School’s In For Winter

Thanks to all of you lovelies for the comments on the new header, the NYE dress and my arms? Haha. The arms are compliments my ten pounders, the odd push ups and planks and a little bit of Jillian Michaels as of late. The header is compliments my (not so) extensive high school graphics skills.


So holidays are OVER. Why oh why?!
I wasn’t looking forward to going back to school but it’s been two days and we’re doing okay. I’m really hoping for some smooth sailing this semester and really aiming to get less stressed than I did last semester. I tend to let myself get really stressed about school, probably a little too much so at times. Maybe I should take up some yoga? Meditation? More baths? I’m thinking all of the above.

This semester three days of my week start early. Today was an 8:30er. Happy joy. I started it off with a quick packet of low sugar maple oats with pumpkin stirred in. Plus plenty o’ cafe necessaire.


I plowed through class one and booked it home for some school note printing, a treadmill sweat sesh and a lot of snacking on chocolate (I still have quite the holiday stash), the biggest bag of Cheddar Popchips I’ve ever seen (thanks Costco)…


…and a handful or two of Goldfish CRACKers. En francais s’il vous plait.


Class two of the day lasted…20 minutes? All we did was quickly discuss the syllabus. I suffered 5 solid minutes of freezing cold from my car to the classroom and back again for nothing! Ah well, burning off handful number 1 of them fishies? Ha.

Din was a tasty plate of goods. Sundried Tomato Basil Gardenburger on a slice of toasted rye with goat cheese, dijonnaise and lettuce + a side of broccoli topped with salsa and light ranch.


Followed by not one but TWO mini bowls of yogurt messes.

#1 – plain yogurt, small slice apple banana bread with red pepper jelly and banana slices.


#2 – spoonful plain yogurt, spoonful strawberry yogurt, spoonful pumpkin, weetabix, Vector cereal.


The rest of the evening thus far has consisted of picture sorting, blogging, 10% paying attention to Canada vs US hockey game and doing all while sitting in front of my saviour:


My bones have been significantly less chilled since I got this at Christmas. Anyone else have ice water running through their veins? Not nice Winter. You’re pretty but much too cold for me.



And a handful of others meals from the past few days:

Puffins, Fibre One Raisin Bran, plain yogurt, banana


Large and quickly inhaled snacky plate


Tofu Mousse, banana, trail mix


Cabbage slaw and steamed broccoli topped with shredded chicken and light ranch dressing + slice of white bread with goat cheese.


Butternut squash fries and acorn squash. Spinach and steamed broccoli with honey mustard dressing. A few noodles (x5 that amount) for good measure.


Salad mess of spinach, cucs, shrooms, baby tomatoes, steamed broccoli, acorn squash, honey mustard dressing and… Cheddar Popchips? It was a BIG bag and they’re addicting! Plus they tasted darn good on this salad.


More acorn squash with goat cheese, tiny blob of mashed potatoes, steamed broccoli with salsa.


And there you have it. My bum is now numb so I think I need to take a walk around… the house. It’s too darn cold for a brisk night walk! Boo. Only one class tomorrow though and it’s not a morning one. Score!

I hope 2010 has been good to everyone so far ;)


19 thoughts on “School’s In For Winter

  1. HEY LOVE!! okay so your comment made my day, thank you for being so incredibly sweet and amazing.
    all of your eats LOOK SO GOOD!
    haha im so ready for NO winter too..i want warm weather now!
    i love those goldfish-so much flavor!!

  2. I was in Canada visiting family over the holidays and tried vector cereal for the first time. It was so tasty (and addicting)! I hope your semester goes smoothly, happy 2010!
    PS-I have a blog now!

  3. i just love your blog oh so much :-D
    the popchips/goldfish look soo good- two of my favorite things for sure! I was at the grocery store and i couldn’t believe the variety in goldfish..craaazy!
    love all the squash in this post as well.
    i love the winter, but i would LOVE some warmth right about now.


  4. I’ve actually never had Popchips but I’m sure they would be quite addicting.. that’s probably why I haven’t bought them!

    I just woke up and now I’m craving a salad thanks to all those pictures! I get so many good ideas from your meals..mmm!!

    And yay for only one class! I start school next week and only have one afternoon class on tuesday’s too. Woohoo!

  5. That flavor of Goldfish used to be one of my favorites!! SOOOOO tasty! Cheddar PopChips are the death of me too. I’m glad I don’t have a big bag because it could spell disaster!

    I have cold water running through my veins as well – I’m ALWAYS complaining about being cold. Good luck with the start of your semester :)

  6. delicious! everything looks so awesome. Im loving the squash you got going on there! =) Your yogurt with apple bread and red pepper jelly sounds like an awesome combo!! I gotta try that. Do you know who won the hockey game? I usually pay attention but didnt this time around=/ But Im curious to see who won! Take care hun!!

  7. I almost bought that bag of Pop Chips while at Costco Sunday. I left them because cheddar is actually my least fave of all the flavours. I made up for it with a big bag of quinoa, though…

  8. hey kristie,

    maybe you will be interested to know…
    I live in BC and have recently found Greek yogurt in grocery stores in canada! it is made by the brand liberte and is a nonfat Greek yogurt…very good…110kcal for 150g? something like that?

  9. space heater!!! my mom’s boyfriend actually got one of those for us, from Costco a few years ago and we’re obsessed. Although the temps here are way higher than in Canada, it’s still cold!!!! :)
    i’m drooling over that veggie burger sandwich, the popchips (wanna try that flavor soon!), snack plates and pumpkin oats! you’ve also got me craving some food with a little lt. ranch action going on….hmmmm, haha!

    have a great day love! xoxox

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