No More Brains

And now the term actually begins.
My first test of it today, the lovely biopsychology, was a bomb. I am no science student and although the “science” of this course is probably laughable to those who actually understand brain functions, connections and all that hoopla, this course isn’t making my brain connections jump and jive. More like shrivel and wilt. Not such a fan.

I spent a good chunk of the morning hours getting my cram on with a vanillafied iced coffee (vanilla protein powder, vanilla extract, splash of french vanilla creamer + milk + ice + stevia + coffee of course) and a slightly haphazard fruit platter.


I broke a little while later to give my oven (my kitchen’s and my body’s!) some squash lovin. Roasted kabocha, spinach, carrots, honey mustard dressing. That’s a whole lotta love.


And if that wasn’t filling enough, I also opted for a white yogurt mix (plain and vanilla, fancy schmancy) with frozen mango and frozen strawberries. Good but too cold. Good thing I had my trusty space heater running at my feet throughout the entire consumption ordeal.


Then eventually I got out of my sweats and dragged my tush to school to write the darn test. Medullas, ganglia… who needs this stuff anyway? Hm.. I guess we all do, don’t we. Darn.

I came home and comforted my unscientific self with some dinner. No spinal cord diagrams to be seen! Just mounds of egg beaters on toasted multigrain bread (it’s under there, I swear!) and topped with salsa, spinach and sour cream mixed with sriracha + some squash and a bit of my mom’s premade linguine meal on the side. 037

Now I’m doing more studying. (Actually that’s a lie, I was studying but now I’m clearly writing on here). Studying while sitting on the floor does not do wonders for my derriere, I am sore. I need a giant floor pillow.

And YOU need a recap. Of the rest of my eats from the week so far. Actually you probably don’t need that but I’m going to throw it out there anyway.



It was a dark and early morning and I had an early morning class. Gotta love those… which is why I love coffee. And fruit with yogurt. I’ve been really cramming in the fruit lately. Don’t know why, I guess we’ve had lots around – fresh blueberries, fresh grapes, clems, apples, bananas… I’m not complaining!


I got home after class starving, which lead to a snacky day. Super early breakfasts always make me snacky. A few of them:

Defrosted Apple Banana Bread with red pepper jelly (try your hardest to ignore my wrinkly sandpaper old lady hands)


Carrots and mushrooms with roasted red pepper hummus and sweet onion relish dippers


Sugar Free Creme Brulee Jello Rice Pudding with blueberries. A teeny bit too sweet but ridiculously good.  


The rest of Tuesday was fairly simple. Class, studying, workout, eating. The uje.

At one point while “studying’”, I saw some sauteed slaw goodness going on on April’s blog and thus dinner was born.
A hot sauté of slaw, broccoli, spinach and squash with some rando stir fry sauce I found in the fridge, rice vinegar, sriracha and goat cheese.

And then I drank the greatest beverage of life. The greatest iced coffee smoothie ever. Thank you to the star players, my new purchases of xanthan and guar gum. I finally broke down after lusting after them for a little too long. Kinda pricey but so worth it.

The mix (I have no measurements, I just threw it all in there!)
– Cold coffee
– Skim milk
– Ice
– Cocoa powder
– Mint extract
– Vanilla protein powder
– Stevia
– Xanthan + Guar Gum


This got me through a night of studying. Happy happy joy joy.


…was apparently forgettable? I don’t know what I was doing that day but all I managed to get pictures of was this salad (with leftover turkey enchilada casserole you will see further down in a minute)…


…and my nighttime latte in a packet. Mmm.

025 011



I worked


Before I worked: I ate overnight oats with banana, strawberry, yogurt, peanut butter… It was a mishmash really. A mishmash that tasted like morning delight.


While I worked: I ate salad with tuna and a maple dipped doughnut. I don’t really like doughnuts all that much unless they’re covered in maple (or icing sugar) and stuffed with custard (or jelly). My broski and dadski shared the dipped doozer with me. I also ate things like apples but they’re not quite as fun subjects as doughnuts. At least not that day.


After I worked: I ate a veg and honey mustard dressing-filled salad and several mounds of couscous and chicken with curry sauce. So good, so creamy, so addicting.


I also drank an iced coffee. I don’t know how I’m drinking these things when I’m freezing 24/7. Not that smart. But I just can’t help it. Cold creamy caffeiny coffee… 031

And I munched on nachos while watching Kate and Leopold with my mom. Solid Saturday night.


was a little more exciting.
Because of this:
That’s right. I finally made it to the bottom of a honking sized jar of almond butter (thanks Costco), and what better way to celebrate than with oat bran in a jar. Like there was even a choice.


The best bites of the batch. It may not look like much but let me assure you, this was alllll almond butter.


The excitement continued on with a grocery store trip (when is food shopping not exciting, am I right?!), but not before a workout and a refuelling of epically colourful proportions.

Tomatoes, red peppers, carrots, spinach, mushrooms, falafel balls (Another thanks to Costco for the club pack), honey mustard dressing.

037 040

And then night fell and dinner was to be made. This is where the Turkey Enchilada Casserole comes in. I liked it, I didn’t love it. I’d go easier on the enchilada sauce and throw some salsa into the mix.


I still managed to snack on plenty of the leftovers though… ehem.

And I concluded this hugely exciting day with a hugely exciting night out for some retro dancing. Alright so it wasn’t quite hugely exciting but it was pretty darn fun. You’d think I’d get tired of it since I go nearly every Sunday night but I just can’t resist those 80s tunes…and the dancing… and the dranks… and the stench of the dirty hole bar that this place is… It’s practically like a second home! Yikes.

And on that note, it’s about time I put an end to this beast. Lengthy much? I am le tired.
I can’t believe this week is almost over already. It’s FLOWN by. And this weekend I’m heading out of town to visit a friend a few hours away. Never been to visit before! And never traveled by bus before… I’m so sheltered. Should be an experience. I’m excited!
Happy rest of the week!


And on the most exciting note of all:
A Chocolate-Covered VITA-MIX Giveaway? Yes PLEASE!


14 thoughts on “No More Brains

  1. We have several random things from this post in common…I am the least scientific person in the world, I LOVE grocery shopping, and I don’t like donuts unless they’re covered in maple icing either! Random, lol!

  2. Hey Kristie!
    As a fellow WLU’er (2nd year)/health nut/dancing fiend, I was just wondering where your favourite spot to go out is. My roomates and I like to hit up 140 West, but it’s a little bit of a trek to get there. Phil’s smells like a toilet and Vault is always packed full of sketchy guys…
    Haha, I’m also I loyal reader and I love your blog.

  3. is it weird i think you put “usual” as “uje?” hahahaha….LOVE IT!

    and now i want iced coffee. but have none of those ingredients.

  4. I’m crazy craze but I love the science!! Good luck with it this semester!

    That strawberry spoon is so CUTE!! Whenever I see your coffees I always drool but shiver – so cold but so worth it!

  5. Oh, don’t even talk about exams! I’m not even 100% sure when mine are coming up. I should probably check that out, otherwise my GPA will not be happy with me. LOL.

    I have yet to experiment with the guar gum or xanthan…one day I’ll break down probably and try them out. In the name of science of course :)

  6. Oooh, I love the haphazard fruit platter :) I need to make myself some banana sandwiches soon. Its been too long!

    And that slaw “goodness” looks amazing. I need to re-create that soon TOOO. Gosh, just fly over here and bring your kitchen & cooking-skillzzz with ya, will ya?!

    Glad you had fun doin yo’ retro dancing thang!! Have fun visiting your friend! Travel safe! XOXO

  7. i love your blog so much!
    it’s so colourful, and it introduced me to the love of my life, iced coffee.
    all your eats look so delisshhh, but i think the messy slaw takes the cake.
    i may or may not have eaten something like it by the end of the day.

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