Steamy Oats and Holiday Mints

Papers. Does anyone else have trouble getting them started? Now that midterms are over I have several paper due dates looming in the next few weeks and I find the hardest part is getting them started. I never know where to begin! So I put them off. That certainly doesn’t help. I’m working on trying to at least get some kind of start going for each but I feel so clueless! I guess the only way to do it is to dive right in but there ahead lies some very chilly waters. Brr…

Speaking of chilly, that is one thing my breakfast was not.


How about a nice steamy bowl of blended oats to warm up on a chilly morning?
– 1/3 cup oats cooked in candy cane lane tea with banana, flax, cinnamon and a dollop of peanut butter on top.


I’m getting ahead of myself though as some backtracking is in order:


Oh Minibix Chocolate Crisp cereal, will I ever stop obsessing over you? Only when your box is empty. I kind of love them just plain so I ate a bunch just like so, then threw a handful into a bowl of pumpkin yogurt to feel less like a munchy rat.


After some kindergarten class time spent listening to a Humane Society talk and learning the proper ways to approach a stranger’s dog, as well as the proper procedures when being attacked by a dog (‘stand like a tree’ or ‘lie like a log’) it was home for a speedy bite to eat and a speedy treadmill run before class.

Finished up the second half of my killer hubbard squash spread with roasted red pepper hummus. Sided by spinach, honey mustard dressing and tempeh.


Tuesday felt quite long. Probably due to the early morning and lengthy back to back classes. By the time I was done and home I was in need of a cracker feast so that happened. 
Dinner happened soon after.
Egg whites, salsa, spinach, cheese slice on toasted english muffin.


I know I partook in a bit of emotional-driven evening eating while feeling lame and undriven to work on school business. I did manage to crack out a mini assignment nice and early so I wasn’t a complete slacka.


That would be some more Minibix (with some pumpkin yogurt mush going on there). Apologies, how boring of me. The box is not yet finished though! Still over half to go.


Well let’s see, how did Wednesday go.
Started bright and early with a Geography lab.
4 hours of lab and classes later I came home.
I ate lunch.
I did something special with this lunch salad.
I made and doused it in the incredible Sesame Mustard Tahini Sauce!


I didn’t quite have everything on hand so I had to sub honey for agave, a bit of soy sauce for tamari and dijonnaise for dijon mustard but these clearly subs didn’t affect the YUM factor. This dressing is deeeeeelicious.

Then I made some Pumpkin Pie Cake that I made the mistake of not adding any extra sweetener to.


Don’t get me wrong, it was still good. But my crazy sweet tooth wasn’t as happy as it could have been so a bit of raspberry jam and maple fro yo on top made it all better.

I also indulged in a few Christmas Mints because they have arrived! Mmmm creamy mint lovin.

038 054

I wanted to do some textbook reading, I really did… ehem.
But I wanted to run more. So I did a nice sweaty hour on the treadmill before dinner.
I liked it, it was a good run. But I felt kind of ill not long after. I thought crackers would fix this. They didn’t really, but they tasted good.

My slight tummy troubles didn’t deter me from wanting dinner. I had other food plans in mind but the only thing I decided I wanted was savoury oats.

This bowl included oats cooked in water, hot sauce and random seasonings.
Towards the end I stirred in egg whites, salsa and spinach.
Off the heat I stirred in a bit more salsa and a Laughing Cow wedge cut into chunks. I waited until it got melty, poured it into the bowl and ate this probably much too fast.


I was plenty un-hungry after this but I had to have something not long after to cleanse the palate. So I had a mini bowl of plain yogurt with cranberry sauce and flax. Oh so good.


Wednesday night consisted of a bit of school stuff, Starbucks with a friend, and an early bedtime as my energy levels were zero by the end of the evening.


Now it’s time to get back to more school stuff and try my very darndest to get started on those papers. Thumbs down.


But on a much better note:
Thumbs UP to Operation Chocolate-Covered Kindness.


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21 thoughts on “Steamy Oats and Holiday Mints

  1. oh man i am a total sucker when candy companies roll out their christmas themed candies. AFter all, candy cane kisses are the best :)

    As soon as I get my hands on some candy cane lane tea I am SO making your oatmeal – fantastic girl!

  2. Love the flowy steam coming off your breakfast!

    You just reminded me that I have another box of those baby weetabix in the cupboard. Must go grab a handful!!!

  3. Starting papers is DEFINITELY the worst part of the entire process. Good luck!!

    Those Christmas mints are so festive – I loves! I used to love Sno-Caps back in the day (movie theater candy!) due to those sprinkles so the mints are right along the same lines.

    I need to put some LC in my next bowl of savory oats! Yum!!

  4. Papers are so hard to start! I’m in the same boat! It takes me forever to start them but once I start them it gets easier.

    Those little mint chips look amazing! That is such a pretty picture!

  5. those christmas candies..look amazing

    i have the hardest time starting papers too, but once i actually START it gets much easier..the hard part is getting into the groove!

  6. You are SOO creative with your food. I wish I had the patience to do such amazing things. And oats in that tea??? Brilliant sister. Please come be my cook. I’ll pay you!!
    I am also in school so I feel your pain with the paper. I cannot get a grip when it comes to starting papers. Even in graduate school, I still haven’t learned to NOT procrastinate.
    Love your blog! CHeck out mine if you ever get a chance but please don’t judge the slop I put together and call food.

  7. Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel! I’m a professional writing major and I always have trouble finding the right way to start my papers. So frustrating! The oatmeal looks fabulous–I’ve always been a little scared to tray “savory” oats but yours might just be the inspiration I needed. Oh, and I’m totally trying that pumpkin pie cake too :) Awesome post!!

  8. Oats made with candy cane tea?! That’s a great idea. I just bought the Celestial Seasonings gingerbread tea… so glad that’s out again.

    An hour on the treadie is pretty impressive. Sometimes after running I get a stomach too but after about an hour it passes – and is replaced by serious hunger. Annoying though, for sure.

  9. mmm those christmas candies look delish. i am dying to get my hands on some holiday jr mints, the ones that are mint outside and chocolate inside. YUM!!!!

    i used to do that with papers all the time…once i was on a roll, it was fine but getting started can feel impossible!! good luck :)

  10. Christmas mint? What are these Christmas mints, and where can I get them? I’ve never seen them before, but they look pretty.

    And I know what you mean about papers. I detest writing papers, only because I never want to start. Even when they are short (5 – 10 pages), I still can’t motivate myself to actually write words on a page until I absolutely have to. I figure this just allows me to include “works well under pressure/timelines” to my resume as a skill. HA!

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