Another Best Of, The Stuff That Just Can’t Be Missed.

Lately I’m all about the Best of the Week(ish) meal recaps because I really suck at updating in any timely manner. And I could just forget about the past foods of the week and move on to more current affairs and appetite quenchers but then so many tasty goods would go unseen!

And how could I possibly let you go on without knowing just how good whole wheat yogurt pancakes are as cold leftovers?


Especially when topped with mashed banana, syrup, Greek yogurt and blueberries! Trust. You want to eat them.

OR how satisfying and filling of a breakfast is born when cottage cheese and oats mingle together all night long? April rocks this combo on the regular. I rocked this combo with 1/4 cup oats, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, cinnamon, stevia, and blueberries.



I’m a plain cottage cheese eater all the way, I rarely mix it with anything and even more rarely with anything sweet (mainly because I snack my way through a container too fast to actually end up mixing it with anything, shame shame!) but this combo is turning me into a savoury AND sweet cottage cheese lover.

OR how happy oat bran (rocking the Dark Chocolate Dreams) can make you in the morning and how ridiculous it is that I always forget about it and don’t eat it nearly often enough?


OR what happens when you take super incredible pizza leftovers, fold them in half and eat them as cold mushy pizza wraps?

THIS happens. I. Want. More.


And this happens alongside it (steamed broccoli, raw cauliflower, BBQ sauce). Good but nothing compared to pizza mush.


OR how stuffed (full of nutrients!) you’ll feel after eating a gigantic bowl of cabbage slaw, spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, falafel balls and rice dressed in honey mustard?


OR how much prettier bowls of nutrients look in the sunlight? (blob = spicy thai tuna mixed with plain yogurt)


OR how much prettier cocoa iced coffees look in the sunlight?


OR how incredibly awesome apples are as school work snacks, especially when eaten on your bed? Anyone else do school work on their bed (with a fold-out card table set up as a desk) or do you guys have actual normal desks set up for that shtuff? I do have a desk in my room but it’s kind of cramped/not roomy enough to spread out all of my books and papers and thangs. Plus, my bed makes a much comfier chair.


OR how genius it is to blend frozen fruit with xanthan gum and guar gum. Mango + strawberries + gums = YUMs. I think I also added in some vanilla yogurt for sweet.


AND just because this is hilarious and nasty at the same time, I have to end the best ofs off with a worst of the week: the biggest greasiest burger I’ve ever seen. No, this was not mine (It was my brother’s lunch the other day). Yes, I did try it.


2 burger patties. 4 slices of peameal bacon. 4(?) slices of cheese. 2 slices of tomato. 1 tsp shredded lettuce.


And how did it taste? Like pure grease. Literally. Just straight up grease. Mmm.
And my brother? After nearly polishing this beast off, he made a vow never to eat one of those again. Guys and their steel guts.


I’m off to exercise and then go shopping! It’s no Cancun but these are the exciting times of my reading week and I’m just fine with that ;)

And a quick question before signing off… I know a bunch of you are great orange food lovers, but are these leaving you with orange hands? I’ve mentioned my orange hand problem in the past, which never bothered me that much before but I’m kind of getting tired of it. I can’t bear the thought of eliminating squash, pumpkin or sweet potato, but I think the even greater culprit might be my daily mass consumption of baby carrots. I’ve nearly cut them out for a few days now (except for a few here and there) in an attempt to see if the fake tanner-like stain on my hands will fade. I don’t want to cut them out completely but cutting down probably can’t hurt anyway. If you do/did ever have orange hand syndrome, what have you done about it? Ignore it, cut orange food consumption down? See any differences? Help!


19 thoughts on “Another Best Of, The Stuff That Just Can’t Be Missed.

  1. Hi Kristie
    i started reading your blog about a month ago and i absolutely love it!
    the photos are beautiful, and although i’m not a fan of blobs of dressings on huge vegetable bowls (i love the veg and bowls, not so much the blobs :) ) i must say almost everything you eat looks delicious.
    anyway – orange hands. yes. i had it a few years back when i was in the military and my diet was composed of mainly carrots for lunch (army food, blah). but after cutting down on the carrots (when i was releases and went back to including other vegetables in my diet), it disappeared. so dont worry about it, its reversible. and i dont the the squash or the sweet potatoes have anything to do with it.
    on the bright side – who doesn’t love a fake tan in mid-february?
    keep up the great site!

  2. So glad you liked the cc combo! I’m addicted!

    And I’m orange.. I’ve been orange for like 2 years now! I cut out pumpkin for about a month and nothing happened so I gave up. LOL

  3. That burger looks like it would taste like grease. I mean, I’d still try it :)

    Love the oat bran bowl! You reminded me that I don’t eat it nearly as enough as I should!

  4. hahaha… boys will be boys, my brother eats like that everyday :)
    your oatbran looks so good! i’ve never tried it before.. how do you make yours? is it any different than regular oats?

  5. Orange hands!! I currently have day-glo orange hands (people comment on them all the time) and I had them bad last winter, too. It’s from the excessive intake of carotene, which, sadly is NOT just present in carrots, squash, and pumpkin, though eating those foods in excess probably tips the scales on the carotene content in your body. Last winter, I went cold-turkey on the pumpkin and squash on January 1, and it took a couple months before my hands started returning to normal colour. This year, I decided I just. don’t. care. Sure, they are unsightly, but not worth giving up the (healthy!) foods I love. Besides, my pumpkin and squash cravings go down naturally in the summer, so I figure the orange will fade too. Or else a real tan will cover it up!

    See this link for the carotene content of a bunch of different veggies:

  6. Mmm those pancakes look divine!

    I love peameal bacon, but bacon + burger(s!!!) + cheese? Yuck!

    Every once in a while I get orange hands, so I limit orange foods to once a day. Works pretty well!


  7. Cold, leftover pancakes?! I like the sounds of that!! YUM! Wait…cold mushy pizza wraps?! I like the sounds of that as well. There are some genius creations up there!

    Guys and their ability to eat EVERYTHING just astounds me. Ugh – my hands are still orange as well and I haven’t had carrots/sweet potatoes in a long time. Is there a de-orangify yourself cream?!

  8. I love apples as a studying snack! And I study on my bed too — no table or desk needed, I just lie down with all my pillows. So comfy, but not the most conducive to actually getting work done, lol. Have a great rest of the weekend!
    And I eat tons of carrots, sweet potato, squash, but my hands don’t seem orange? Weird.

  9. Dang girl, all of your eats look SO GOOD! Serious food porn going on over here, haha.

    I feel the same way about eating VitaTops in the morning. They just taste so guilty! But in reality they do make a great, nutritious breakfast (especially paired with greek yogurt and fruit!)

    Glad you finally found La Tortilla Factory wraps. Aren’t they amazing? I almost think they’re lying by saying that that HUGE wrap is only 100 calories! I often make PB+J “sandwiches” on them. Yum.

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