What I do in between bouts of essay writing…


  • Make and drink mass amounts of coffee. Okay scratch the make and just go with the drink. My mom makes the coffee. Hey, she gets up the earliest! And my recent attempt at making a pot of coffee all by myself resulted in the most watered down weak pot of sludge I’ve ever tasted. Only I could screw up a pot of coffee.


Consumption involves both the black hole hot and the foamy iced versions. Less emphasis on the ice kind since the weather’s chilly and they’re chilly and thus that makes me chilly and I’m not really down with that. Except when I’m really feeling an iced coffee, then I suck it up and put an extra sweater on.


  • Make and eat slightly less mass amounts of Maple Apple Butter. With apple peach juice instead of cider because that’s all that was in my fridge. I was being resourceful!

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  • Make and eat mass amounts of vegetables (and wraps…and pieces of plain tofu with BBQ sauce…)

024015 065 

  • And continue with the veg trend by making and eating mass amounts of steamed broccoli topped with marinara mixed with…What’s that? Hummus? Oh yes. Marinara + hummus, heated and eated (erm… heaten and eaten? I like to rhyme okay?) in all of its delicious creamy goodness.



  • Paint my nails in hot pink shades.

012 022

  • Make and eat awesome breakfasts that all involve pumpkin.
    Sometimes mixed with yogurt, Weetabix and frozen blueberries


Sometimes mixed with yogurt, clems, banana, fresh blueberries and topped with a frozen Pumpkin Pie Baby (Make them. Freeze them. Love them.)


And sometimes mixed with oats and egg whites to make a pumpkin oatmeal pancake that gets topped with jam, vanilla yogurt mixed with peanut butter, bananas and blueberries and makes for one happy tummy.


  • Scarf down random “I don’t feel like writing so instead I’ll eat (and I might be a little hungry too)” snacks

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  • Feel a lot of numb bum from sitting for long periods of time trying to make coherent and sensical words happen on my word documents.
  • Take brisk night walks, sprint to jiving tunes on the treadmill and kick numb bum’s butt with some Tae bo action in order to get some movement in my day during this school-induced stationary period of time
  • And within all of that a bit of essay writing gets done. Here and there, you know…

I feel like I’ve made some progress so right now I’m chillaxin, but exams start next week and with all of the midterms, essays and assignments I’ve had constantly coming up in the last while, I haven’t cracked a textbook in ages. Meaning the relief I get from handing in my three essays this week is going to be immediately replaced by mass amount of stress and grief as I try to frantically cram studying for my three biggest exams that fall within the first three days of the exam period (Dec 10-12) into hardly one full week of time. Not so pumped.

Anywho, I think it’s time for some shut eye before another new week begins. Woop de joy. Let’s hope for a good and productive one!


21 thoughts on “What I do in between bouts of essay writing…

  1. good luck girl on the exams! almost over! enjoy ur week and remember to take breathers in between the workload around finals time. can i just say, tht those pancakes are epic? major yum-ness.

    xoxoxoxoxoxo to infinity

  2. Ugh! Those intense essay’s are the worst. I remember having to do long exams that were nothing but 7 page essay questions. Oh, the life of an English Major I suppose. ;( Hope you get through them hun!

    Enjoy your week!

  3. I need to make those chickpeas! I have all the ingredients so why haven’t I?! Perhaps during a study break ;)

    LOVE the nails! Yours look so pretty and nice. Your blog is giving me too many procrastination tips!! Hope you knock out those essays – luckily when you take all science classes, essays are few and far between!

  4. Why do I always get hungry everytime I come to your blog? Oh yeah.. because everything you eat is delicious!!

    Good luck with exams! I have a big research paper due this week and after that it’s finals too… ugh!

  5. oh yum, those chickpeas sound great! same with the maple apple butter… anything with maple in it HAS to be good!

    good luck with your exams and finishing the papers! I’m finishing up my last major assignment for the next little while & it’s relieving to be almost done but I’m also lacking serious motivation (hence the blog reading I’m doing instead of writing… lol)

  6. Insert me here with pompoms and a matchy outfit shouting “you can do it! you can do it!” School stress is brutal but just think of how awesome it will be when Christmas rolls around and you get to relax.

    And yet, you still manage to eat beautiful looking (and I imagine very tasty) eats. Impressive! I lived on The Kids during crunch mode… my affectionate name for Sour Patch Kids…

  7. I’ve totally been feeling the steamed broccoli lately :)

    I’m so ready for this semester to be done! I have four papers and three tests :( (Including a 30 pager!!!) Good luck, and stay sane!

  8. Essay writing is my least favorite thing in the world. I would do anything to procrastinate from doing that. Eating pumpkin oats, and drinking tons of coffee is right up my alley :)

    As far as how to use Dark Chocolate Wonderful (your comment on my blog) I think it’s good on strawberries and bananas, and even mixed into plain or vanilla yogurt!

    Good luck on those exams. You’ll do great, just keep eating healthy and fueling your body (oh, and drinking that caffeine!).

  9. I feel your pain – I don’t think I’ve looked at a textbook since midterms, solely so I could focus on all the projects that need to get done. My only saving grace is that once they are handed in, I have over a week until my exams start, so in theory, I can get in enough studying to not fail miserably. Good luck to you!

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