Three Square Meals

Got a really ugly essay and an assignment out of the way this week.
Three more slightly less ugly but equally time-consuming essays due next week.
Then exams already? How does this happen?!

I’m sipping my third cup of coffee for the morning. I had intentions of doing some mad essay-writing this morning but I tossed, turned, stressed and dreamt of disturbing things all night so these earlyish hours have consisted of recovery via caffeine and picture sorting. Yet another long overdue week-long recap with few words is coming at ya. This will probably continue for the next couple weeks while school kicks my butt a little harder than necessary.

This week’s food in pictures:


April’s Halfway Oats. Added some jam, slightly too much therefore they were slightly too sweet but that’s  besides the point. The method itself is pretty awesome.



Toasted egg white sandwich with roasted red pepper hummus and edamame spread. The wee piece of abj toast beside it was tossed since I somehow made it hard as rock. Boo.


Weetabix, yogurt, apple, clementine.


Coffee and Soup?


Naw. Coffee and OATS. Overnight oats with protein powder, banana, flax and clementine to be exact. Oh my daaaarling Clementine…


Pumpkin, protein powder, banana, flax, Vector. No idea. I didn’t know what I wanted to this just kinda happened. 008

And this was this morning. Egg wrap with garlic hummus, salsa and spinach. My appetite has been wonky lately so my craving for this was slightly out of character.



Not quite so great at getting pictures of these…

Tuna mixed with FF sour cream, dijonnaise, BBQ


Squash salad with brocco, spinach, shrooms, salsa, honey mustard dressing.


Tofu wrap with hummus, spinach, dijonnaise



Gardenburgers (mmmmmmmmmmmm) with dijonnaise, laughing cow, lettuce and tomato on rye


Alongside a pizza sliver (or two…)


Sweet potato topped with refried beans, salsa, spinach and sour cream


Bowl of random leftovers – rice, squash and steamed broccoli stem topped with marinara + carrot sticks020

Potato Leek Soup – We had leeks in our fridge for a while. I had never used leeks before. The only way I had ever heard of them being used was in a soup so I went scoring the net for a recipe. We only had chicken broth so my batch was definitely not vegan. 041 048

PB&J blended spinach oat bran ? This was last night. I told you my appetite was wonky. This was all I really wanted to I went with it. I didn’t finish it but it was pretty good. Definitely not thick enough though, it was like green soup after I blended it all up.



Many apples, dates, pb and coffee. Every day, often many times a day.


First try of the Tropical Fruit Larabar – I liked! Definitely wouldn’t be in my tops since I found the orange peel flavour a bit overpowering but at the same time it reminded me a bit of a creamsicle which is cool in my books. My personal version would bump up the coconut and pineapple and bump down the citrus and crumble factor a bit. Extra points to this flavour for the wrapper colour. I’m a sucker for neon colours, what can I say?

004 007

Mounds of egg whites on english muffin


Silken tofu blended with pumpkin, cinnamon, stevia and frozen mango.  


Yogurt, frozen blueberries, wheat germ what what. Slob?



I hope everyone else is doing well. Blog reading bursts are keeping me somewhat sane in between school stuff. I can’t comment much right now but I’m still trying to read as often as I can.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you over there in the US! I celebrated my Canadian Thanksgiving a month ago so I won’t be suffering any turkey hangover this weekend but eat something extra pumpkin-y for me :)


16 thoughts on “Three Square Meals

  1. mmm I love potato leek soup! I want to start making some soups now that the weather is cooling off more… it’s always so comforting to have when it’s chilly out.

    I feel your essay pain. Somehow even with only 3 classes, all my papers for each class have all been due at the same time which = major stress! I’m sure the term will be over before you know it and you’ll be able to relax and not even think about school for a bit :)

  2. Mmmm, the eats look scrumptious.

    the sweet potato topped with goodies looks particularly tasty!
    Have a lovely day :)

  3. I spy some very orange fingers in this post. You and your squash…I think that would make me crazy to have orange digits. Hope all that school work is going alright.

  4. Aw gurl! I am with you with the hw!! My Google reader built up like mad, and I am SO BEHIND with blogs, but school comes first, right?! best of luck to youuu!!

    I love how you eat because it is so much like me!! random bits of tofu, cereal, pumpkin, yogurt, TUNA, veggies. it’s awesome.


  5. scuse me miss but i don’t know if you should be eating oats out of the soup bowl! ;) i love the idea of halfway oats, i may have to try. that egg white sandwich looks incredible!!

  6. I actually really like the ‘messy’ picture. The last one. It gives the picture personality and character! Sometimes when things aren’t perfect it turns out better.

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