Encounters With the Grunt Lady

Should I be worried when walking to class and and a creepy old lady grunts at me out her car window? And these were specific me-directed grunts. I heard them coming from a car behind me while walking down the sidewalk but decided I’d rather not turn around. The car passes and this crazy scrunch-faced woman is staring me down as she drives by! I’m not quite sure what I did to invoke her throaty animalesque sounds but I continued the rest of the way to class more than a little puzzled…

Maybe she was just jealous that I had Banana Bread Blender Cereal for breakfast and she didn’t.

(Yes I did place my bowl in a plant. All in the name of interesting food photography!)

In the bowl: 2/3 C Spelt Flakes, 1/2 C Unsweetened Chocolate Almond Breeze, 1/2 large frozen banana, splash of vanilla.
It turned out pretty liquidy though so I then stirred in a Weetabix biscuit and it became mushy delicious cereal perfection.


Or maybe I didn’t lather, rinse, repeat enough during my post treadmill run and P90x Ab Ripper X (this HURT today) shower, and thus grunt lady was offended by the remaining stenches emanating from my only semi-cleaned surfaces?

Doubtful considering I was walking outdoors in snowy, below 0 degree weather and thus had a bundle of layers to cover up any such possible stenches.
Plus I lathered with Aveeno body wash, it reeks of clean!


(Not me. I love a good shower but I don’t get quite that happy.)

I think ultimately she was just a little batty. I’ll stick with that.

I’ll also stick with the fact that this was one incredibly satisfying and fully loaded salad:
Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, red and green peppers, mushrooms, roasted butternut squash, baked tofu, mini salt and vinegar rice cakes, salsa, baba ganoush, roasted red pepper hummus… I’m out of breath just typing that.


Somehow I still had room for a wee bowl of some sweet. There’s always room for the sweet.
A microwaved date and apricot (they were a wee bit hard…) cuddled up in a bowl of plain and strawberry yogurt mixed with flax. Don’t they look almost cute together?


After this lunch I drove to class on an empty tank of gas, encountered grunt lady, sat through a biopsych lecture about brain blood flow, filled up my gas tank, perused Sobeys and picked up GREEK yogurt, came home, did some school stuff…

Then finally it was time for dinner which = best wrap ever (+ fries + salad but who cares about them cause the wrap was where it was at).
Wrap = Whole wheat wrap stuffed with Egg Beaters, Laughing Cow, Franks Red Hot. Okay so hardly groundbreaking (aka you’ve all tried it before) but I’ve done minimal experimenting with egg wraps myself and only just discovered the brilliance of Franks Red Hot this weekend when they had a duo pack on sale at Costco and I’ve been wanting to try it for ages so… go big or go home? We went big. And a great decision it was. Franks on everything from now on! Egg wraps at every meal! 038

My fruit count was insanely low today so a post-dinner fruit craving was strong and the colour theme of the night was orange. (Clem + frozen mango)


That theme died after this bowl though when I made an Iced Coffee Smoothie. 067

Brown is kinda similar to orange…?058

I also ate an apple and frozen chocolate from my Christmas stash (yes it’s still kicking around, although significantly smaller) because that’s what I do when I’m working on school work I don’t want to work on. Well let’s be honest, most school work I don’t really want to work on but tonight’s work was particularly unappealing. So chocolat froid it was.


And because I also ate some food yesterday that I kind of liked, here’s a quick recap of:


This would be cherry yogurt, cocoa powder, flax and oats tangoing overnight, plain yogurt added to moisten in the AM, grapes and coffee to round out the meal.


Then I had to do a small presentation in my tutorial group for my community psychology class. This was the first presentation of any kind that I’ve really had to do in at least 4 years and I sucked. Okay so maybe it wasn’t that awful but I really hate presentations. I’m not a fan of talking in front of groups of people, I get nervous and my mind goes completely blank! How do you feel about presentations? Love em, hate em? Can you rock em or do you clam up and ramble on like a nonsensical babbling fool like me? Or do you lie somewhere in between those extremes? :)

Small breakfast + early morning class + poor presentation woes= appetite increase creating grumbly tummy which = snack raid of fridge that includes leftover soup with crackers and rye bread (among several other things that were quickly shove-in-the-mouth-to-simmer-down-hunger-able (it kind of works if you read it over 2-3 times…).


Then I worked out, showered (with adequate lathering!) and snacked some more before class numero dos of the day.

First off was a plate of S&V mini rice cakes, carrots, snap peas, baba and salsa


Second off was a very random smoothie concoction involving leftover cold hot chocolate smoothie, frozen strawberries, a spoonful of strawberry yogurt, spinach… and a few other additions I can’t quite remember. Trust me, it was random.


The snacks held me through class well enough, but didn’t keep away visions of butternut squash fries dancing through my head.

I brought these visions to life come evening time as I ate my weight and a half in roasted butternut squash bliss dipped in chili sauce ketchup, baked tofu coated in sweet chili sauce and a side of spinach greenery dressed in honey mustard dressing.



And not long after I topped up the very much nonexistent void left in my stomach with a bowl of frozen fruit fun (strawbs + mango) coated with a mix of plain and strawberry yogurt and cinnamon and topped with a dollop of SF crème brûlée Jello rice pudding. Word.



And on a final fun last note: Have you looked up your name on Urban Dictionary yet? If not, do so. It’ll probably give you a laugh and a half. Or a confidence boost. Or make you feel greatly insulted. But most likely a combo of all three. Let me know what you get! You can pick your favourite result ;)


11 thoughts on “Encounters With the Grunt Lady

  1. Your smoothie concoctions all look SO good! I have been obsessed with Liberte lately – I am eternally grateful for you broadcasting Greek Yog in Canada on your blog! I hate presenations but with practice am slowly getting better at them…still break out in a nervous sweat prior!

  2. No joke, I had a weird encounter with a crazy lady two days ago! I was walking back from school and she kept yelling “Miss! Miss!” I looked to see if I had possibly dropped something, I had not, and her and her wild eyes (crazy, i swear!) followed me 2 blocks until I turned and couldn’t see her anymore!

    Too funny!


  3. i felt greatly insulted in my urban dictionary definition. quite a lewd definition! hahah!

    and i bet that lady was jealous of your bfast…and all the meals to come thereafter…knowing full well she was probably going home to something she wouldn’t have to worry about destroying her dentures. ;)

    love the plant picture!

  4. Maybe the lady thought she recognized you from behind–you were all bundled up so you could have resembled any number of people with the same jacket. She might have been squinting at you as she drove by to see your face and was about to say “hi,” but then she saw that you weren’t who she thought so it turned into a grunt instead.

    Everybody’s eating their smoothies with spoons now. I feel so ’00s with my straws.

  5. Yeah Greek Yogurt! I wish it were on sale still…or again. I’m almost done my last container, and it makes me very sad.

    And I fully approve of food in a plant, all for the sake of food art.

  6. YAY Franks!! Good thing you picked up the duo pack because your first bottle is going to be gone in a flash!

    Why are some people so strange?! I sighed yesterday as I opened the door at my school and this guy sighed right back at me – eye contact and all, so weird.

    I actually enjoy giving presentations but then again, I’m going to be a teacher so that’s kind of my job ;)

  7. Never would have thought to add Weetabix to oatmeal, but that’s pretty genius! When I was a kid, I would eat Weetabix every day for breakfast by covering them with milk and then PILING sugar on top. Delicious, but the sugar rush isn’t worth it anymore, you know?

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