Bulking Up

A lovely sunny Sunday


The perfect day for…

Boo, it feels like such a waste! I’ve done my mass text speed reading while sitting on my bed all day right next to the window though so the indirect exposure was the next best thing. Two looming midterms this week are causing need for mass reading catch up asap.

I began the morning on an oat bowl note:
Scotch Oats cooked in water, almond milk, flax and cinnamon, topped with a mixture of almond butter, almond milk and SF syrup; banana slices; and coconut cashews (new Bulk Barn find. SO good, so dangerous). Eaten alongside mass amounts of coffee.


After plowing through some ridiculously time consuming chapters for Applied Social Psych I finally broke for some lunch (Earlier study break included PB Puffin snack sesh).

Slaw, spinach, shrooms, carrots, cucs, steamed brocc, balsamic vinaigrette, honey mustard, cottage cheese mound. Slice of rye on the side.


In attempts to further procrastinate from the return to the studies, I made a treat that I knew couldn’t wait from the moment I saw them: FUDGE BABIES. Miss CCV does it again. I made the updated version and these babies are chock-full of fudgy delight. Don’t wait, fudge your date!



And now, as yet another form of study breaking, a couple previous meal days:


We had a long period of grey and gloom but the sun seems to have returned with a vengeance, as my past few mornings have involved a bath of sunlight to soak in along with my breakfast.

005 013

I had one late morning class on Friday to attend before running some quick (ehem alcohol related) errands. And exciting errands they were, as I discovered not only a new white grape flavoured Smirnoff, but I also stumbled across my first sighting of pumpkin beer! I’ve always wanted to try one but never seen them around before. Apparently it’s a limited time season specific brew. 028

After errand session uno I ate some leafy greens with the very last bit of leftover Thanksgiving turkey and some very brown homemade guac.


Plus the ever so lovely midday coffee.


I did a little bit of this and a little bit of that around the house, then dug into a small bowl of Vector cereal (Chillin there with my mom’s reading glasses. I only own distance glasses, I don’t wear them, and they aren’t nearly as stylin) before heading out for errands session dos: Food Shopping!


Aside from the standard grocery store run to primarily replenish our fresh produce stash, we also did a not so quick run into our newly redone Bulk Barn. It’s bigger, better and more stocked than ever. Check out the load.


I don’t remember everything that we picked up but among the loot:
Candy apple candy corn, coconut cashews, wasabi peas, oat bran, cassava chips, dried cranberries, dried parsley, panko crumbs, sour gummies


Snapea Crisps (Intrigued. Had to try.) AND my new favourite tea – Candy Cane Lane!!! I’m a huge peppermint tea fan so sweet vanilla-y peppermint tea that smells amazing and tastes even better? I’m sold over and over again. I might have to buy out their entire stash before the winter season, well, starts  first and then ends.


Part of my dinner for the evening was picked up fresh from the grocery store: Spicy California Fresh Spring Rolls. These looked a little more delicious than they tasted as they were a little more lackluster tastewise than I hoped, but they were still really good and fresh.


My mom picked up a mini spinach quiche for her dinner so I had a small slice alongside a spring roll (and a hidden salad in the background).


Then it was Bulk Barn candy time. This times like 3?


Friday night I had full intentions of studying the night away but when a friend’s request to chill and chat over coffee came through, the studying intentions got thrown out the window. She brought her laptop. We played Sims in the coffee shop. It was good times. Then I got home, ignored the looming need to study and conked out nice and early instead.



Friday night I had this future seeing moment that told me I would want overnight oats for breakfast Saturday morning.

Lucky for me I guess my future seeing abilities are pretty in tune because the overnight oat bowl I prepared Friday night following my moment of enlightment was looking just perfect come breakfast time Saturday morning.

Friday night mix: Rolled Oats, water, banana slices, spoonful chia pudding, spoonful Chocolate PB2, spoonful plain yogurt.
Saturday Morning add-ins: Another spoonful plain yogurt and sprinkling of cinnamon.

003 006

Then I headed off to work, totting along foods likes apples, Larabars and leftover spring rolls to fuel me through it all.

The spring roll and an incredibly greasy, salty Popeye’s biscuit made up my lunch. I resisted the Popeye’s chicken pieces that were picked for lunch with zero difficulty. The smell alone just isn’t my… cup of tea  bucket of chicken?


Yep, that greasy napkin is all due to the bitten biscuit.

At home I ate dinner. It was a salad with hummus, nothing exciting. There were probably other courses to this meal but I have no photographic evidence of some and my mind is failing me on what they might have been.


I DO have evidence of the iced cocoa-powder infused coffee I drank though.


AND of this…

034 038

Damn you Chipits. 


I meant to get this post up much earlier yesterday but studying and other orders of business got in the way so now we’re on to Monday morning. Whoops. It’s another lovely one and I’ve opted to spend the morning doing mucho reading rather than attending my morning lectures so I best get to it to make this skip out justified.

Ciao for now!


21 thoughts on “Bulking Up

  1. Yummy looking salads!

    The weather was way too nice this weekend! I had a midterm this morning and it sucked being stuck inside all weekend studying for it :(

    I love the new Bulk Barn! My roomies and I were impatiently awaiting the re-open forever! I remember having a mini excited freak out while driving past it on the way to school when the sign said ‘now open’. Haha!

  2. You take such pretty pictures!

    I’ve been eyeing those fudge babies..they look pretty heavenly!

    And that tea is one of my favorites.. along with the gingerbread one!

  3. Chocolate is my ultimate weakness… I ate way to much of it today! Poor stuff didn’t stand a chance. White Grape vodka – i must try that soon! Bulk Barn sounds like a holy mecca – is it cheaper than regular bulk that you find at the grocery store?

  4. I love the Bulk Barn! I get a bit crazy in there, though! I just bought the sugar plum tea. Mmmm…

    I’m not a beer drinker, but the pumpkin ale sounds worth a try!

  5. Don’t teachers realize that the nice days are numbered? Therefore we shouldn’t be trapped inside studying?!

    White grape Smirnoff? Never seen that one before! I expect a thorough review!!

    The crust on that quiche looks fantastic – I love a good, flaky crust :)

    Hope your studying paid off!! I’m sure it did!

  6. ahh i love that list of bulk barn buys — sounds delicious!!! snapea crips are so good. i have random cravings for them sometimes and they get totally addictive.

    and i love your biscuit…on roadtrips to college, i would always get a popeye biscuit and then lunch somewhere else!!

  7. Wow damn fudge babies…they’re gonna show up in my dreams and make me SO hungry!

    I LOVE the idea of that bulk barn…I wish I had places like that nearby! But nooooo all I have is a stupid run-down store selling reject produces…every fruit has some kind of defect in them! Boooo!!

    Which school do you go to btw?

  8. Okay, three things:
    1. YES CANDY CANE TEA! It’s my favourite, I adore that stuff.

    2. You have serious restraint to come home with that Bulk Barn haul and not eat through it all in two hours… errr, that’s just me, isn’t it….

    3. Studying on sunny days is a cruel punishment. Nuff said.

  9. I love the pictures you took of the outdoors and of your coffee as a shadow on the wall. You are so artsy fartsy! :) (That is such an old woman term)

    Good luck on midterms! Ah, brings me back to the days of my youth…seriously, it feels SO weird to not be in your same shoes right now! I can’t decide whether I’m happy (obviously happy not to study) or sad (very sad because I miss school!!). Decisions, decisions.

    Love the bulk bin candy – that would seriously do me in. That or the ChipIts. It’s a toss-up, really.

    Hope you are having a fab week so far!

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  11. i want a bulk bin place to go to! it all looks amazing! i love peppermint too, but i can’t find candy cane lane anywhere! grrrr.

    an open bag of chocolate chips is disastrous around me too!

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