Just the Food

School stress and lack of motivation have kept me away from here this week. There hasn’t really been a lot to say though: sleep, eat, study, repeat.

Because of that, this will be a pretty word-light post.

Random eats of week:


Coffee has played a large role in my life this week. Well, and every week but this week especially. Lately though I haven’t been feeling the greatest after drinking it so I’m trying to cut back a wee bit, at least for now.



Cold Oats – banana, yogurt, almond milk, almond butter


Hot Oats – banana, water, almond milk, almond butter


No Oats – apple, plain yogurt, cinnamon, rando cereals (our selection is kind of pathetic right now)



Tuna – with plain yogurt, dijonnaise, BBQ sauce


Salad Mess – romaine, carrots, mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, dijonnaise, hummus, baba


More Salad Mess: – spinach, slaw, carrots, mushrooms, tomato, udon noodles (randomly found in the cupboard – why not?), dijonnaise, hummus, baba.



Bowl of …Stuff? –veggies, hot peppers, leftover tuna, bread with hummus…


Egg White Wrap – egg whites, spinach, garden veg cream cheese, salsa


Veggie Chili…


…to deck out my sweet potato  – along with salsa, hummus and spinach. 053

 Squash – along with leftover rice, spinach salad with honey mustard dressing.010022


Apples. Many many apples.


Fudge BabiesTime to make another batch.


Yogurt with frozen mango and banana.


Etc etc.

What do YOU snack on to keep you sane during study study studying?



18 thoughts on “Just the Food

  1. i love coffee while writing my essays…i become mad off the caffeine and my imagination goes wild! then i jitter for about a day and become normal again LMAO. what a crash…i love that egg white wrap idea…never thought to do that!

    ps halloween costume idea yet?


  2. I just take lots of food breaks! I woke up this morning, had a delicious toasty english muffin with almond butter, cinnamon, honey and a banana….worked on a study guide for a few hours ( i have a TEST on monday, ughh), just ate lunch/reading blogs now, getting back to studying in a sec and then in a few hours i’ll take another snack break!! ahhh glorious :) hahaha…i’m guessing apples, yogurt, cereal and/or pretzels are in my future ;)

    And tonight, going out for the Halloween weekend!! Yesss, motivation to get my stuff done NOW.

    Ps- Could your oatmeal bowls or salad messes look any tastier?? I think not. Must have baba sooooooon!

  3. Granola and muesli usually. And fruit. And peanut butter. I’m always hungry when I’m studying, so that are my snacks of choice. Or lack of it :D

  4. Your non-oats brekkie looks great.

    I’ve never seen that PC chili before, but I’m definitely intrigued. PC never lets me down, so I’m guessing it’s pretty good?

    My studying days are behind me (hallelujah!!!) but during most of those times, I would “treat” myself to never ending bags of Sour Patch Kids. I don’t recommend that, if only because the canker sores that follow are miserable. When I put the Kids up for adoption, my study snacks were light popcorn and diet rootbeer (favourite snack combo of all time), sliced apples or small bowls of oatmeal.

  5. I like that udon noodles in your salad! Keeps it balanced! :-)

    Oh, and I snack on various things, depending on what’s in my pantry… I just finished the last of my plantain chips. And before that I loved nuts and pretzels. And before that, the bars I got to sample. And heart thrive. Sometimes popcorn. Sometimes cottage cheese with kabocha and cinnamon and salt and pepper.

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