Ringing in the New Year

A new year (and a new decade!) has arrived! I’m not going to knock 2009 but I’m definitely ready for the freshness that this new year brings. With that said, Welcometumblr_kvkvdakqTg1qzddweo1_400_largeI’m ready for ya :)
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Thursday – last day of the 2009!

How was everyone’s New Years celebrations?!

My last day of 2009 started off with a slightly random yet darn good bowl of pumpkin mixed with vanilla yogurt, dried apricots, peanut butter puffins and a sprinkling of Salba.

Anyone ever tried Salba before? It’s tasteless but apparently packed full of good stuff. “Every serving (12 grams or approximately 2 flat tablespoons) of Salba® provides over 2,400 mg of Omega 3s, over 4,500 mg of dietary fibre, with less than 0.5 net carbohydrates per serving”. Can’t argue with that.


I spent most of the day doing things like working out, grocery shopping, chillin, and munching on good foods like grocery store sushi. Mmmmmmmmmmm.


I also had a few very brown bananas taking up precious counter space. I was hopping back and forth between throwing them in the freezer and baking something delicious. Considering I already have a bag full of frozen bananas in the freezer and I haven’t baked a banana-filled treat in a while, the delicious won out and a big moist loaf of Sagan’s Super Delicious Apple Banana Bread was born.

014 027


And thus so was my dinner, all 22.5 slices of it. I wish I was exaggerating. I devoured this loaf. The “dent” I put in it within a day is a little too shameful to talk about. But if you want a healthy, moist, addicting banana bread with no sugar, butter or junk to be found in it, make this bread.

Once my tummy was chock-full of banana goodness, it was about time to get ready for some new years even partaying. I went to a friend’s 80s themed house party. I don’t own a very 80s-era-friendly wardrobe but the theme was pretty lax so this was the best I could do. Yeah totally 80s… ehem.


The party was kinda random but a pretty good time. The hardcore gangstas living downstairs and shaking the entire floor with their badass sound system decided we should meld our celebrations together so we ended up ringing in the new year while boogying down to mad gangsta beats with plastic glasses of cheap champagne under their hardcore disco ball.


After many sessions of flip cup of course.


Some Mars Bar toss.


And an unsurprising visit from the Dirt Devil.


I finally headed home around 3 in the morning? Promptly hit the hay and awoke several hours later to the first day of the new year.

And what better way to feed the body in 2010 than with some chinese takeout, aight?

Brain Wonton soup, steamed rice and vast amounts of garlic broccoli etc

048 055

Plus some good new years advice compliments of my fortune cookie


During the rest of the night I took ‘er easy by:

Making Katie’s Tofu Mousse – which I loaded with chia seeds and photographed this morning in all of its sunlit glory.


Reading countless articles on The Kitchn and looking at some notebook doodles.
And just having a generally very craaaaazy and adventurous night! Clearly.


This morning I bumped the adventure factor up a bit by eating a picture perfect breakfast (thanks natural sunlight!) of cottage cheese, a green apple, a blob of almond butter, a wee piece of apple banana bread (yes there is a bit left :)) and some black coffee. I think the sun even makes it taste better.

007 025

I shouldn’t have let the sun deceive me in terms of temperature though. WOW was it ever cold today. Definitely probably the coldest day I’ve felt yet this winter.

Somehow I managed to tackle it though in order to hit up Boston Pizza for lunch with one of my favourite girlies who’s home from out of town for the holidays. I got the Baja salad with spicy chicken -  “A blend of garden greens tossed in a Santa Fe ranch dressing with diced tomatoes, olives, cheddar, and a roasted medley of corn, red pepper, green pepper and onion. Topped with salsa and shredded tortilla chips.” I should have thought this one out a little better since I missed the “cheddar”, “olives” and word “shredded” for the tortilla chips in the description. Don’t like olives and there was a whole lot of little bits of cheese and tortilla chip alllll over the salad. I did a lot of picking off but this was still pretty delicious. Next time I’ll just have to be a little more of an ordering pain so that I make less of a mess of my dish.

Then I braved the cold yet again to go shopping with my ma. I tried on about 20 items of clothing and bought two. Bah. I guess that makes my wallet happy though.

Since it is Saturday night and there is a going away celebration for a friend of a friend happening tonight that I’m requested to be at, I’m tempted to brave the cold one last time for the day. However, sitting in my comfy clothes by my heat dish in the comfort of my living room is even more tempting since I’m already right here, right now. No effort or chilling to the bone necessary. So I just might have to wuss out tonight. I’m going out tomorrow anyway for some end of holidays celebrating. Gotta save up my energies for the real fun ;)


I hope you’re all loving 2010 so far and enjoying the last bits of the holiday season :)
Happy New Year!




21 thoughts on “Ringing in the New Year

  1. Ahaha the first thing I thought when I saw that soup was, “what’s with the brains?” Nice.

    Enjoy a quiet Saturday night — is it as lame as sitting at home with a glass of wine, reading a Year in Provence? Probably not! :)

    But now that’s going to include a slice of banana bread, after seeing the pics of yours. Yummers.

  2. while home, I also ate a loaf of bread in a day–pumpkin. No it was not butter free, fat free or calorie free….it was pure unhealthy goodness. and that dress is killer..

    ps can I have ur arm muscles? thanks.


  3. Happy 2010. Looks like you kicked in the new year with a blast.

    Everything looks so scrumptious. I have been craving sushi. Even though I had it last Tuesday & Thursday. I’ll save that recipe for the next time I have ripe bananas. Thanks!
    btw Salba sounds phenomenal. Could it really be that good? Do you know how long it has been around?

  4. I’ve never even heard of salba before so thanks for the 411!

    Looks like you had a good NYE!! I’m horrible at flip cup! I honestly think there’s nothing more aggrevating than going shopping, trying on a TON of items, and walking out with only a few. I feel so unsatisfied! I’m sure your picks were cute though!

    PS. LOVE the new header :)

  5. Girl.. you look amazing.. especially those shoulders! What does your weekly workout schedule look like?

    And that bread looks amazing! I don’t have much self control around baked goods so usually I have to hide it or freeze it or I’ll eat it all! haha.

    And i love the new header! Did you do it yourself?

  6. Hahaha I LOOOOVE the 80’s look. That belt makes the outfit–so classic.

    And agreed…natural sunlight ALWAYS makes food look better! Apples, cottage cheese, banana bread & some nut butter sound so good right now, too! hmmm :)

    The new header’s adorable! And that sushi bite looks DELICIOUS (even though i don’t eat fish) hollllllllla. You always take the best photos!! XOXO Happy New Year girl!!

  7. Looks like you had one rockin New Year’s girl. I love it! That banana bread is incredible. I have some pretty ripe bananas on the counter so now I know what I am going to make with it! You look incredibly amazing too in those pics! Awesome! I hope you are having a great year so far!

  8. happy new year! im totally with you, so ready for 2010 :)

    that bread looks amazing!!!!! dont feel too badly, i would have eaten the whole loaf too. hot & freshy homebaked bread is the best.

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