Bubbling Away

Wow. I didn’t mean to disappear for quite so long but orders of (school) business have been wolfing down by time and energies and posting just continuously got sent to the back burner, slowly bubbling away, neglected without even a whisk or a stir but not quite forgotten. This morning I am saving it before it burns to a crisp.

All my papers are done and in, and now the heat of exam studying has begun. I have three psychology finals this week: Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I can’t wait, and I mean that both sarcastically and realistically. I’ve been doing nearly nothing but studying for hours on end for the past several days and I still have a couple days left of this to go. Having three large exams in three days sucks for lack of a better word. But once those three days are over – Utopia!
Well not quite. I’ll still have one exam left after that on the following Friday but one whole week to study for one single exam will be a treat.

I’m not going to get into recaps and all that jazz because that would probably take hours and I really should get started on yet another day of numb bum study time, so I’ll leave you with these:


Breakfast of the day

Overnight Oats:
– Oats and water
– Banana, Blueberries, Raspberries, Apple
– Plain and Vanilla yogurt
– Flax and apple butter



Quote of the day:

"Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think."

— From A.A. Milne’s Winnie the Pooh


I need to remember this one right now.


Pretty Pictures of the day:

All found on Vi.sualize.us


nightsnow winterlake 


Questions of the day:

What is your favourite part about winter? Do you get snow where you live? And what is your favourite holiday food?

I see snow on the ground. I think I’m in a very winter/holiday-oriented state of mind right now. I better stop browsing pretty winter pics though and move onto the studying. So close…


18 thoughts on “Bubbling Away

  1. Favorite part about winter = all the holidays!!

    We get a LOT of snow here… thankfully it hasn’t hit too hard yet though (it’s pretty, but not fun to trek through, haha).

    Hang in there with all the studying!!

  2. My mom makes this ridiculous raspberry + cool whip + marshmellow dessert that’s too die for. If I want a bad stomach ache from too much sugar, that’s my holiday food of choice.

    Yep, lots of snow in Ottawa.

    Good luck studying! You’re almost there.

  3. My favorite part of winter is SNOW DAYS and snowboarding, oh and you can’t forget about family! Hot coco and chocolate chip cookies make me LOVE the holidays

  4. You can do it!! You’re almost done!

    Favorite part – the joy of the season and seeing my family

    We definitely get snow here! My favorite holiday foods? Grandma’s mac and cheese and green bean casserole :D

  5. whew, sounds like a crazy exam schedule! good luck with all of them.

    I’m a pretty big fan of winter. I couldn’t wait to get snow this year! It snowed at home while I was visiting my parents and it made everything seem so much more Christmas-y. And then it started snowing within an hour of my arrival back at school – how nice :)

    The only thing I don’t like about winter is driving in crazy snow storms! We get a ton of snow at home up north so I’m used to it, but I still hate it!

  6. Good luck with all your exams! I know your studying will pay off!

    I love the Christmas-y feeling of winter. It’s just so happy!

    And we do get snow here! Usually it snows worse in january or february though. And favorite holiday food would be my mom’s homemade cookies!

  7. great pics girl! Hmm favorite thing about the winter? hhhmmm I think just being able to curl up under the covers when its super chilly and visiting family!! My favorite holiday food is a tough pick. I think though it has to be my mom cookie tray. We used to make like 15 different cookies and decorate them. It was quite the ordeal. My fav cookie from that was a chocolate spelt cookie she would make. It was great!

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