Canada Goes Greek and One Week Complete

We got Greek, we got Greek! And I found it baby. Canada never has Greek yogurt. Though for $5 a pop I’ll probably be sticking to the strain-the-cheap-plain method more often than not. This yogurt is expeeeeensive. But I was too thrilled at finding it to care. Special treat.


Another special treat – surviving week one of winter term. Phew. Now just a few more weeks to go… ehem.

And speaking of weeks, one of these days I’ll get around to blogging more than once during an entire week, I swear. New year’s resolution? Hm.. if that’s the case I think already broke it…


Time for a quick meal recap of some of the first meals of 2010 and of winter term.

Once upon a time (this week) I thought I would switch things up with the brilliant but not self-generated idea of making quinoa for breakfast. I couldn’t tell you exactly what went into it but I’m thinking cinnamon, a splash of SF gingerbread syrup and peanut butter on top obvi. Breakfast of champs.

005 010

Followed by a chicken lettuce ranch wrap and snack plate. Note the cheddar Popchips, end of the bag. So sad.


Followed by a plain yogurt banana apricot walnut cinnamon bowl. That’s a mouthful.


At some point I snacked on some bread. I might do this pretty much everyday, but only because Rudolph’s is the greatest bread and it’s addicting and it calls out to me from its bread basket on the counter constantly. Anyone ever tried it? Is it just a Canadian thing?


The rye is great but the multigrain is da bomb.


A dinner involved a veggie-filled salad bowl, topped with raviolis (x10) and a Janetha-inspired pile of chickpea cottage cheese goodness.


Other greens were also topped with leftover raviolis and light ranch dressing.


Some were topped with tuna and mini pitas with hummus.


Some were topped with a ridiculous amount of goods (salsa, hummus, baba ganoush, balls of falafel…)


Some were even sided by big mounds of egg white scramble (and many more fries than the piddly amount pictured, don’t be fooled)…


… and butter chicken with couscous, spinach and broccoli. So good. Thanks PC.013


Gotta eat your greens!

Sometimes I don’t want greens though, so I’ll eat things like bars. As great as bars are, I really don’t eat them that much. They just don’t satisfy me. But when on the go they sure can come in handy.

One day this week while shopping, I bought and ate a Simply Bar. One thumb up for slightly decent flavour but I’m not rushing out to buy these again. Not enough substance. Like a rice crispy square only… even airier? It didn’t really feel like I had eaten anything at all and that just doesn’t fly with me. Okay to satisfy a sweet craving but not a hunger craving.


And back on topic with the no-greens food, breakfast followed that trend all week. Not a green in sight before noon on any given day.

This looks like a mess. I hate to admit I’m not quite sure what it is but my best guess judging by what I see tells me pumpkin, weetabix, vector cereal, Salba, banana. It’s something close to that at least :)


This would be a packet of instant oatmeal with pumpkin stirred in + banana and almond butter on top. I’m going with the instant packs on the days where I have early morning classes, which are too frequent for my preference this term. I was pretty tired all last week trying to adjust to the earlier mornings. I’m crossing my fingers that this week I’ll have adjusted to it a little better. It wasn’t that bad but you know…


Best breakfast of the week though? Saturday morning, when I made Angela’s Healthy Spelt Pancakes for One. I hadn’t had pancakes in ages. I stumbled upon this recipe last week. When Saturday morning rolled in, this was the first thing that popped into mind and I didn’t hesitate for a second before pulling out the very few ingredients and making the simplest pancakes ever. I have no idea why I don’t make pancakes more often!

Oh so delicious. One topped with greek yogurt, one topped with peach yogurt mixed with peanut butter, both topped with SF maple syrup and banana slices, all savoured and devoured.


Though as delicious as that breakfast was, it might be rivalled by Sunday morning’s leftover spelt pancake sandwich. 

I had a couple wee spelt pancakes left that I stuffed with greek yogurt mixed with almond butter and SF maple syrup and thinly sliced banana. No heating, I ate this cold. Twas a taste bud tantalizer.




And with that mishmash of a post, I should probably be off. I have yet to do any textbook reading but this week (like today…) is probably a good time to start. I can’t believe how fast everything creeps up as soon as a new term starts. Yikes! Not going to get stressed, not going to get stressed…

Happy Marvellous Monday  :)


31 thoughts on “Canada Goes Greek and One Week Complete

  1. YAYYY!!! I am so excited about greek yogurt in Canada, seeing as I am moving to Toronto in, um, four days and I didn’t know what I was going to do without it! $5 IS expensive, though. I think it’s worth it as a treat!!

    Your eats are always so fresh. Love it!


  2. OMG! that is really exciting! all my canadian foodie friends (including yourself) always talk about how you cant get the greek. i am so happy you can! it is pricey here too.. about $5 for a two-serving container. never heard of your bread, looks so good though! hooray for the pile-o-protein! have a great week, babe :)

  3. OMG GREEK YOGURT!! I am officially freaking out. Which grocery store did you get it at??? I am seriously so excited, it’s sad.

  4. I’m coming over so we can eat gorgeous snack plates all day. Is that OK?

    I always absolutely love your posts. Such a fab way of eating. And nice arms. Even though they weren’t in this post. JEALOUS.


  5. I’ve actually been wanting to try quinoa for breakfast! Was it filling? I’ve been experimenting with different grains for breakfast like bulgur and I love it!

    And I’m the same way with bars. I have a whole container filled with them but I never eat them! They aren’t filling but I have an obsession with buying them on a whim. LOL

  6. I guarantee we don’t have the Greek here in BC yet. We always get everything last. Lame. I will have to make some stops tomorrow to see if I can score some (excuse to hit up some of my fave grocery stores on the way home). I have managed to get some Greek yogurt at a local Greek deli, but I’m positive it was full fat (and delicious). Too bad it’s Liberte though – I’d rather have one of my local yogurt producers making the Greek.

    Also haven’t see that bread – it might be an ON thing.

    Love falafel. Always.

  7. so glad you found your greek yogurt in canada…sad it took them so long…but so expensive! it’s ok, yours is probably better.

    best of luck with school! i’m sure this semester will go great!

  8. Omg– of course the day i’m BACK at school….i see those gawg-eouss spelt pancakes and drool at the thought of them!!

    I kinda really want you to come to America and stock my mom’s kitchen! Of course her’s is great and all, but you just always have suchhh a variety of options…i love.

    Hope this week is going alright! I’ve got a 9am tomorrow and am not excited!!! XOXOXO

  9. i am so in love with your eats all the time. i think it is because i cant make a salad or wrap if my life depended on it. I mean i make some mean cereal, but other than that i am a forgetful foodie—never rememeber to buy the correct ingredients or remember recipes, etc. So this brings me to my next question/statement..move to chicago. become my roomie. and make me food all the time. perfect situation i think.



    ps…. bomb ass on the greek yog sitch! im glad u can love it all da time now! well special treats at least.

  10. glad u found the greek yogurt!! u WERE looking out for it! i bought my second tub today! ours were $6 (in vancouver)…so you guys are doing better!! have a good day!

  11. hi!!!!!! long time no “talk” hehehe
    hope all is well little lady!
    ps i love your crazy veggie filled salad bowl.. looks like my salads… a little bit of this.. a little bit of that!

  12. music to our canadian ears!
    which store did you find it at???

    i wander aimlessly through the dairy aisle at our grocery stores longing to see fage yogurt!

    great site btw!

  13. Hey!! Awesome greek yogurt find! But you are right, that is pricey! wowza! Ah well. Its good though! I love the quinoa dish you had for breakfast. Looks amazing. I love hot cereal in the morning. Everything looks so good! Espescially that veggie salad bowl. Awesome!! Have a wonderful day!

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