Body Woes and Sweet Treats

Reasons I have not written lately:

1. School. I don’t know so many of you juggle regular posting on top of school work. Maybe my time management skills need some refinement.

2. My Halloween was lame and I didn’t want to talk about it. Therefore I’ve kind of avoided the window where that was the hot topic.

3. Lack of things to say. This goes along pretty closely with school. I don’t have a whole lot of excitement going on right now, that’s for sure.

4. A rut. A body and eating rut. I’ll admit right now that I’m not happy with the way I’ve been eating and I’m not happy with my body. I’ve put on a couple pounds but even with numbers aside: I’m not as comfortable with my body as I was a few months ago and I don’t like the way my clothes are fitting. I’ve lost some of my physical strength and personal motivation therefore I don’t feel as fit right now. And I’m just generally not very impressed with my overall lifestyle habits as of late. The snacking adds up, the little forgotten bites add up, the drinking adds up, the lack of strength training adds up, the sitting around studying adds up. And it’s all been adding up to a not-so-happy me who doesn’t feel right about writing here when half of what I’ve eaten all day is unaccounted for and is junk, when all I want is sugar and carbs, when I don’t feel like exercising.

This being said, I’m getting tired. Tired of my bad habits, tired of mediocre constant snacking to fill voids unrelated to food, and tired of being disappointed in my reflection in the mirror these days. I’m really aiming from here on to give myself an extra little kick in the behind to smarten up. I know I’m capable of doing so, I just need to rediscover my inner discipline, which I’ve been ignoring for the last little bit. I’m not much of an all-or-nothing person so it’s not like I’m going to be cutting out all sugar or running a marathon next week, but a little more attention to planning and thought about what my body actually wants and needs should help.

(And no, I haven’t put on a ton of weight or anything. My clothes all still fit. It’s more of a “where the heck did my muscles go and why do I now have a large tummy pooch and jiggly thighs?” deal. I know it’s my body’s retaliation to some of the crap I’ve been feeding it. And no I’m not eating ALL crap. I still eat lots of veggies and all of the other good stuff. But the balance is closer to 50:50 than 80:20 so it’s time for a fixer upper)


And because I’ve now rambled plenty enough, here are some of my food highlights from the past week:

Oats in a Mug. Oats are oats but I had an urge to eat them in a mug. So it happened, deeming this breakfast a highlight.


Do you believe in ghosts? Well I sure believe in this one as it was the most delicious ghost I’ve ever eaten. The white chocolate outside covering a chocolate fudge center might have helped.


And sticking with the Halloween theme, some mini chocolate treats were also had in the spirit of the season. Amazingly enough this is nearly all of the Halloween candies I ended up eating in total, if you add in another bar or two and a few Tootsie rolls. Power to the resistance!


The Post-Halloween morning I got to enjoy an extra special breakfast: Oat bran in a jar! Not only was it special because it was oat bran… in a JAR… but also because it was decked out in Reese’s pieces. Thanks Halloween.



Following the oats theme, I discovered a lone packet of Apples and Cinnamon reduced sugar instant oatmeal in the cupboard and ate it on a more rushed morning. I threw in extra plain oats because those reduced sugar packs are still just a tad too sweet. And my sweet tooth is large and in charge so that’s saying something.


A slightly embarrassing admittance: I’ve polished off an entire box of Minibix Chocolate Crisp this week (sometimes in bowls but mostly in handfuls). In my defence, the box is small! Oh this stuff is addicting. It was on sale at Costco so I had to buy it, but it comes in a two-pack so I now have a whole other box to indulge in…oh boy.

052003  002

I also finally tried the coveted Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabar! Oh yes I did. Oh yes it was good. Oh yes it tasted just like a perfect blend of peanut butter nuttiness and jelly sweetness. Oh yes I’ll be eating it again.



I DID eat things other than oats and sugar. I think… Let’s see what we’ve got.

That looks like some veggies.


So does this.


Mushrooms and green beans?


I DO eat veggies.


I also have a new obsession with Mary’s Gone Crackers crackers. And veggie burgers hidden under spinach piles but that’s not a new obsession.


Once in a while I follow recipes like the one I found in the Nutrition Action Newsletter for Moroccan-style Couscous (bottom recipe).
For the record, it was okay but I probably wouldn’t make it again. The combo of flavours wasn’t my fav.


Apples are good. I’ve eaten them on the regular. Sometimes chopped, heated and topped with plain yogurt and cinnamon.



With all of that said and done, let’s just polish this off with some food porn:


In conclusion, I’m going to try to start eating better. Try to start really THINKING about what I want to eat and put an end to the mindlessness. Plan out better meals. Put a little more care into my body. It probably deserves it.
And with that, hopefully I’ll become a bit more consistent of a blogger too.


A big Merci to anyone who actually read through these ramblings and continues to read on a regular basis even though all I do is complain about school and post sporadic recaps of days and days of random foods. You guys are pretty awesome :)


22 thoughts on “Body Woes and Sweet Treats

  1. I’m so sorry your feeling that way! I’m sure you look fine.. but if your unhappy then I support your decision to make some changes! You eat so much healthy foods anyway so I’m sure it won’t be hard to replace the candy or treats. And I love reading your blog.. you don’t complain too much don’t worry! :D

  2. Hi! Oh, I see I am just on time with my comments! Ok, so I just recently discovered your blog and was in constant euphoria during the past few days just beacause of YOUR blog! So, before you give another day to your depressing thoughts/mood, wait a moment– and I hope you will smile then after reading this : )

    I find your blog really warm, inspiring and really fun to read (hey, everybody has some bad days, and some good days, right?!) It has something that is really hard to explain. Maybe the vibe that some people have, you know, the energy in the air : )

    I am so happy to find your blog because it teaches that we don’t need to eliminated entire food groups- we just need to eat smaller portions and loads of fun veggies! You are doing great!

    And about those moods– I perfectly understand because when there is no motivation, the days get really nasty. So, think about what have changed in your life- maybe some relationships, maybe some people are bringing you down, or… it may very well be just the foods and the weather themselves!!! I know if I spend a whole day running around and seeing the sunshine, I feel so much happier. And when the fall is around… oh boy… then it takes time to adjust the moods and all.

    And the foods…. you know that yourself that they matter a lot. I know when I start my morning with a green smoothie, the day goes much better than if I start it with sugary stuff. Try for a few days. Read something uplifting (and for the life’s purpose… Elkhart Tolle’s book “The New Earth” is pretty amazing).

    Sorry to put such a lengthy comment as if I were and old friend : ) But I just felt like sharing and bringing smiles to the people that are doing good deeds (like keeping up this blog!)

    Take care. And don’t forget to smile!!!
    Feel free to email for any inspiration or advice if this “comment” wasn’t enough to make you smile! :) Best wishes, a European girl to a Canadian girl.

  3. So sorry you are feeling down girlie :( I always look forward to your delectable meals and fun pics AND good stories about random nights! Hang in there and do what’s best for u! :D

  4. CUTE oats in a mug. Oh, and I am dying to try those Minibix.
    I’ll keep reading no matter what–I’ll always need my Lighter Portions fix:)

  5. Awww hon I’m sorry you’re going through a rough patch. We’ve all been there! Our bodies go up and down at times, and just like you, I’m up right now. Try not to let it get to you too much!! And I love the oats in a mug idea – definitely repeating that my next oats experience!

  6. It seems a lot of bloggers have been feeling your same frustrations. So you don’t need to feel alone.

    Also, I love your blog regardless of how often you post. Your photos are stunning and push me to try harder with my own.

  7. do not beat yourself up for feeling down and snacking! it happens to all of us especially girls….for me i know that usually the week before my period i will feel bloated and fat, which leads me to be depressed, whichleads me to eat more, which leads me to be too depressed to work/exercise/be social/or do anything productive…which in turn leads me to be sedentary and not burning off those snack calories!!! celebrate any small achievement (like starting to blog again or getting a good grade on an exam/paper)…then when you feel more motivated…other things just seem to be getting better as well!!!!

  8. I’m sorry you’ve been in a rut :( I definitely know what that feels like. And my Halloween was uneventful, so I didn’t write about that, either! ;)

    I love those chocolate mini Weetabix! So much better than regular Weetabix!

    November seems like it’s going to be a “Back on Track” month for a lot of bloggers. I know you’ll be feeling like your fabulous self soon :)

  9. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling that way but I’m sure you’ll be able to do the necessary changes so that you can start feeling better about yourself.

    With that said, your foods look delicious! ;)

  10. This is such a rotten time of year to find the motivation to stay on track. I feel ya, hun.

    How did you like that almond butter from Blue Diamond? I wasn’t very impressed with it. I’m currently trying to find a good recipe to use it up in.

    I, too have ploughed through a box of those Weetabix. Seeing as I bought them at Costco, there were 2 boxes so I hid the second from myself! ;) WAY to easy to eat by the handful!!!

    And I just tried the PB&J Lara yesterday and LOVED it. Have you seem the tropical one around???

    Hang in there, Kristie!!!

  11. Oat bran in a jar with Reese’s pieces – genius! PBJ Lara!! Glad you got your hands on one of those and liked it :)

    Try to keep your chin up! I’m in a bit of a rut myself so I understand where you’re coming from. Good luck coming out of it – you can do it!

  12. I enjoy your randomness. It’s fun :) And how cute is that ghost? Seriously.

    I know how you feel about school taking over and feeling like you’ve lost all sense of balance in your life. I’m feeling that way now, I think mostly because I haven’t been in school for some time.

  13. No worries, you’ll bring it around! A few small steps and you’ll be back to where you feel good again. I always enjoy reading your posts. They’re fun, and full of great pics! Thanks for brightening my day!

  14. aw hey girlie, sorry to hear you are in a funk. i always think your eats look so good and healthy but not being comfortable with your body is the worst. its not the ten or five or even two pounds that matter, but how it makes you feel. i think tackling it straight on is a great approach though…when you are eating foods and amounts of food that make you feel strong and healthy and good about your body, everything will change right back around!!!

  15. I’ve been dealing with much the same thing recently. It’s rough, but I’ve slowly been getting back on track. I think that blogging and beig open about it helps…and as others have mentioned, there are a lot of us going through things like this right now. Hang in there. :-)

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