My Weight Loss on That’s Fit

Though this here blog of mine has been driven by the fact that I lost a lot of weight and changed my lifestyle over the course of the past few years, developing a new relationship with food that I’ve now been documenting for a while, I’ve never posted any Before or After type photos.


I guess mainly out of fear and discomfort of some kind. I spent the bulk (pardon the pun) of my young teenage years overweight and it was a period of my life when I was pretty uncomfortable and unhappy with myself.

And to be honest, looking at pictures of myself from that point still makes me pretty uncomfortable. I guess I just haven’t felt confident enough yet to face that image and … to what. Reveal it? Let it go? I’m not sure.

But when I was asked to participate in That’s Fit Blogging Down feature, where “Every week, we introduce you to bloggers who share their weight-loss journeys and hefty doses of inspiration with their readers,” I couldn’t say no.

So here’s a small dose of the “Before” and “After” Me:

Lighter Portions Helped Kristie Lose 50 Pounds

One of these days I’d like to actually write up a more in-depth story of my weight loss… and face more of those “Before” pictures. Someday soon enough…

Thanks for reading :)


26 thoughts on “My Weight Loss on That’s Fit

  1. Oh, you should be absolutely proud of, not ashamed, to show the before photos. You look great, Kristie and your journey is something to brag about! :-) By the way, I also wanted to ask you about the calorie counting- I am curious at what number you started, and what is it now? There’s lot of confusion with these numbers, and I am wondering what worked for you. Congrats again and again, friend! :-)

  2. Wow what a great story!!!!!!!!

    You should be so proud of yourself, you are a strong and beautiful girl!!!

    I think that is awesome too that you did all your workouts without even joining a gym, I think most people dont realize you can do that!!

    I think it would be awesome to put on your blog the kind of exercises you do, because some people cant afford gym memberships and I think this would be great info for them!!!

    Kudos to you beautiful!!!

  3. omg kristie i’m so glad/proud of you for sharing! i am so impressed how you were able to change your habits and your whole life! man, i never would have guessed ever struggled with weight…i feel like your meals are so interesting and balanced and naturally healthy! i love your beaming face in that after photo too :)

  4. Great pictures! Thank you so much for sharing, we know it was not easy… What ab inspiration you are! :)

    I am new to your blog by the way. Love your whole approach to food and health! Keep it up! I am off to read some of your older posts.

    – Christina

  5. hey christie! just discovered your blog!! thats awesome you were featured on “that’s fit!” good for you!!!

    I just Started my blog! Can’t wait to continue reading yours! you take gorgeous foodie pictures!

  6. Hey!
    Ive been lurking your blog for quite a while now – so glad you posted those pics and told your story- facing fears like that can be super hard. You’re definitely an inspiration!

  7. You look fabulous! But really what matters the most is that you’re so much happier with yourself and life in general. Your definitely an inspiration for others.

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  9. you made a phenomenal transformation! you should be so proud of yourself girl. there is NOTHING at all to be ashamed of. you look soooo good!

  10. This is how I found your blog! I love it! Your story is pretty similar to mine! I can’t wait to read more of it!!

  11. So… that was really inspiring. I have about that much to lose and though it was impossible… or at least today it feels like that. Thanks for sharing this!

  12. It’s great that you shared – I never really knew that you lost 50 lbs. Good job at doing so, and keeping it off :) If you feel comfortable, then you should write up a bit of your weight loss story, but it’s not mandatory.

  13. Hey girl! I just wanted to say that I finally got caught up and headed on over to That’s Fit! to read your story. Wow am I inspired! This is a side of you that I wasn’t familiar with and I understand your hesitation for sharing – but I’m so, SO glad you did. You are such a beautiful person, inside and out!


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