Chilly and Chocolatey Days

So that retro night dancing thing I was going to do the other night? I guess the rest of the city had the same idea because by the time I got there (which was relatively early) it was already at capacity and the line to get in was a beast. Boo. We waited almost an hour in the freeeezing cold but the line was moving at a snail’s pace and the toesies were on the verge of breaking off so we peaced out by about midnight. So sad, I was pumped for a good night out. Guess it’ll have to be made up for this week.


The am started out with a nice big mushy bowl of Weetabix, pumpkin, vanilla yogurt, banana, cinnamon & Peanut Butter Puffins. Does it get much better? Only when followed by a chocolate… or two.


Filling up the morning with tidying, burying the remaining chocolate deep into the back of my closet (out of sight, out of mind?), sprinting and Shredding Jillian Michaels Level 3 style eventually led to a refuelling requirement.

Slaw mess with balsamic vinaigrette and a can of preflavoured lemon tuna. This was after the bread hunks dunked in large amounts of hummus, my nearly always unpictured yet nearly daily snack.


A quick trip to Costco brought in some fresh veggies that I included in my dinner part A – Salt &Vinegar Popchips, baby tomatoes, carrots, shrooms, cucumbers, hummus, salsa, cottage cheese.


Dinner part B was two small bowl of some Lean Cuisine chicken parmesan pasta bag my mom heated up for her dinner. Great lazy night low effort chow down…


Chocolate, popcorn, and half watching half sleeping through Miss Congeniality 2 concluded my night. Man are my holidays low key. I don’t mind too much though, it’s too darn cold to stray away from the big fluffy pants and warm blankies.


I have suddenly developed a cold. Thanks winter? Time to load up on the fruits! And the cottage cheese… and the coffee… and the chocolate… fixing Colds with Cs? I think so! 

010 021

A run and a snack on the run led up to a few hours of mall perusing, which didn’t result in much spending, which is probably a good thing since Christmas just ended. I did manage to snag some great deals on underwear and body lotions though. Nice.

By the time I got home it was time for some dinner and there were some pretty darn old portabellas crying for help in the fridge. Thus my makeshift stuffed portabellas were born.
– Quick cook brown rice, canned diced tomatoes, spinach, dried oregano, chilli powder, garlic powder, balsamic vinegar and some tahini dressing.
– All mixed together and spread onto the shrooms, which were then topped with either feta or mozzarella and cooked at 350 for 20 minutes.


I should have patted them dry because they were a bit watery but otherwise they turned out fairly well. This was my first try of a cooked portabella and I have to admit, I didn’t love it, but that’s probably because I’m not a big steak fan at all, never have been, and these were very steaky/meaty. I would have liked them better sliced very thinly. Next time. My mom loved them though so I can’t blame my lack of love for them completely on my cooking skills.

I might be in the market for more popcorn tonight. Right around now. Little Miss Sunshine is on. On second thought, we’re on the restaurant scene and I’m thinking maybe I need something ‘a la mode’. Popcorn a la mode? Hmmm ;)

So… it’s almost New Years! Big plans? Dish em!
Ciao for now!


14 thoughts on “Chilly and Chocolatey Days

  1. My NYE? Sitting at home in front of my computer and the fireplace. I am apparently 100 years old because I really can’t think of any other place I’d rather be. :)

    Your stuffed portabellas look really good!!

    I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Yum!! Great looking eats. I hope you feel better too!! I think NYEs we are going to hanging out at a friends house. Pretty low key but fun all the same!! Get better and have a fantastic holiday!

  3. i am hoping to have a fun time at an apt. party on NYE!! hopefully work some magic on a boy. ahhhh.

    p.s. popcorn with Sriacha sauce = AMAZING ness. try it.

    xoxoxox as always lovebug


  4. I haven’t tried the pre-flavored tuna but I bet it’s delicious.. tuna is pretty good mixed with anything! Usually I just mix it with salsa or hummus!

    And those portabellas look great! I wish I could get over the texture of mushrooms but the slimy-ness kind of freaks me out! haha.

    NYE I plan to sleep! haha. I’ve never been a big celebrator of that holiday so I keep it low key!

  5. Breakfast looks good. I love snacking on a plate of fruit along with cottage cheese too. NYE; going to a friend house and cooking dinner with them. Were calling it ”Old people’s new year”

  6. Yummy looking portabellas! I love mine stuffed with cottage cheese and spinach, sprinkled with a little bit of Parmesan. I hope you feel better soon. Colds are no fun.

  7. I know everyone compares portabellas to steak, but I just don’t see it. They taste like mushrooms, and don’t have the same structure as steak, so I always view them for what they are. They are great in fajitas, since you can slice them big like the peppers and onions – maybe try them that way next time? Or in a stirfry. Everything works in a stirfry!

  8. maybe u can make up the dancing time on NYE? all i know about mine is that it will involve champagne and lady gaga! i woke up this AM with the cold too and am hoping it cuts me a break until at least friday. happy almost NYE!!!

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