A Sea of Ss

Technical Hoopla – I finally did the domain name thing so I’m officially

(Not that you really noticed the fact that it wasn’t beforehand but just saying!)

I don’t know if Google Readers and such need to be updated but just in case, update yours to my new URL if you would like. I would like it. Unless you don’t have to and it still updates in Google Reader regardless since it automatically direct maps from the old WordPress URL… anyone know how that works, or if there is anything I should know about it? I’m not very tech savvy when it comes to internet domains and anything remotely related to that. So help is appreciated :)


On to the POST! —————————————————-

What is the one thing is that got me out of the house and onto the cold, wet, snowy, slushy, slippery, slow streets this evening?

SUSHI! A rainbow roll, can’t you see?001

Sorry it wasn’t something more surprising. But it sure was satiating and satisfying. And I survived the sliding streets, so it was also safe and successful.
(Shall we see how many ‘S’ words I can use in this session?)

Before my sushi supper, let’s see what sprang up for the start of this here… Friday (darn, too bad it’s not Saturday or Sunday).


I started up my morning with a standard steaming cup of Joe x2 (the second was sweetened). I was going to serve myself up some oats but I was too tempted by the fresh container of 2% cottage cheese (I always buy 1% but I wanted to switch it up) so I spooned that out instead. Orange slices, grapes, and a small slice of Low Carb Sweet Bread rounded out the set.

007 016

Then I sprang out the door, and slipped and slid the whole drive to school, only to see the sign saying that class had been cancelled. Super.

So I skidded back to my car and drove to the elementary school I volunteer at for my community psych class to get my hours in early. Then I slid back on home for some snacks, only a single one of which you will see since I scarfed them down too speedily to snap some shots.

Pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, vanilla protein powder, cinnamon, Quaker Oatmeal Squares, Coconut Chia Granola. This was superb.


After some slackage and more snackage, I decided to stop being a slob and get my sweat on by springing around with Tony Horton and crew during P90X Plyometrics.

Then I sped to the shower for some sweat and stench regulation, spent some time surfing sites, tamed the tummy with veggies and wasabi peas, and finally sprinted out for my sushi.

I surmised it was wise to spend the night inside since the streets were so snowy, so post sushi I headed on home, slipped into my sweats, and made myself something sweet to savour.

A couple spoonfuls of pumpkin and plain yogurt, ~1tsp of cocoa powder, ~10g chocolate protein powder, handful of blueberries and strawberries, crumbled piece of low carb sweet bread. Sloppy yogurt ‘soups’ are scrumptious.


I’m not yet sleepy but my day is done, and I shall be spending the night snuggled in my slippers on the sofa watching shows and and speaking in Ss apparently…


Since I also missed yesterday…


It all started with an old favourite – Weetabix Slop!
Aka Weetabix, pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, unsweetened almond milk, frozen banana, flax and cinnamon all stirred up and topped with sweet blueberries.


After a super early school day where I sat and scribbled down my professor’s speech (aka doodled in the margins of my notebook), I sped on home for a standard post-class snack sesh of cottage cheese and the last spoonfuls of Peanut Ginger Tofu Salad on rice crackers. 017

Satisfied, I spandexed up for some treadmill sprinting followed by a muscle-scorching Shred Level 3.

I guess I snacked myself to satiety before my sweat session since my stomach wasn’t as screamy as I expected it to be by the afternoon, so I kept it small with a fresh shaken salad (cabbage slaw, spinach, tomatoes, carrots) spread with a stir of sour cream and goddess dressing and a sprinkling of shredded feta cheese.


I always seem to skip over the sentiment of my sweet spot for the savoury satisfaction of feta. It by far made this salad. Feta feta feta. Mmmm. Sensational.

What is also sensational is this nail polish I scored while shopping. Super shade, super cheap (<$2. That’d be Wet n Wild for you… and Walmart for you). My nails look suave (I’m running out of S words okay?!).


Done shopping and I was starving for supper, no surprise.
President’s Choice Light Butter Chicken Sauce + chicken strips + quinoa + bag of mixed frozen vegetables = speediest, sauciest, satiating(ist), super(ist) supper of the… season? (Aka Butter Chicken Quinoa Curry Dish)
Ummm… let’s just say it’s a good one. And really easy! And really good. Easy. Good. Okay moving on…


…to a sweet shivery spoonful of new buy butterscotch sundae ice cream slurped up to wash it all down.


Plus 1-5 more snacks and swigs in the evening for who really knows why. I’ve been in snacking overload mode lately. Boredom busters? Winter warmups? Mood munchies? Hunger healers? Who knows. All of the above, I suspect.

One such example below – Pumpkin. Yogurt. Vanilla protein powder. Cinnamon. Blob of chia gel with coconut. (When I snap open a can of pumpkin I snack it up like 5x a day, hence all of the pumpkin servings going on).



So now I’m sleepy and spent. And sick of Ss. I may never use a word that starts with S again…
…until the next time I eat sushi. Or salad. Or spinach. Or salsa. Or salmon.


 valentype-as_largeigning Off!

( Hmm…what will my next letter be? ;) )


10 thoughts on “A Sea of Ss

  1. GIRL where did u find that froyo ? butterscotch ? freaking yum!
    SUSHI! i could eat that everyday and never tire of it! so great! your messes always look wonderful. GREAT pics-it makes me feel warm seeing sunshine on ur photos! love you!

  2. Congrats on the new domain! It’s always fun to have something to call your own. LOL. That yogurt soup looks delicious.. I’d take that over a savoury soup any day!

  3. Ha, that was superb. Some great underused S words there!

    I do the same thing with pumpkin – especially with the huge E.D. Smith cans that contain about 25 servings! Pumpkin all day every day is the way to go!

  4. I love the S theme!! I need to pick up stuff for the lo carb sweet bread because everyone gives it such amazing reviews. It looks delish!! Butterscotch sundae ice cream?! YUM!!

    Love the new nail polish – it’s so summery :)

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