My “Facts” of the Day

…are mostly food related. And by “Facts” I mean the facts of my little world…thus don’t try to derive too many life lessons out of them. 

I have a slight obsession with apples.
Moreso the edible version over the portrait version. This picture was not intentional whatsoever. Typically that would be a sarcastic statement but I’m actually serious. Just discovered that perfect pair placement while going through my photos. Awesome. 022

I have a slightly guiltier obsession with Kraft Light Peanut Butter.
Don’t be hating! This is more like peanut butter icing. Sweet and sinful. No I don’t eat it on the regular. I try to stick with my naturals. But a finger dip or two might happen like once every few couple single day… I haven’t been able to convert my fam to the purely nut versions yet… and thus also haven’t been able to rid the pantry of this “Sensible Solution”. Too bad for me… mmmm.


Not all white foods are evil.
Case in point:
Cottage cheese, mushroom, egg white wrap… evil? Au contraire.


Pure heaven!


I am not secretly an 80 year old woman, despite the condition of my wrinkly dry as heck hands.
Just saying.

Sweet and Spicy Mustard makes an excellent veggie dipper.
And an excellent condiment in general. I heart mustard.


Sidney Crosby makes an excellent lunch companion.
No further explanation required.


Blending frozen mango into cocoa iced coffee smoothies tastes incredible.
I ran out of ice. V1 of this wasn’t very cold or thick, and thus wasn’t very enjoyable. I remembered the giant Costco bag of mango in the freezer. Back that Bullet up. V2 was very enjoyable.


“Cake” for breakfast tastes even more incredible.
So go out and buy yourself some Deep Chocolate Vitatops, Greek yogurt (or plain yogurt and strain it yourself if you’re Canadian and the one grocery store that stocks Greek yogurt in your area is the one you go to the least, and on the semi-rare occasion that you actually do go to it it hardly ever has it in stock anyway), bananas and pineapple (or whatever other fruit tickles your fancy) and make your tummy and taste buds ecstatic.

003 010


Chestnuts make a great salad topper.
Along with mushrooms, carrots, onions, tomato, red pepper, tempeh, goddess dressing, dijonnaise, and leftover polenta tofu bake.


Sunshine and Coconut Butter make great banana bread toppers.


Making the word “BBQ” part of a meal multiple times makes that meal multiple times as good.
So fire up that BBQ, grill up a chicken breast, slather it in BBQ sauce and dijonnaise, top it with lettuce and tomato, and then enjoy a dinner just like the amazing one I ate tonight. Yep, the weather was finally warm enough for some BBQing. It was actually incredible today. It’s been so long, I forgot how good bbq’d chicken actually is… really really good. Really.




Really good BBQ chicken breasts taste really good on fairly good rye bread.
I really like rye bread.


Grocery store sushi usually tastes pretty good, but it tastes really good when it’s really fresh.
Today it was not really fresh. Just kinda fresh. So it was just kinda good. But it’s still sushi so kinda good is really good relative to some other foods that aren’t sushi.


It’s St Patty’s Day tomorrow
This is a real fact. I didn’t make this one up. Though I’d be pretty proud of myself if I did.
But seriously. Eat green food, drink green beer, wear green shirts (or green knickers if you have them) and celebrate your inner Irish.


What’s YOUR lucky charm?


10 thoughts on “My “Facts” of the Day

  1. You’re “cake” breakfast is probably my favorite thing I see! I always want sweetness in the morning. My grocery store makes the most discgusting wannabe sushi. So many of my friends buy it claiming it’s real, but it’s just REALLY gross! I’m so happy it’s St. Patrick’s Day – my family is Irish so we’ll be drinking some green beer while eating our shephard’s pie & soda bread :-)

  2. I hear you on the wrinkly hands thing! I get flaky knuckles too and sometimes they bleed :(

    LOVE the idea of frozen mango in chocolate/iced coffee concoctions! Have you ever tried frozen raspberries in there? I imagine that would be good too.

    Greek yogurt is SO hard to find here, isn’t it? Someone told me that there’s a place in Toronto that sells a bunch of different types, including Fage and Chobani – I’m planning to head over there on the weekend to check! Ridiculous how excited I get about finding these elusive things, heh.

  3. You know what, call me a racist, I LOVE WHITE FOODS! Mushrooms, CC, Greek yog – delish! Stop making me crave Vitas!! I don’t have any in my kitchen, it’s sad!

    Happy St. Pat’s Day!

  4. i know how you feel about the greek yogurt situation.
    i usually buy astro “balkan style” yogurt and then strain, because its pretty thick to begin with and superstore alwayyyys has it for like.. 3 dollars.
    and also, your breakfast cake looks delishhhh. you come up with the best sweet combos!

  5. My family won’t get on the natural nut butter bus either. We have a giant jar of Kraft regular PB in the cupboard. I may swipe a finger full every once in awhile as well.

    Now I want BBQ chicken.

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