Stale Bars of Cereal

Note to all Canadians: The Greek Yogurt discovery occurred at Sobeys. But I went back a couple days ago and it was all gone. People, stop buying my Greek yogurt! I guess I should start writing letters to grocery stores politely demanding all shelves carry this stuff, clearly it’s in high demand! Does that work, writing letters to the grocery stores asking for products? Everyone ask for Greek!


So a few days ago I was eating (semi) normal foods.

Like on Monday when I ate…

Cereal (CORN BRAN) with frozen banana slices and GREEK yogurt


Messy salads with spinach, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, tuna, baba and leftover potatoes.


MORE frozen fruit with MORE GREEK yogurt (and droplets of almond butter)


Mom Brownies…



Or like on Tuesday when I ate…

Plenty of pommes et bananes


Mini piles of tuna on not very hunky hunks of bread


Random dinner plate of kabocha squash (sadly not a very tasty one at all), baked tofu (xlike10), and steamed spinach with polenta fries and marinara.



Or even like on Wednesday when I ate…

Okay so this breakfast wasn’t even really semi normal but it was more than semi good – Cold mushy banana, cold mushy leftover squash, peanut butter mixed with maple syrup and almond milk, greek yogurt to top it all off.

007 011

Plus an iced coffee for an icy day. Sensical? Hardly. Delicious? Very. When it comes to iced coffee, sense gets thrown out the window.


A super veg bowl with lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, leftover baked tofu, baba and honey mustard dressing. 025

A handful (or two…) out of the frozen Christmas candy stash. Hiding things in the freezer is great…if you can forget they’re there. Lucky me my memory is greatly in tune for anything sugar-loaded lately. 036

Giant egg-whitey pile of deelish on an english muffin with spinach, marinara and goat cheese


And some pumpkin spice tea/light hot chocolate with a clem.



Then Thursday came.

I tried out my new discovery of this sugar free french vanilla creamer in my morning java. Score.


And ate more delicious pommes alongside piles of cottage cheese (most of which was straight eaten from the container. Hand slap.)006

Then I was resourceful and used up a bunch of very old and stale ingredients hanging out in the cupboards to make cereal and fruit bars. Among the ingredients: butter, marshmallow, special k cereal, crumbled graham crackers, pepitas, sunflower seeds, dried apricots, raisins, dates. Many of these may have been stale but they sure made some tasty bars…
This pan x~3.


Then the combination of delicious stale cereal bar goodness + my addiction to sweet things + my lack of control with any kind of homemade good whatsoever + my bruised heart ego from a dumb boy resulted in stomach pains from eating nearly nothing but mass amounts of cereal bar for the rest of the day.

Seriously, I don’t even want to know how old those marshmallows or sunflower seeds were…


Oh I also ate some broccoli and polenta topped with marinara and sided by a fry pile just so I could eat something that wasn’t sweet for a minute or two.


But then I brought back the sweet with almond milk and grapes. And a lot more cereal bar crumbles later on.



Then today (Friday), I thought I was all good and I ate instant oats with with wheat germ, banana, grapes and almond butter nice and early before my early morning class.


Post class I went shopping (Oh hey Walmart…)with my good dear friend who listened to my lame back and forth guy confusion banter for half the trip. I bought pink nail polish and new sour gum and felt okay.

I was ready for eats when I got home so I ate salad and tuna. And yogurt and plenty of pineapple.


And then I was still okay and I watched my brother play Call of Duty and read magazines.

And then everyone in my house had things to do, places to go, people to see, and I was left alone with my thoughts and the dark of night coming in. That with feeling bummy plus cereal bars plus cereal boxes = lame lonely night full of a whole lot of cereal and salty cheeks. Stale cereal for a stale heart. Hardy har.
Worst guy luck ever. If you ever need guy advice, don’t come to me. I must make every mistake in the book. That or I’m way too picky and drawn only to those who possess a certain hidden trait of idiot.  Or a combination of all of it. Either way, my feelings took a hit. Not very nice.


But in the name of positivity…


Beauty! I know I’m going to try…
Plus, it’s the weekend. Definitely can’t complain about that :)
So with that being said:
Goodnight and HAPPY WEEKEND

What do you do to try staying positive when you’re feeling less than great?


18 thoughts on “Stale Bars of Cereal

  1. oh Sobey’s!!! i loved that store when I lived in CanaDIA! so speshul.

    ummmmmmm, your little magic bullet coffee concoctions, cereal love, colorful salads, snack plates, ETC. never get old to me! i love ze way you eaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.

    hope your weekend is POSITIVEEEEEEEEEEE!

    hugs, miss Kristie!!!


  2. If I’m really feeling down, I’ll sleep alot. I figure if I’m sleeping, I can’t dwell on what’s bugging me. Maybe not the best solution, but also not destructive.

    And you got your Greek yogurt at Sobeys eh? I wonder if that means Thrifty’s out here will carry it (since they are owned by Sobeys). Much closer for me than the other stores I know that have it.

  3. oh man your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! lovin those salads! my boyfriend LOVES call of duty..its kina freaky
    i try to think about all my blessings/pray/think about heaven when im down!

  4. Hey girlie, thanks for the comment on my blog! Your pictures are mega gorg and your eats look fantab!

    I think cereal at night is better than cereal for breakfast ; )

    When I’m not feeling super positive I do one of those cheesy yoga exercise tv programs. They usually have a positive message at the end, and if it only serves to make me laugh, then I’m okay with that too! Hang in there mama!

  5. that polenta and marinara makes me drool…along with all the frozen banana action! need to get on that!

    and i’m with you on the bad luck w/ boys…their loss. suckahs.

    stay positive beauty! have a great weekend!

  6. I always freeze my baked goodies or candy to try and keep them out of sight.. but then I’ll end up digging through the freezer and find them all leading me to want to eat them all!

    And I was so excited when our Costco started selling greek yogurt! Hopefully stores in canada will take the hint!

  7. Letters may not be effective, but just ask the manager of the dairy department at your local grocery store, and they will definitely start carrying it (even the brand you want, if they can get it). Seriously. They will do anything for your business. I used to feel weird asking, but once you do it, it seems like such a simple thing, and you wonder why you haven’t been doing it for years. This works better at the bigger chains, obviously, but higher-end markets in Canada seem to have greek yogurt anyway.

  8. I promise I won’t buy my Greek yogurt at Sobey’s! ;)

    Your cereal bars sound pretty creative and tasty, aside from the stale part…

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Gah – Corn Bran cereal is SO GOOD!! I need to restock that stuff! Maybe you shouldn’t have announced the arrival of Greek yogurt so you could keep it all for yourself ;)

    “cottage cheese (most of which was straight eaten from the container. Hand slap” <- that's the reason I have to buy the individual containers! That stuff is dangerous!! Keep your chin up! I was feeling the bum mood this time last week and it's not fun. I'm sorry!!

  10. Yeah, Canadians, stop buying the damn Greek yogurt so that Kristie can! :D

    Praying that this week will be much more positive, my dear! Change your perceptive, and everthing will BE different. :-)

    By the way, your kabocha squash looks squashed! Haha, double squash! Okay, that was lame…but how do you cook it? Do you steam it?

  11. ive been on a sweets kick lately too. as in, made cookies on friday night to satisfy my craving and there are TWO left on sunday morning. yes, two out of the whole batch. gulP!!!

    sorry to hear about the stupid boy drama. they are so clueless sometimes. aka always. sometimes when im in a bad mood i do the whole couch potato movies/comfort food thing, but sometimes it helps to have your girls drag you out or at least do something entertaining that distracts you for a while. hope you feel better soon!!!

  12. Aw hope things perk up girlie :( On a lighter note, you should totally ask the grocery store about ordering more greek yog…i know all the US grosh stores are pretty responsive to customer requests!! Couldn’t hurt right!?

  13. god. if yogurt wouldnt go bad i’d mail you some because u are mah girllll and need to have some athenian goodness in yo life.


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