Must Write & Must Eat

Oh em geeeeeee.

Guys, Papers do not like me. I do not like papers.
I am a terrible procrastinator.
I feel stressed.
And yet instead of getting down to some serious writing biznaz? I blog. But I haven’t done this for a while either so that’s stressing me out too. Once I’m stressed, everything makes me stressed. Yeeks.


No way am I gonna throw down… let’s see here…6 days of food? Nuh uh. Too long, too repetitive. And this has gotta be quick so I can start writing about applied social psych issues…ouiiiii? Or non.

Hokay so the good stuff only. IMO of course. Good food is a totally subjective experience. Though I think there are several pretty universally accepted good eats out there. ;)


CCV’s Christmas Quiche Soup with spagetti squash pancakes – been meaning to make this soup since I first saw the post about it ages ago. In the spirit of Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness I figured it was about time!


Eat, Shrink and Be Merry’s Worth Every Penne – “Whole wheat penne noodles with chicken, bacon, vegetables and pesto sauce”. Omitted the bacon. V. delicious. Gone in a jiffy.


The Infamous Super-Charge Me Cookies blossomed in my kitchen. Also v. delicious. Also gone in a jiffy.













Acorn Squash Fries !!!


Leftover acorn squash mixed with roasted red pepper hummus and salsa omg


Pizza Wrap – with refried beans, marinara, FF cheese slice, sauteed red peppers, mushrooms, onions and spinach.


Yogurt tout le temps with frozen fruits and other good stuff.



I must eat. And I must write. I must write about eating. And I must write not about eating from this point forward.

Ciao chow hounds. Happy studies, happy eats, happy days. I shall be back.


Pssst. Extreme Chocolate Giveaway!
Psssst. Don’t forget Op CCKindness too! 
And a big HAPPY BDAY Miss Snackface!


20 thoughts on “Must Write & Must Eat

  1. haha, VEG, VEG, OATS, WRAP, so healthy! I love all of your foods. I am into cottage cheese and veggies lately. Acorn squash fries, great idea! And that wrap looks amazing. I want to grab it out of the computer!

  2. I’m definitely feeling overwhelmed with school right about now! It’s that time of year I guess!

    Looks like you’ve been enjoying some delicious food! I’m digging that wrap!

  3. Poor Kristie. I hate papers, too. I’ve got 3 due, and 3 articles for my school newspaper to write. Oh em giiii indeed!

    By the way, I LOVE how your camera manages to capture the steam of your food…lovely! How do you get that?

  4. Awww, thanks for the bday shout-out!

    OK, I have the hardest time with procrastination these days! I never used to be like that. We can blame senioritis, right? Wait, I think you’re a senior?

    Gawd at least you’ve been eating delicious, gorgeous food!

    I’ma go ahead and say you should go out tonight. Do it.


  5. Damn those Super Charge Me Cookies. I cannot believe I still haven’t tried them out. What’s wrong with me?!

    Good luck with those papers. School is soon to be done for the semester – the end is near!

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