Canada Pride and The Pizza Thief

Yesterday Canada was hopping after the Olympic hockey game win. We sure like our hockey.


win woo

I don’t watch sports all that often…at all… but I definitely watched this game! Did you watch?

Repped the Canada Pride with a really really professional looking red and white manicure… I considered doing a little maple leaf on each nail but after tackling the first phase of the nail job I figured I was best to leave it at that. Ehem.


Apparently there was a riot down the road at my university. I didn’t witness it but I witnessed some of the aftermath aka every cop car in the city being staked around the main building.

I took part in the late night celebrating at my favourite Sunday Retro night dirty hole bar. It was packed with people decked out in red and white, carrying (and wearing) giant flags, belting out the anthem and clearly throwing back the dranks throughout the night.

002 - Copy

My friend Allison and I. Not her hat.

Night was all fine and swell, music was grand (I love my retro tunes), drinks were plentiful. Then the end of the night came…

My friend and I were waiting for another friend inside the pizza place next door to the bar. Just chilling, sitting on a ledge, taking in the warmth and pizza aroma.


All of a sudden some boozed up hooligan runs in, bolts behind the counter and proceeds to try to steal an entire pizza!

WELL. I clearly couldn’t let this dumb drunken fool steal from the sweet innocent polish family who owns and runs the joint. So I decided to be a hero. And I ran at him. Yes, yes I did.

It all happened very fast. For a split second I seemed to have forgotten the fact that I was a sweet little 5’4 female and not a… bouncer? What did I plan on doing, knocking the guy over? In slight defense of my sanity, he was a shorty so I guess I thought I could take him down. No. Clue.

No idea what happened to the guy. No idea what happened to the pizza. All I know is one second I was running at him, the next I was outside crying from the shock and pounding headache that I got from being shoved backwards and slamming my head into the wall.

Pizza Thief – 1. Hero – 0.

Next time I’m just letting him take the stupid pizza. But let’s hope there’s not a next time? I don’t think my head can handle that again.


Needless to say I woke up this morning with a pounding headache. Wall? Alcohol? I suspect an even combo.

Tylenol + Food + Coffee and I’m finally feeling alive again, though some sleep is definitely needed since I didn’t get to bed until 4 and was up before 9. Beauty.

It was one of those constant snacking days so all I’ve got photowise is a half-bummed salad and some pineapple skins that I gnawed on.


Nope I did not eat the exterior. I may be dumb enough to run at a pizza thief but I know better than to eat spiky tough pineapple rinds. +.025 points for the Hero?



Want to know what I ate yesterday during the final day of the Olympics? Sure you do!


That’s because I had:
A really random bowl of stuff for breakfast. Stuff like cottage cheese on the bottom; pumpkin mixed with cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, and low carb sweet bread in the middle; chia pudding, peanut butter blob and banana on top. I guess I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I just had everything together.


Then I did:
Some of that running thang on the dreadmill, along with a bunch of planks, a bunch of arm weights moves with 10lb weights and a bunch of weighted lunges. I’m so elaborative aren’t I? One of these days I’ll try to break it down more. But I’m not very technical with my workouts, I just do random moves and feel the burn!

Then I had:
A really random bowl of steamed broccoli stalk topped with jalapeno hummus mixed with pasta sauce and a big pile of cottage cheese.


Then I went:
To COSTCO -> My love. Quick trip before the hockey game started!
Haul = Pineapple, Gala apples, broccoli, mushrooms, baby carrots, shrimpies, firm tofu, GIANT Kirkland Peanut Butter (woo!), Yogi Granola Crisps (!! – Was dying to try these. Saw them there once. Didn’t buy them. Went back to buy them one day. They were gone. I was sad. Yesterday they were back! Miracle. I hate how some of the really good stuff at Costco is so limited time though, what’s up with that?!)


Then I had:
A really random dinner of appetizers with my mama while watching hockey game commentary*Game was over by this point. We ate veggies, shrimpies, fresh bread hot out of the oven and a really random homemade dip I threw together.

For the really random dip I used: french onion dip, jalapeno hummus, herb and garlic light cream cheese, fat free sour cream (a couple Tbsp of each), a couple splashes of Frank’s, ~1C steamed spinach, topped with goat cheese and sundried tomatoes. Heated at 375 for about 15 minutes.
I was using up fridge stuff. It turned out pretty darn good!


Later on for some sweets and a prenight energy boost I had:
Orange slices, a bitelet of raw cheesecake and a cocoa coffee smoothie (cold coffee, skim milk, cocoa powder, stevia, xanthan, guar, ice)

This was all the prestuff before the night of celebrating, being a hero etc etc.


And because I ate some good stuff on Saturday too…


My Breakfast Vs My Brother’s Breakfast

Brother’s – I actually took a pic just because I thought it looked pretty darn tasty. Minus the bacon, I don’t like bacon. This artful sandwich was compliments my mother. I make my own breakfast. He gets spoiled. Brat.


I keed, I keed. I like making my own breakfasts. And lunches. And dinners.

Mine – Now that’s what I call a breakfast. Oat bran with pumpkin, cinnamon, banana, SF maple syrup. Topped with chia gel mixed with peanut butter (!! so good) and fresh strawberries for a pop of colour.

011 026

Lunch was eaten at our local Farmer’s Market. I had a chicken doner. Aka basically just shaved chicken in a pita with veggies and cucumber garlic sauce. Mmmm. We also picked up some fresh veggie bread.

031 039

Dinner was a massive salad. Spinach, slaw, steamed broccoli, carrots, red peppers, mushrooms (aka every veg in the fridge); dressed with FF sour cream mixed with hot and spicy mustard, nooch, balsamic vinegar (I know, my dressings are weird); + cottage cheese and salsa.


Saturday night consisted of movie watching with my mom (we both fell asleep half way through… oops) + movie watching snacks (before falling asleep clearly). 052 

There was just a spider crawling on me. EW ew ew ew ew. It’s dark in here and I don’t know where it went and I’m scared. And about ready to do that falling asleep thing again. So I should call it a night… before that thing finds me again!

Do you belt out girly shrieks like me when you see spiders (or have them CRAWLING on you) or are you tough and brave and unphased by them?

AND did you watch the Olympics at all? 
I honestly hardly did. The hockey game was the main thing I watched. Where’s my pride?! :(


16 thoughts on “Canada Pride and The Pizza Thief

  1. Glad you are ok – – my friend and I did something similar when a group of guys started picking on a male friend, stupid at the time but luckily we were all okay. I hate that about Costco too, some items seem to be limited edition!

  2. omg i totally feel you on costco and their disappearing good stuff! they stopped stocking those wonderful amy’s mac and cheese bulk packs! it was one of those variety packs with the cheddar and fettucine alfredo! they should give us a warning before they disappear

  3. Of course I watched the game! It was amazing here in Vancouver and I got to watch most of the Olympics since i had two weeks off of school for them :) Wicked eats girl! I’ve tried to save the day many a times many ending in the same way yours did haha. I’m going to shoot you a little e-mail about your weight loss story cause i got some Q’s for you :D

  4. glad you’re ok after tackling that pizza thief. what a jerk! i say kudos to you for trying to get him!

    and i did watch the Olympics, a little. only whatever my roommates were watching, that’s about it.

  5. Who steals a pizza?!?! Seriously though, that’s craze! I love the broc/CC/hummus combo – genius! That veggie bread looks amazing!! I don’t know if I could trust myself around it.

    I watched bits and pieces of the Olympics.

  6. You bet I watched the game! We actually got together with all the kids and parents from my son’s hockey team and watched it! Awesome.

    Sorry you got your head banged trying to save the pizza. I know there was quite the party downtown in my city and I wanted badly to go, but I didn’t figure it would be kid friendly….

  7. Yay! You bought a giant peanut butter! How do you like those granola crisps? I see them all the time and am very intrigued by them, but then I would be stuck eating that huge bag all by myself if they turned out to be not so good.

  8. Oh my gosh!! Were you at Fratello’s by any chance? I’ve seen some crazy drunken fools at that place, haha.

    I hope your head is feeling better!!

    That veggie bread looks mighty good.

  9. I love Costco … I should be buying that giant bag of shrimp! I’ll have to make a note of that since I’m always craving shrimp.

    I didn’t really watch the Olympics until this past Saturday when my husband and I watched Canada win some kind of snowboarding event. It was exciting and THEN I was into the Olympics. I have pride – it’s just hidden deep, deep down. We also watched the hockey game, which was awesome!

    I never, ever use the stalk of my broccoli when I buy it. I guess I should since I do pay for the broccoli by WEIGHT … and the stalk is healthy and all. I will remember that for next time!


  10. I not only watched the Olympics, but I lived the Olympics. So much fun out here! I’m sad they are gone. It was a 17 day party. I went downtown the day after, and man, it was sad to not see the crowds wandering the streets, breaking out into O Canada at random. *tear*

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