Spending Dough on Sugar

I lack eloquence in my ability to adequately express emotion and gratitude. What I do not lack, however, is an overwhelming appreciation to all of you for taking the time to hear me out and offer your words of encouragement, support and understanding. You sure know how to help lay the body blues at bay! So a huge thanks to everyone, all of your comments meant a lot to me :)


I haven’t been eating perfectly by any means over the last few days but a – I’m not quite as bothered by it and b – I’m more aware of it. I’m trying to think a bit more about what I’ve been putting into my body and pay more attention to the food choices I’m making. It definitely hasn’t always worked but it’s only been a few days that I’ve been (somewhat) consciously trying to break some lame eating habits. So pitfalls and trip-ups aside, I know I’ll improve slowly but surely.

Back it up…


The day I wrote about my body woes was probably the cleanest eating day this week. I guess admitting concerns really does help to address and face them head on.


Maddest tastiest squash in a while. Smooth and creamy like butta on the inside, crispy and crunchy like…crackers(?) on the outside. Either way, it was goooood.021 024

I had been on a bit of a cottage cheese hiatus lately but in the midst I decided to try something along the same lines… Quark cheese. Ever had it? At first I thought it was a little weird but now I’m a big fan. Reminds me of a cross between sour cream and greek yogurt maybe? I just like it by the spoonful.



Wednesday and Thursday were spent doing a whole lot of studying since Friday was my last midterm. FINALLY. I swear I’ve been doing midterms since school began. Now it’s into papers time, oh joy. Then exams. It’s neverending eh?!

Time to start a day off right. I had developed a bit of cold this week so I started trying to really load in the fruits and veggies. This green smoothie helped, loaded up with frozen banana, frozen peach, almond milk, a splash of POM, a sprinkling of flax and a large handful of spinach.

Kick that cold right in the butt!


As much as smoothies are delicious, the meal I was really looking forward to was lunch. Why?
There was leftover squash in my fridge. Enough said.


Buttercup squash, spinach, slaw, mushrooms, cucumbers and carrots, dressed in honey mustard dressing with a dollop of mashed chickpeas in the centre.


The majority of the day consisted of:
Witnessing the first snow flakes (or sky slush or whathaveyou) of the season (Noooooo! It didn’t stay on the ground though and the past few days have been +10-15 degrees C so that snow business has peaced out for now, phew)…

Taking pictures of pumpkins (before they turn into big mushy rotting messes)


And eating more squash. As long as there are leftovers, it gets eaten at every meal. This was the very last precious piece, gnawed on while dinner was in the microwave.


For dinner I heated up an Amy’s Kitchen Indian Palak Paneer meal that had been sitting in the freezer for far too long. Not pretty but any means but pretty tasty. I’d buy it on sale… the palak chunks hidden in the green spinach mush are my favourite part.


I also found some pumpkin pie bars during my freezer digging that I forgot were in there. Nice discovery. Mmmmm.


In the evening I ate study snacks like apples and mini cereal bowls while trying to cram in as much info as I could for my middy the next day. The highlighters never left my sight (and this is probably the only moment they left my hand).



My midterm…sucked. It was clinical psych. First part multiple choice? Cool! I felt good about it. Second part short answer? No. Way. I didn’t know 90% of the questions! I studied my butt off and couldn’t remember anything. I had so many terms and theories running through my head and they were all completely jumbled up to the point where I could not pick out the right ones to answer the questions. Not looking forward to seeing that mark.

Wait. In the midst of this post I decided to go online to see if the marks were up. The multiple choice section marks are. 23/25, 92%. Okay so at least HALF the midterm was successful so far. :)

Premidterm eats were fruits and peanut butter.


Postmidterm eats were…everything in my house. I was comforting my midterm depression! I made a conscious effort to try to snap pictures of most of what I chowed down on. After the fact of course. Packaging shots!

My mom went and bought all this delicious food at a local gourmet grocery store. Why you gotta be like that Ma? You know I have no resistance to fresh greek feta, artichoke caponata and fluffy montreal style bagels. Apparently the rest of my family wants to be able to eat real food… Come on!

016015  010 007

I had tastes of the good stuff and then raided the rest of the kitchen for mediocre taste bud satisfaction. I might as well have just eaten a whole bagel slathered in the good stuff and left it at that! The eating satisfaction would have been better. This is wherein my problem lies. Because then I went and eat these things:

Good. But not as good as the greek feta and caponata.


Random bites of plain tofu. Again, good. But necessary on top of the other stuff I already ate? Hardly.


I don’t deny the greatness of these crackers, but the bites of fluffy fresh bagel prior to these were quite delicious enough already.


This one I have no words for. Pfft.


So there was a playout of a snacking spiral of doom. I can’t decide what I want to so I take little bites of absolutely everything to try to figure it out. That does not work.

I made myself an tri-layered iced coffee to put an end to it. Iced coffee signals the end of a meal/snack fest for me. Usually it works.

036 032

So the rest of this food overindulgence day included… food shopping. And not healthy food shopping. FUN food shopping. Meaning treats and bulk eats. Meaning sugar sugar. And spending a lot of dough on that sugar. Yikes.


Almond Breeze (on sale! hence the overload), Stevia (trying for the first time!), Bulk Christmas mints and some spicy mix, Celestial Seasonings Nutracker Sweet Tea, Baskin Robbins candies, Kazoozles (bought practically based on the name alone), Mint Chocolate Clif bar, Larabars, Noble Bean Tempeh (I’ve only ever tried one other kind of tempeh before but this one is amazing. Love it). 

Oh yes. I found the Tropical Fruit Larabars! It was shocking enough to find the PB&J around here but now the Tropicals! Jackpot. Can’t wait to try em. 


I had a salad with cottage cheese in an attempt to feel like a human being after eating snacks and junk and sugar all day.


So Friday was a fail on the eating front but I acknowledge it and don’t feel too bad about it. Probably because I enjoyed most of it. And uhh we’ll call it a celebration of finally finishing my midterms okay? Justification makes me feel better. :)

Friday night was also my broski’s high school graduation ceremony. Boring as anything but that was to be expected. Congrats Robber!



Starting the day off with a steamy mug of coffee?


But wait.


That’s not coffee.


It’s Scotch Oats in a mug! Bowls are so yesterday.

I was at work all day and although I didn’t take too many pictures of my food, you can rest assured it involved salad, apples and a good amount of this stuff…

032 031


I ate a shaker style salad with tempeh for dinner.

023 028

And probably some junk after that that I can’t quite remember and therefore probably wasn’t nearly thought out enough. Work in progress, work in progress…


Considering this is miles long and just took me an embarrassing amount of time to complete since my laptop hates me today and wants to freezer a bit every third time I backspace, I’d say it’s about time to wrap it up.

My midterms are done though and my sanity is somewhat returned. I will be trying to post more than once in a blue moon and trying hopefully, with a little greater effort from here on, to eat less willy nilly.

Thanks again truly fully for the support.
Have a Super Sunday!


17 thoughts on “Spending Dough on Sugar

  1. Don’t stress about the midterm! Sometimes I study so hard that I end up forgetting everything too. Good for you for trying to think about your food and be so conscious. I too suffer from the snacking “spiral of doom” sometimes (don’t we all?). Good luck with everything, and have an awesome week!

  2. I can absolutely relate to the out of control eats and lack of motivation. Ever since I kicked the flu, I can’t stop eating. And it’s not like I’m eating fruit and carrot sticks… I went to Bulk Barn yesterday, dropped my life savings on unmentionables, and ate them – ALL – in one sitting. I believe psychiatrists call that a binge eating problem…

    The good news is that the junk is gone (I’m trying not to think about how it’s all glued to my bum and my stomach now) and every day we get to start over. Your motivation will be back, and you’ll get on track again! I’ll be trying to get back on track too, right along side you. I hate these random slips! My week of out of control eats is stopping…. NOW! If you can do it, so can I. Right? Right…

  3. Way to rock that m/c part of your midterm!

    I can’t believe it snowed on Thursday, not when it’s so warm out today (and yesterday). It feels like spring… & right now one of my roommates is studying on the deck – something we haven’t done since September!

    Let me know how Stevia is. I’ll admit I put way too much sugar in my tea and I’d love to find something a little better for me to sweeten it up.

    Lastly, I meant to comment on your last post but I just wanted to say that you WILL be able to get back on track. And I bet you still look fine, even if you don’t think so. It IS hard to ignore those feelings though – I know I tend to notice every tiny thing about my body when I don’t eat as healthy or exercise regularly. Focus on the positive things you’re doing, like getting in more veggies and being more conscious of your choices!

  4. I love squash when its “smooth and buttery on the inside and crunchy on the outside!” That usually happens when I make kabocha tater tots!

    And that quark cheese sounds so interesting! I’ve never seen it before but I’d be willing to try it since my latest cottage cheese obsession has got me on sodium overload!

  5. Hey – don’t stress girlie. We definitely all go through times of better eating than other times. And you know what? That’s life. It all balances out. :-)

    And yummmm to the squash!

  6. Oh the trials and tribulations of eating…i hear ya. I think i actually ate like I should have this weekend…the boredom is what kills me the most! bah!

    but i’m glad you’re doing better with it, baby steps lovah. and i’m happy you’re feeling better about it of course…seeing what to do to make it better.

    love the pumpkin photo too. :)

  7. I love the pics of your food. It is really cool to see the red leaves and the pumpkins too. That looks beautiful. Don’t beat yourself up about your body woes. The most important thing is to stay positive. You know what is best for you and it will all fall into place. Love yourself today and the rest will come. You are always beautiful.

  8. I’ve seen Quark at the store before, but I didn’t really know what it was. If it taste similar to sour cream, well, I might just have to check it out. I love me some sour cream.

    And holy squash girl!

  9. Woo you mean business when you make green smoothies. Yours turn out super green. I use a big handful of spinach to my drinks but they don’t turn out so bright and green.

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