Spring in November and Danger Squash Slicing


Sunday was gorgeous. I think Spring is making a brief reappearance. It was basically warm enough to wear t-shirts outside. And last week there was brief snow. What’s going on Weather? I’m not complaining though, I’ll take warmth over snow any day. I’m not looking forward to winter… brrrrr.

I started the morning off the Weetabix way with a big bowl filled with Weetabix and Minibix (the chocochip version), pumpkin, cinnamon, frozen banana, almond milk, bit of plain yogurt, bit of raspberry yogurt, bit of perfection.


Then I spent a good chunk of the morning sipping on coffee, coffee and more coffee while reading blogs, blogs and more blogs. I’m terribly behind.

Then Mom came home with clems.


The dirty evidence. Their deliciousness level isn’t quite skyrocketing yet but I’m still digging them. Maybe the next batch will be a juicier haul.


On account of the good weather I decided it only made sense to enjoy it during its brief visit and go for a bike ride. Haven’t had the chance to do that since the summer! I went for about an hour and it was lovely. I think the whole city was out doing the same, meandering about outdoors and soaking up the Vit D.

Before my bike ride some eats were in order. Loading up on my rainbow colours – red tomatoes, orange carrots, yellow peppers, green spinach… I just need some blues and purples in there! Topped with plenty of tempeh and honey mustard dressing. 020

Followed by a foamy blended iced coffee. This wasn’t just any old iced coffee though, it was an iced coffee made with Stevia! I usually use Splenda (bah yes I do use Splenda, pretty much only in my iced coffee though) but I figured it’s about time that I give this Stevia business a try. So this was the first try. Verdict? Success! I couldn’t tell the difference. I just may be doing a switcheroo from now on, though I don’t dig the Stevia price tag quite so much. 029

For dinner my mom and I wanted to eat some shrimp (I used to refuse to touch these things. One day I finally changed my mind). There were some tomatoes on their last leg so we broiled them in balsamic vinegar while the critters defrosted, then served it all over salad greens with greek feta. 039

I ate a whole lotta this. Please broil your tomatoes. Mmmm.

Then I went out last night to do some Retro dancing. I busted some sweet moves at the beginning but the rest of the night involved binge liquid consumption and very random social minglings. Somehow I didn’t spend a dime and yet completely lost count of the number of drinks I had. I really need to stop going out for Retro nights… yeah right.


I went to bed at about 3:30. I woke up at 7:30. I could have slept in until 8:40. Hey internal alarm clock, why you gotta be like that? Not nice, not nice at all.

I didn’t know what the heck I wanted to eat. I thought about actually making some kind of real breakfast but my appetite wasn’t huge considering I chowed down on bread and crackers among other things when I got home last night. And I thought it might be good to load my body with some nice clean fruit nutrients so I went that path with some apple and banana drizzled with a bit of pb, plus more unpictured banana and pineapple.


Then it was off to class. Nothing eventful there. One of my classes had the AC or something equally ridiculous cranked right up though and I was freezing my buns off the entire time therefore I couldn’t concentrate on anything he was talking about. I swear I’m such a cold wuss, no one else seemed to be shivering but that room was icy.

Despite the icy temperatures inside, outside was nice and warm in the morning. No jackets needed! I was planning on going for a nice walk in the sunshine during the hour in between classes but when I got outside again the skies were cloud covered and a chilly breeze had showed up. How rude. So I went home for some eats instead.

Leftover salad with shrimpies, balsamic vinaigrette and cocktail sauce. I had a couple small cups of coffee too but that was about it. My appetite’s been a little off today, probably from the overindulging this weekend…haha… boo.


I headed back to school for one more class, came home to snack on crackers with salsa, tempeh, mushrooms and carrots, then did a treadmill run and a wussy attempt at weights and squats before I decided I felt too weak and called it quits for the day.


After my run it was time to get the oven cranked and do some squash roasting.
Prior to the roasting though comes the squash cutting. It was during this process that I risked my life in an attempt to open up the damn near impossibly rock hard hubbard squash that I decided to try for the first time.

It was not easy. Pretty sure I almost drove a butcher knife right into my stomach. But I did it.


This squash doesn’t compare to buttercup/kabocha but it’s still pretty darn tasty. Don’t know if I’d buy it again though, the struggle doesn’t quite make it worth it. That and the fact that the skin isn’t edible. Squash skin is my favourite part most of the time! I really wanted this skin to be edible, I really did. I gave it multiple attempts. It had the taste and consistency of tree bark. Sigh.

The Danger shell


Sided with spinach and mushrooms topped with one of my favourite dressings. I put this on nearly all my salads.


This dinner filled me up good and plenty but habit makes me want to eat something sweet after so I gave it a wait and then ate a mix of pumpkin, plain yogurt, cinnamon, flax and vanilla soy protein powder topped with a small piece of a frozen pumpkin pie bar



The junk today was right to a minimum! Most of my “junk” was small dips into the peanut butter jar. I attribute it to the lack of appetite but we’ll see if it’s back with a vengeance tomorrow…

Now I should probably get started on some textbook readings… but what I should probably do and what I actually do are often two different things so I might just call it a night and get some sleep catch up instead.

Dreams of sweet!


16 thoughts on “Spring in November and Danger Squash Slicing

  1. LOL I love how you called them clems. So cute. I’ve tried that brand of yogurt dressing in Caesar flavor and it was quite delicious! I might have to try and find the honey mustard flavor!

  2. That dressing looks delish, I’ll try to look for it!

    I always think I’m going to lose a finger or two when I cut up a squash. So worth it though! :)

  3. Ahhhhh the queen of pumpkin protein powder still reigns. :)
    I love how you go out dancing and get all drunk and the hot boys buy you dranks. Then you get drunk munchies. Never fails, right? Love it so much!
    You still got it! Mayjuh!

  4. gah u make wheetabix look so damn good…but when i am about to buy them, i stop because they still scare me :) haha….:) oh and whenever you get the urge to constantly snack, make some tea with milk…it really helps :) well at least it helps me keep my hand out of the fig newton jar ;)


  5. I used to refuse to eat shrimp too! Actually I refused to eat pretty much everything that I eat now.. I’m glad my tastebuds have changed!

    I hate when they make the classrooms freezing! It always makes me hungry for some strange reason haha

  6. Please listen to Gaga’s “boys boys boys.” I feel as though we both can relate to this song. Dancing, boys buyin us dranks! Thas how we do!

    Mad props to the return of more healthy eats. I didn’t comment, but I meant to on that one post. I get into those moods too. But honestly, during exams and everything, outlets are needed. AKA I need to snack on whatever I want to get through late nights. This is OK in my book, because I feel like we have the urge to snap back to healthy eats pretty quickly.

    I just had acorn squash. Thought of you. Ate the skin.

    Hope your week is going swimmingly! xoxo

  7. Hey, Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad I’ve found yours again!!

    Sorry the squash skin was a disappointment. Tomorrow I’m going to make an acorn squash for the first time…hope the skin is good on those!! I desperately want to try kobocha squash…I haven’t been able to find it!

  8. I’m glad you didn’t actually amputate any limbs when you cut that squash, but I did laugh out loud reading about “driving a butcher knife into your stomach” – seriously, your writing makes me laugh.

    Sounds like you’re feeling a bit more optimistic about the snackyness – moi aussi! I reigned in Snacky Mc Snackerton today and feel a lot better for it. Hope tomorrow is just as good for you!

    …And be careful with those squashes.

  9. I love that honey mustard yogurt dressing. I haven’t had it around in ages though. So tasty. Where did you get the giant bottle of it? I’ve only ever seen it in small bottles. Mmmm, and those shrimpies. Yum!

  10. retro nights sound fabulous :) im planning one saturday nite, except not retro. just dranks and dance :)

    sorry the squash was sort of a fail. im still roasting daily…it’s a lil bit awkward when people come over for dinner and i literally only have squash to offer but oh well!!

  11. I love the squash skin, too! I always save it for the last because it’s my favorite part of the squash. If the skin is unedible, there is no point to that squash in my opinion!

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