Sun is Shining, the Weather is Sweet Yeah

Make you wanna move your dancing feet…


The sun is rising earlier and earlier so even on my earliest class days I now get to dine in daylight! My toasted english muffin with PB&J (left) and coconut butter (right) tasted extra sunny.


And speaking of coconut butter, it’s definitely growing on me. I didn’t dislike it when I first tried it but I expected more. However, it seems to be getting better and better with each little taste. I think the main problem is that I haven’t really been melting it, just trying to scrape and eat while it’s still hardened. Clearly not the way coconut butter is meant to be consumed. But soft and melty? Now that’s more like it.

I did the class thang and then came home and did the P90X thang. I did the first DVD of the set, arms and shoulders or something like that? It involved a lot of push ups anyway. And a lot of pull ups but I have no bar so I just used a band. It did the job, though not nearly the kind of job a bar would have done. I’m thinking I should get one. I’m also thinking I’ll regret it after realizing I probably can’t even do one pull up… but practice makes perfect? Sure sure.

Then I did some shaker salad munching.


And some iced chocolate coffee smoothie slurping.


And some studying… or something. This month has been really slow so I’ve been kind of bored, not gonna lie. I need to be more productive with my free time. Haven’t been doing so well with that the past couple weeks. Therefore I don’t really know where a lot of my Tuesday went.

One portion of it went to baking some Polenta Pie though. I saw Caitlin’s Baked Polenta Pie post the other day and it reminded me that I had 3/4 of a polenta tube hiding in the back of the fridge from who knows how long ago.

It was still good… I swear! (I’m still here today so it must have been okay… ha… ha.)

My version of Polenta Pie

  • 1/2 tube polenta (about 400g)
  • 1/2 block extra firm tofu (about 150g)
  • 2-3 tbsp hummus
  • 2-3 tbsp fat free sour cream
  • 1/4 cup salsa
  • 1/4 cup pasta sauce
  • 1 cup steamed broccoli
  • 1 tbsp Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
  • Garlic powder + pepper
  • Food processed it all up and baked at 350 for 50 minutes.
    All measurements are approximate because I don’t really measure things half the time, I just kind of threw stuff into the food processor.


    Polenta is awesome. And so versatile! SO glad I added the pasta sauce, polenta is the BEST paired with pasta sauce. I thought about melting some Laughing Cow on top but I enjoyed it enough just like so. Next time I LC it up though for some extra cheesy goodness. 049

    Then I spent the night doing the studying thang while I ate snacks.
    Like chopped apples and puffed rice in a sea of yogurt and cinnamon.  
    And clementines…
    And cans of Fresca…
    And small pieces of chocolate…

    Studying = Snacking. They just go hand in hand.


    I was crashing bad last night. Not good when you have a test the next day. I managed to get a good amount of studying in still but my energy levels were almost zilch. I still made it to bed by about midnight…
    …and yet woke up not long after 7. My body will not seem to let me sleep longer than 7 hours. I always seem to wake up automatically with 7 hours under my belt. I know 7 isn’t too bad, but sometimes (lately especially) I want 8!!


    Today is oh so wonderful Wednesday.

    Aka day of yet another biopsych test. You know how sometimes you have a test and you study your butt off and you still don’t quite get it but you think you know enough to be able to half decently answer a bunch of multiple choice questions about it? Yeah no. That test was not a nice one.

    But before I had to write it I had a nice big long period of time to study in the morning.

    That period involved eating cake breakfast. Which was practically better than cake.

    Chocolate Vitatop. 1/2 cup plain yogurt. Couple spoonfuls vanilla yogurt. 1/4 cup fresh blueberries. Flax and cinnamon. Dollop of cottage cheese on top.


    Oh. My. Word.


    I’d almost consider giving up all other breakfasts for this everyday. Almost.
    I definitely might need to clear out my freezer though and fill it only with Vitatops. Yep. Good plan.

    Instead of spending the rest of my precious morning hours studying, I opted for a treadmill run thrown into the mix. I hadn’t run in a couple days because my legs and all related muscles were killed for whatever reason, so a run today was due! Plus, I needed the exercise to make my brain as clear and fresh as possible… for optimal test writing of course.

    Run ended. Shower came and went. Studying time arrived, along with lunch. I snacked on the last wee bites of cottage cheese with a spoonful of hummus and some sundried tomato and herb spice while waiting for…


    …my baked tofu! Mmmm.
    Marinated in a mixture of hoisin sauce, rice wine vinegar, garlic powder, and red pepper flakes and baked to perfection. Chopped up and served over a bowl of spinach, cabbage slaw, zucchini, carrots, feta cheese, and balsamic vinegar.


    Delicious. But not filling enough.

    So in comes the yogurt. With defrosted blueberries and my burnt peanut butter granola. I have to admit, I ended up throwing the rest of the granola out. Tear. I waited a day but the rest of the batch just tasted like burn. So sad. I’ll have to try again, one of these days I swear I’ll make a successful batch.


    After some more studying and a mini mug of coffee before running out the door (apparently it’s good for a mental boost…), it was test writing time…dun dun dun. The mock horror music is totally appropriate here. I swear I grumbled and squinted and sighed and moaned at every third question on that test. I almost wanted to jump out of my seat in delight at the two or three I actually knew. Geez Bruce, you make your tests too darn tricky.

    Then I had to sit through some “mandatory” comm studies info session at school, where I informed about everything I already knew. Super.

    When I got home I wasn’t incredibly hungry. But hungry enough to want to eat din with the fam jam. And I wasn’t feeling up to trying to think about what I actually wanted or even trying to go through the process of making something, so I ate what they were having, but a modified version.

    Fam Jam dinner: Swedish meatballs and egg noodles topped with gravy.
    My modified version: egg noodles served over steamed spinach and topped with Humnut, meatball and carrot sticks on the side.


    Later on this evening I never really got that hungry persay but my bored mood as of late has made me feeling constantly snacky. It’s actually kind of a pain, I don’t necessarily want to snack all the time. But my mind keeps saying “Snack. Snack. Snack” and I can’t shut it up. I need more to do!

    This doesn’t really count as a snack. It’s more like a crumb of a snack.
    It’s actually a date. Half with coconut butter. Half with peanut butter.


    Most of my snacking has been peanut butter straight from the jar and yogurt straight from the container. I think I’ve eaten my weight in yogurt today. I’m such a dairy addict. I actually have some meddling with frozen mango in the fridge right now that I might just have to eat. Then I’m going to go try to find something else to do. That doesn’t involve yogurt. Or food.

    I feel like dancing. Anyone want to have a dance party with me? In my kitchen? It’s starting right now.
    Sun is Shining…


    15 thoughts on “Sun is Shining, the Weather is Sweet Yeah

    1. This might sound stupid, but does coconut butter taste….coconutty? haha. I’m just not a huge fan of coconut taste, but I’ve heard such great raves about it!

    2. i soo feel like dancing girl! whooo! i feel like dancing because freaking EXAMS ARE OVER!
      your food always looks amazinggggg! ive never had polenta! is it like grits?

    3. I’ve heard that coconut butter is really good but I havent bought it because of the price! Hmm.. I might have to pick some up!

      Love the polenta recipe! I have no idea how to even prepare polenta! haha

    4. LOVE your breakfasts!! Definitely some brain food right there.

      Also dates + PB + coconut butter is a brilliant little creation.

      I’m so excited for the warmer weather to come- I want to start running outside again! Do you prefer the treadmill or outdoor runs?

    5. You just killed me with that polenta pie! I haven’t had polenta but I’m craving it by your dish alone. My fam used to eat egg noodles with gravy and beef. It was one of my favorite dinners so YOUR dinner looks fabu!

      Tests that you think you know all the material for and then the exam is tough is the worst! I’m sure you did fine on all of your tests :)

    6. Studying/hw/tv-watching for sureee = snacking. Always!

      I’m kinda drooling over cottage cheesy vita top breakfast! I’ve never combined yog WITH cottage cheese!!!!….what’s IT like?! hahaha :)

      And just the SOUND of an iced coffee chocolate smoothie sounds so heavenly right about now. Again, drooling!

      See you at the dance party. Spring break has officially begun (i’m sitting in the airport right now…) and this girl is ready to dance/eat/sleep and enjoyyyyy.


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