A Simple Weekend

The weekend has come to a closer. Where’d it go?!
Oh I know. It went to work, shopping, eating and lazing. This was a pretty tame one for me. Didn’t mind at all though! I really appreciated the tameness of just doing what I felt like after spending the last couple weeks doing what felt like nothing but studying.


I skipped my one Friday morning class so that I could… do P90X Plyometrics. I know, I know, terrible student. But I really had the motivation to do it in the morning and I was so worn out of school work that I just couldn’t find it in myself to drag my butt all the way there for one 50 minute class and then come right back home again.
So instead I chilled out in pjs, ate cereal with banana, chia gel, almond milk and pb, then worked my muscles straight to soreness with plenty of jump training. Woo!


Photo evidence also says I ate a mini pumpkin muffin. Or three. 


By the time I got down to and finished that darn body killing plyo dvd I was plenty ready for some food but had my mind set on roasted squash. As much as I desperately wish I could snap my fingers and have it be roasted for me within seconds, that technology has not yet been developed so in order to be able to wait it out I satisfied the hunger monster in the meantime with a Janetha-inspired Pumpkin Protein Shake.


Eventually the oven did its duty and I was filled up by my buttercup.

050 059

Afternoon errand time consisted of groceries and checking out the new wing added to our mall! It’s like the most exciting thing going on in the city. We have a thrilling city… but it was a crappy mall and very overdue for a bit of a revamp and some new shopping options.

And I was overdue for some new clothing. Particularly some sweaters and boots since the temperatures are steadily dipping and my warmer clothes options are seemingly slim. The tank tops were just because, I probably didn’t need those. Two for one though, wasn’t gonna pass up that deal!


Almost more exciting than new clothing though…


My grocery store decided to be the coolest place ever and grant its shelves with the likes of Peanut Butter & Jelly Larabars! Say Whaaaa! I didn’t expect to see these anywhere in the country anytime soon let alone the grocery store I always go to. Haven’t tried em yet but it’ll happen asap. Now I just need to find those other two new flavours. I’m not in a huge scramble for them though, this is the one I wanted to try the most by far.

Dinner ended up being a bit of a snack (squash) attack, followed by a chicken chickpea quinoa curry dish my BROTHER made for his girlfriend for her birthday. He may have had a little help from the women of the household but he was all up in there slicing, dicing and stirring this dish right up. Maybe there’s hope for him yet!  071


Alright, gotta crank up the speed, just about time to leave for class!


Lack of hunger in the AM drove me to pack my breakfast on-the-go style to eat at work. Pumpkin and vanilla protein powder. I wasn’t feeling very creative that morning.


Lunch was my same old every Saturday packed work lunch– salad mess with squash and honey mustard dressing, apple, lemon meringue yogurt.


Followed by a Key Lime Pie Larabar later on in the aft. Why did I not pack my PB&J one here?!


When I got home from work at dinner time meatloaf was on the menu. Sigh. I’ll admit, I like it but I don’t want to like it. Nor do I want to like radioactive orange boxed mac&cheese but I have yet to dispel that from my taste bud preferences. So I ate it with some greens and an egg white mess (with salsa, spinach and FF cheese) on a toasted english muffin.


Saturday evening I ran, sat on the computer, ate/drank a snack of decaf pressed coffee and an apple with plain yogurt, cinnamon and a sprinkling of coconut and went to bed early. Now here’s a grandma to the max. Didn’t go out Friday or Saturday. Plans fell through but I wasn’t really that motivated in the first place so there wasn’t a complaint about it in earshot.



Sunday I ate more Janetha-inspired food. She eats good stuff, what can I say?
And when she posted a nice little how-to about her protein oats I decided to follow it along.

I threw in some frozen blueberries for a fruity amp-up and swirled some almond butter all on top. Suweeeet.


For some really bizarre reason though I was hungry not very long after, which makes little sense since oats usually fill me up for a decent amount of time and these were extra protein-y. Maybe that banana I usually throw in makes all the difference…

Anywho, I snacked a bit, did some P90X Shoulders and Arms (ouch!) and then went shopping with a friend for a couple hours. I only bought underwear, it wasn’t that exciting. Well I was excited because I’ve been meaning to buy some for a while but it’s not generally the most exciting purchase I could have made.

When I got home I made a giant veggie-filled salad loaded up with lots of roasted rarlic AND roasted red pepper hummus and scarfed it down.


Last night I made up for staying in all weekend by going out dancing at RETRO night. Typical Sunday night trend. It wasn’t as fun as usual. Boo hoo. It wasn’t a complete bust but it could have been better. Ah well!

Now I’m late and definitely must run.

Happy Monday!


21 thoughts on “A Simple Weekend

  1. Mehh whatevs. Sometimes you just have to miss a little classy! ;-) Dang girl, that egg white mess looks crazy good! A mess indeed!

    Have a fantastic Monday and start to your week!

  2. I skip class all the time – I’m already telling myself that I NEED to go to class tomorrow. I don’t want to!

    I’m jealous of your shopping haul! I need to spend some moolah but haven’t gone yet – you picked out some lovely pieces!!

    Wooooooah! Way to go bro! That meal looks divine! Is that tupper ware from Ikea by any chance? If so, we have the same ones and I can’t stand them! They don’t close shut!

  3. I’d definitely prefer a workout over class.. I miss all my group fitness classes! Are all of those P90x videos online? I want to try them!

    And I hate how long squash takes to cook.. same with sweet potatoes! They are not the same microwaved!

    AND your new clothes you bought are so cute! I need some new jeans.. what brand are those?

  4. i had a grandma weekend too! no motivation to go out really and just wanted to bum around after long days. i finally found the pbj larabar but still have it waiting for taste testing…no idea why i am holding onto it and eating other bars instead LOL. at least key lime is fabulous!!

  5. hahaha. glad i could inspire you mi amiga!! ah i want p90x! for real! wow that dish your bro made looks excellent. props to the brother! and cute new clothes!!!

  6. Ooh I’m with CB above. I wasn’t a huge fan of the PBJ lara–it just made me want the PB cookie version.

    Weekends of not going out are so necessary sometimes! You deserved to rest yo brain!

    Skipping class is something I rarely do. I feel super guilty for some reason!

    I hope you have a fab start to the week! xo

  7. your food always looks amaaazing… love your pictures!
    and that cracks me up that you skipped class to work out… so something i would do!
    hope you’ll check out my blog

  8. Back the Larabar truck up! PB&J bars are in the Great White North? BAH! I must find them. I check every time I go into the usual stores that carry them. Hmmmm….perhaps I should duck into Whole Foods on the way home from school tomorrow. Yes, perhaps I shall….

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