of my favourite songs.

 birthday_beer Karaoke 

Then around one in the AM we moved on over to one of my old club haunts that I hadn’t been to in months, as apparently some of my bar buds were there drinking for the night. Another beer, a few happy birthdays, a busted move or two and some deep chats later, I finally ended up passed out in bed by about 3:30.


Hey. It’s my birthday!

Usually I’m not the biggest fan of my birthday. But this year it wasn’t too shabby :)


27 thoughts on “The Day I Grew to 22

  1. it’s official. your birthday is the best day of the year. ive been meaning to make one of those cakes, so rad!! happy birthday again!! 22 is my fave number ever :)

  2. happy birthday girl!! Sounds like you had a blast and the sushi looks yummay. I’m so making my sister than cake for her bday… last year I made her cupcakes so i defs think the rainbow cake will top that!

  3. what a great birthday you had!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the cake you made!!! sushi isd my favorite too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad it was a great one!!!!!!!!!!


    I am obsessed with your cake. Very, very obsessed.

    I love that you had sushi because I know how much you love it. Too perf :)

    Annnnnd you are a fabulous 22-year-old! That is all.


  5. I underwent that same transformation between Sunday night and Monday morning! We had practically the same birthday breakfast too, only my strawberries were atop pancakes instead of waffles :D Your cake was, by far, much more awesome though.

  6. Happy Birthday! I absolutely love your cake! Baking cakes are so much fun. I feel like I go around and ask people I know if their brithday is coming up so I can have an excuse to make one!

  7. I’m a day late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! This was like, the best birthday post ever :D I got sushi for my birthday dinner too! This year AND last year, haha. It’s definitely the best birthday meal, in my opinion. And your cake….I don’t even have words. I am in AWE. I don’t blame you for wanting to make your own cake because that thing is BOMB!

  8. Happy belated birthday!

    That cake looks amazing and so fun!! I want to make one so bad… unfortunately the next birthday coming up is my dad’s and I can only imagine what he would think if my mom & I presented him with that!! HAHA!

  9. Hey Girlie!! thank you for commenting on my post! I am so glad you did because it allowed me to find your awesome blog….what a FABULOUS CAKE!!! ohhhh my it looks sooooooo deliciously-cool!!!! I can’t get over the COLORS! :) I hope your birthday was AMAZING and that you are enjoying being 22! wooohoo! Have a great day chica!

  10. happy belated birthday! sounds like it ended up being a pretty fun celebration afterall. i can see why you got hooked on the idea of a rainbow cake…i am already thinking of when i should make one and what i can put into it LOL :)

  11. i hope you had a ballin’ bday! i love the rainbow cake, that is forsure enough to put a smile on anyone’s face.
    i’ve never had sushi. innnnn my life. not even a measly california roll. it’ll happen one day though.
    anyway, happy belated birthdayyyy! :D

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  13. You are so damn talented! Sware i’d never be able to concoct such a rainbow cake myself!! It turned out sooooooooo well and I love the face decoration :) It’s so cute!

    Happy late birthday, again! You can never receive too many of them, right?!

    And aww the new pup is adorb, treat him well ;) hahahah

  14. Happy Belated Birthday! You are still but a baby…but that’s because I’m old.

    As frightening as the rainbow cake looks…I kinda want to make one as well. Mostly to shock whoever cuts into it, because obviously, I wouldn’t tell them what kind of cake it was. LOL.

    You sushi dinner looks pretty amazing. Love me some BBQ eel.

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