The Ways I Fuel Midterms

I woke up a whole hour earlier than necessary due to my brother’s deep rumbling voice carrying itself through the otherwise still silence of the morning.

With what did I fill this extra time? Well some extra studying of course, but prior to that…


Not your ordinary coffee but rather one spiked with the flavours of pumpkin spice latte. Inspiration!

With a coffee jolt now coursing through my system, I got down to a brief sesh of some serious studying before digging into my mush bowl of all things delicious: PB Puffins, Minibix, Special K Red Berries (we’re now seriously low on cereal options), frozen banana, spoonful of pumpkin, spoonful of plain yogurt, almond milk and almond butter.



Now I’m about to get ready for class but before that a quick reward to the week’s beginning.


A day full of much snacking:

Apples and Cottage Cheese


Cherry Yogurt with Cocoa Powder (Once upon a time there was a chocolate cherry yogurt variety in the Source variety pack which I highly enjoyed. One day it disappeared. So I made my own.)


Breaded Tilapia over spinach with balsamic vinaigrette


Rye Crisp with Salsa


Iced Coffee


Carrots and a large Cucumber chunk


Kale Chips with Ketchup, small side of burger rice casserole, soup of chicken brother, diced tomatoes, salsa, rice and random seasonings.



Fudge Baby


Pumpkin, cinnamon, syrup, Minibix snack


+ An overindulgent dose of textbook reading to really make the day complete.



A Breakfast that seemingly kept my hunger at bay all day.

Oats, water, almond milk, pumpkin, cinnamon, SF syrup, banana, almond butter +++coffee

002 020

Then I went to my kindergarten classroom placement for the morning and got to see the kids all dressed up for picture day. One of the little boys had a temporary tattoo on his forehead, I wonder if the whole photo thing accidentally slipped his parents’ minds…

Post-placement Pre-class time involved some Iced Coffee and a couple snacking bites to ensure no hunger creep up during class.


Post-class Pre-dinner time involved leftover kale chips with spicy tzatziki. Wish I had more of this left mmmmm.


Then Squash time! I cooked up two: a butternut and a delicata.

038 045 058

First try of a delicata squash = SUCCESS. This one is grand. There will be more of it in the near future for sure.

After studying most of the night away (and shoving in a quick treadmill run for some mind-clearing sanity) I had a great bedtime snack of cold squash. Yeah squash leftovers are totally my snack of choice.


Tomorrow I have two middies (applied social psych + developmental psych – they are back-to-back… I can’t wait) then I will have a bit of breathing time (I actually can’t wait) in which I will hopefully do things like cook, bake, grocery shop, clothing shop, sleep, dance etc etc.

Best of luck to all of you currently studying your buns right into numbness. Let’s ACE em!


14 thoughts on “The Ways I Fuel Midterms

  1. cocoa powder and cherry yogurt very clever! I will defs be trying that very soon! Kale chips with tzaiki who woulda thunk it? You’re full over clever food combos!

  2. Mmm chocolate cherry yogurt sounds amazing! Homemade pumpkin spice latte sounds great too – I had one at Starbucks the other day but of course making it at home is wayyyy cheaper!

    Good luck on the midterms! Back-to-back is rough but at least you’re getting them out of the way nice & quick :)

  3. My first placement was in a Kindergarten classroom – so presh!! They always look so cute when they’re all dolled up for pictures!

    Good luck on your exams! This time of the year BLOWS!!

    I’m craving tzatziki big time right now and this post isn’t helping ;)

  4. I love the idea of the chocolate cherry oatmeal! Yum!

    And isn’t delitica squash delicious?? It’s so sweet and soft..mmm!

    Good luck on your midterms! I know you’ll do great!

  5. Ahhh!!! Good luck with midterms, numba one! I’m feeling the stress.

    I love the concoctions! Like, that first bowl of breakfast…need it. Pronto.

    To fuel my studying, I need a steady stream of snacks. And I mean steady stream.

    Kid with tat on his head absolutely killed me. I bet he did that as soon as he got to school so his parents wouldn’t know.

    Anyway, I hope everything is going well and you’re maintaining some level of sanity! xoxoxox

  6. the squash looks great. and the oats too…i am planning on trying pumpkin oats for the first time very soon. good luck on your midterms! i just finished mine…such a relief. i took developmental psych too, but last year =)

  7. cocoa powder is awesome in yogurt, pancakes, hot drinks, and just about everything :)

    love your squash time! mine is about to happen riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight about now!

  8. good luck on your midterms! i’m thinking about being a psych major.. i have an intro to psych exam today so i’m nervous!

    by the way, your blog is really inspiring & i think we have a lot in common :) hope you check out mine! (i’m pretty new to this whole thing haha)


  9. hope those other 2 exams went well!! i actually enjoy studying for my exams a little bit, as long as they are not too stressful!

    your first rye cracker is QUITE bedazzled! and those pumpkin muffins look bezomb.

    oh good old canadian candy. I had one halloween there and it was fun! you all have some great candy bars that we done have!! coffee crisp IS one of them!

    WHOA! i just realized im mkaing comments about this post and the last one. I thought it was one big post, but apparently I am commenting on 2. sorry

    take care Kristie babyyyyy

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