Beaming, Baking and Bananas

You guys are amazing. Thank you all SO much for your sweet comments and words, it means so much to me! I can’t get over how supportive you all are, every comment brightened my day (and all days to follow).
So thank you :)


And just a quick edit: As I’m sure some of you super smarties may have noticed, the article says 60 lbs but it should actually be 50. I only noticed that mistake myself today. Whoops. Apologies for the false advertising!


Now for some fun food stuff from the weekend


As I mentioned the other day, it was my Dad’s birthday last week and with a request for birthday cookies, how could I not deliver? 

This cookie delivery came in form of:

Chocolate-chunk Oatmeal Cookies with Pecans Nuts and Dried Cherries Fruit

I used whatever nuts I had in the cupboard (macadamias and almonds), a combo of dried cranberries and raisins, and semisweet chocolate chips. And I made 36 cookies instead of 16. And that was after eating about 10 cookies worth of cookie dough…those would have been beastly head-sized cookies if I had made 16!

Even though I happened to half burn the first batch, these still tasted pretty darn awesome. Buttery, sugary, dangerous, delicious.



I’m no stranger to savoury oats, nor am I a stranger to nutritional yeast but when I saw Angela’s nooch-loaded bowl of oat cheez, I knew I had a new oat experience to savour.

Lots of cheez in the bowl, lots of hummus and salsa on top. Definitely good stuff, but I’m still more partial to a melty wedge of that cow who laughs to cheese up my oats.


Angela actually ruled twice on the oatmeal inspirations this weekend as I also happened to make her Creamy PB + J Oatmeal Parfait.

Love the idea of coconut milk to cook the oats!

004 007

Mine was a pretty pathetic attempt at the parfait part since I used a glass that was much too large, but the taste was pretty bangin’.


I did that cold oat thing too with a deliciously decked out dish of overnight oats … for dinner. Oh yes I did. I needed a quickie dinner before an evening class and this was the only thing that made the idea of actually going to that class more tolerable.

Oats, pumpkin, flax, cinnamon and mango yogurt overnight. Strawberries, blueberries, cottage cheese and peanut butter right before eating.

019 022



Who needs real bling when you’ve got plates decked out like this! Totally better than bling… Okay so I’m taking that one a little too far but all of these veggies, tempeh, mustard/baba/hummus, toasted rye… it’s quite the attractive dish.


Dirty looking but good tasting bowl of slaw decked out in hot peppers, french onion dip and balsamic vinegar, and a cottage cheese blob.


And a cleaner looking (and slightly cleaner tasting) bowl of spinach, carrots and shrooms topped with honey mustard and tuna mixed with baba and dijonnaise.


One night for dinner we made a recipe from Fitness magazine: Vegetable Curry

Not amazing but I enjoyed it. My mom didn’t… but she’s not really a fan of curry… or boiled potatoes so that makes sense. There are lots of leftovers, which I’ve been picking at for the past couple days now. It’s a tad on the plain side but it’d be easy to dress up to kick it up a notch. I added a little sweet chili sauce to mine. 042 

Best of the Resting

Itty bitty bite-size rolls of cheap mall stand sushi greatness. End of the day sale, 2 packs for $6. Heck yes. Awesomely fresh. I’m no sushi snob, I like it all! I honestly don’t think I’ve ever experienced bad sushi… some that has been less than great or slightly dry but never full out bad… then again maybe my sushi palate just isn’t very refined and thus I’m easily pleased. It’s sushi!033

 Cold Banana + Plain Yogurt + Peanut Butter = one of my favourite combos ever. Include really fresh dried (oxymoron?!) apricots  on top and you’ve got a snack of gold.


That snack of gold is almost as good as THIS snack of pure white gold bars decked out in diamonds. Aka fruity yogurt mixed with fresh blueberries, flax, and a big spoonful of peanut butter. Something about the fruity and the peanutty… I should have thrown in some frozen banana. I don’t think I would have ever wanted to eat anything else again.



Alright so that makes me all caught up to yesterday (Monday). I’ll catch up with today later on when you can see the really awesome clothing purchase I made. I won’t tell you what it is but I’ll give you a couple hints… it might be hot pink and it might be dress-like… and I might never ever wear it and I might feel a bit like Barbie in it but I could not pass it up… you know those kind of purchases? You never know when you just MIGHT end up with an occasion where you need to wear some kind of clothing item that’s very pink and very short and very dress-like… whatever that clothing item might be…

I just realized I used like four recipes in this post. Sweet!

I also realized (and have realized many many times before) that I have the shortest attention span ever.

I may have also realized that I really need to get cracking on some school work before I’m allowed to go to sleep tonight. Oh boy.


Once again, thank you all for being the sweetest, kindest, most understanding, most supportive readers and friends ever. I might just want to hug you all.






12 thoughts on “Beaming, Baking and Bananas

  1. WOW girl!! soo many great eats on here!! that parfait is right up my alley-yes please! AND great recipes!!! glad you are doing well!! i need to do HOMEWORK too! and hugs back to you!

  2. I missed commenting on your last post, so congrats on the 50 pound weight loss!

    I’m now totally craving sushi… even though I had it for lunch yesterday. First time at Yummiyaki and I was impressed – I found it better than this high priced place I went to in TO once!

    good luck on the homework! end of term is almost here :)

  3. I’m with you on the sushi thing- how can sushi possibly be bad? hehe.

    Oats cooked in coconut milk? SCRUMPTIOUS. Can’t believe I never thought to do that. I might have to make that for dinner today, as we conveniently have a half-can in the fridge.

    Your veggie plates and salads are always so colourful- makes me cheerful just looking at them!

    Oh and those oatmeal cookies look pro. I always make way more than the recipe calls for too! Small cookies are much more fun.

  4. Although I appreciate good sushi, I’m by no means a sushi snob either. Thankfully, my grocery store/place of employment makes some damn fine grab n go sushi.

    Things I now need to do: 1) make more cheezy oats 2) buy coconut milk, because hello, it’s coconut milk.

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