Traveling Solo

This weekend, as I mentioned briefly earlier, I went out of town to visit a friend. A seemingly simple enough act and yet this act was a bit of a milestone for me because it was my first time traveling alone, anywhere, ever. Kinda funny to most I’m sure, but I’m sheltered, what can I say?!

I traveled the 4 hours by Greyhound on Friday evening, including a transfer halfway through in Toronto, and traveled the 4 hours back on Sunday afternoon. I made it, I survived, I enjoyed it, and it was easy! I took a dip outside of what was comfortable to do something different (which I don’t do nearly often enough) and it went pretty swimmingly.

Now what’s next, skydiving anyone? ;)


Sadly I took no pictures during said trip, including no pictures of the foods, but I was already in someone else’s territory so waving the cam around 24/7… I just wasn’t feeling it! Being in someone else’s household over a weekend is interesting on the meal front though. I can tell you one thing, my hunger definitely peaked a few times more often than when at home where I can peak in the fridge whenever I please. And a chicken breast with absolutely nothing done to it is pretty weak. I’m so used to my sauces and salsas and spices! Foodie ways have made me forget that a lot of people out there eat pretty plainly. Poor folk, they’re missing out on some significantly more vibrant eating experiences!

The trip was great though. Pretty chill, lots of movie watching (they have no cable so we popped in many a great DVD), a bit of shopping, Saturday night out on the town… it was good times.

And the first thing I did when I got home late Sunday afternoon ? Brought the eating vibrancy back into my life.

Great big salad bowl with my dearest cottage cheese, plus my dearest mom had some grocery store sushi waiting for my arrival, which I obviously dug right into.



And for dinner? Chicken cacciatore. With buffalo sauce. And pepper. Ah flavour, ah home food.



I got right back into the grind and was go, go, go allllll day.

It started off with a bowl of instant oats (reduced sugar maple brown sugar variety) with pumpkin stirred in and a crumbled cereal bar on top.


Then the rest of the day was –
Doctor’s appointment
Quick veg bowl snack with a blob of egg salad:

Quick coffee break
Meeting with group for a class presentation
Another quick coffee break
Class for 3 long evening hours (NOT a fan of the 3 hour classes!)
Home by 9
MUCH needed snack of pumpkin, yogurt cinnamon, cottage cheese, grapes, crumbled apple banana bread
Test studying
Finally bedtime.




Yesterday was another slightly busy one, mostly in the AM.

I ate some Weetabix mixed with pumpkin, yogurt, cinnamon and frozen banana. Weetabix. Is. Awesome.


Then I ran off drove off in the blustery snow to 8:30 class. Someone tell me why it’s still snowing, why the temperatures are still dropping, and why winter isn’t over yet? Oh and well you’re at it, could you also tell me why there are still a couple months of this left to go? Come to me Springtime!

After classy time I came home to a rumbly tummy (Weetabix is great but minimal staying power). A big plate of carrots, red peppers, mushrooms, cauliflower, cucumbers, plain tofu, salsa and dijonnaise fixed that problem.


As did THIS TEA! Chocolate Raspberry Bliss?! Yes please! New discovery at Bulk Barn. They also had a new vanilla variety but I didn’t pick it. I think I might have to go back just for it though.


And on the product note, another worthy of mention? New Kashi Granola Bars – Ra At least they’re new in Canada. And they are amazing. I have yet to try the Pumpkin Pie but I tried the other two during my weekend travels and they are for sure my new favourite granolas. I almost wanted to laugh out loud at their delightfulness right on the bus. I restrained somehow. You can buy the tripack at Costco!


I spent the bulk of the morning doing last minute cramming for my first Psychology Sensory Processes and Perceptions test. Grade? 95%. Heck yes!

After writing the test, the rest of my day was pretty relaxed. In other words, I baked, exercised, cooked, ate, and took a break from school work until the later evening. It was nice.


I finally made genius healthy baker April’s Lean & Mean Pumpkin Muffins. My only differences were that I used brown sugar (I have no fancy schmancy natural sugar varieties at home) and made 10 muffins instead of 8.

021 022

Verdict? LOVED em! Good size, nice and light yet packed with flavour. I tried to eat half but the other half somehow disappeared only seconds after. I needed the preworkout fuel!


I don’t document my workouts too often on here but here’s an example of what I did yesterday. This is one of my favourite 45 minute runs. Based off the 3s and 5s:

All done at 4% incline

3 min – 6mph – Warm up

3 min 6.5 mph
1 min 8.5, 1 min 6.5, 1 min 8.5
3 min 6.7

3 min 6.5

5 min 6.7
1 min 8.5, 1 min 6.5, 1 min 8.5, 1 min 6.5, 1 min 8.5
5 min 7

3 min 6.5

3 min 7
1 min 8.5, 1 min 6.5, 1 min 8.5
3 min 7

3 min 6.5 – Cool down

Try it! It’ll kick your booty.

I then cooled down further with 5 minutes of high incline walking and side stepping on the treadmill, followed by 6 minutes of planks, 40 squats and 60 weighted walking lunges. One solid hour of a sweaty workout. Done and done.


Then it was definitely time for some dinner, thus time for some of Betsy’s Mediterranean Inspired Tuna Casserole


I halved the recipe and ended up with a tasty tuna meal.
I’m thinking I could have loaded up more on the tomatoes since I couldn’t taste them much (hence the side of salsa) but otherwise this was good and extra special since I’ve never made a tuna casserole before.


And for my evening of school work?
Decaf cocoa mint iced coffee, xanthan and guar style


Then I slept, woke up early (too early, what’s up internal alarm clock?!), blogged, and now it’s time for some breakfast!


What new recipes have you tried and loved recently? I’m always collecting ideas :)

Happy Wednesday!


21 thoughts on “Traveling Solo

  1. Yay for the Weetabix!!!!!

    Your cooking skillz are off the da chain! I may have to make some of those muffins this weekend when I go home. As far as “new” recipes go, I tried cottage cheese in my oatmeal this morning and lovvvvved it. Does that count haha?

  2. Yay I’m so glad you liked the muffins! The only reason why I used the fancy sugar was because I got it for free. LOL. Otherwise I use regular!

    And man your a treadmill beast!! My legs never want to go that fast! haha

  3. yay for traveling by yourself! you should be like me, one of the biggest things i did was fly to AUSTRALIA!!! how about you come to the US? visit all of us U.S. bloggers? you know we’d love to meet youuuuuu!

    and i love all the recipes tried…i’m working out of a rut so i’m hoping to get some new recipes in soon!

  4. Congrats on your first solo trip! Pretty soon you’ll be jetting off to places like Australia and Ecuador on your own. Oh, wait, no….that’s just me. LOL.

    That sushi is so pretty, it’s making me wish I hadn’t packed my lunch so I could go get some for myself. And I’m seeing all the tasty Kashi granola bars have come up here – on a mission to find the damn things.

    And if you want to beat the cold you are having, why not enter my Olympic Mittens giveaway!

  5. Go back for the strawberry vanilla. Seriously! And the chocolate raspberry rocks! I also bought those Kashi bars. Yum, yum!

    Glad you had a great weekend away!

  6. mmm pumpkin muffins! If I wasn’t still trying to fight a bit of those post-holiday sweet cravings, I’d be making those in a second.

    I like the sound of that chocolate raspberry tea though… mm! Sounds like the perfect drink for this blast of winter. Yesterday was awful to drive in.. or even just be outside in whatsoever! Even my roommate who is a champ and walks to UW everyday got a ride half-way with me that morning!

  7. is it weird that sometimes i prefer to travel alone?? it forces you to meet new people wherever you go! i did that in europe and it was the best. your sushi looks dyNOmite! i have been wanting to make those muffins, glad you liked them. i will have to whip up a batch. i made beek’s chia granola last night and am addicted! loved your workout! xo

  8. oh my gosh all of your dishes look delish!! i think i would like to travel alone-thats a good experience!! girl your coffee smoothie at the bottom looks GREAT!

  9. congrats on traveling solo! it can be overwhelming but also really fun! just you and your headspace LOL. funny what you say about meals in someone elses home. i always feel that way! i actually crave being back in my place so i can eat “normally” you know? except the rand-O foods i eat are anything but normal im sure.

    your eats at home look delish as usual. the grocery store sushi looks restaurant quality for sure. MMM!

  10. That workout sounds insanely hard! I hardly ever use the incline. Your sushi looks really cute, and the rest of your eats look tasty too. Hmmm, something new I’ve tried recently? Banana hammocks per CCV!

  11. It is so interesting to see others’ eating habits, I agree. I am especially amused when someone, learning I am a nutritionist, tells me “I eat really healthily”, then I visit their home and find out they are using things like Splenda, teflon pans, plastic spatulas, and margarine.
    BODA weight loss

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