The Week After Turkey

This week has been a fly by! TGIF tomorrow already, I can hardly believe it. I guess that packed turkey extended weekend really helped to shorten this week up, not that I’m complaining about it. My weekend begins as of the end of my only Friday class at 12:30 tomorrow. Woop.

What’s been going down this week?


Was part of the long weekend. It involved snacking, slacking and another turkey dinner. Oh so much turkey. Oh so much food. Oh so good. But by the end of Monday night I was wiped.



Back to the grind.

I intended to make a nice healthy transition into the new post turkey weekend week.

Les Liquides  – Clear Water, Green (kale!) Smoothie, Black Coffee009

You’d think that by loading up on semi ridiculous amounts of stuffing, pumpkin pie bars, side dishes and alcohol (the turkey was probably the food I ate the least of) my appetite would be slightly lesser this week as natural compensation for the overeating. But no. I think I was hungry all day Tuesday. Work with me here, Body!

So the meals were healthy enough.

Veg-loaded salad with spinach, tomato, pumpkin, leftover turkeyyy, balsamic vinaigrette and hummus.


Quinoa cooked with kale, diced tomatoes, salsa, nooch, gauc


But in between meals I was snacking it up. Lots.

I ate probably 1/4 of a jar of salsa in ten minutes. It was mad good.


The rest of the snacks were quickly eaten and more quickly forgotten as I spent most of my spare time working on study study studying for my geography midterm Wednesday.



I woke up before the sun so I could cram in last minute note reviews, a good hearty breakfast and a good chug of hot caffeinated beverage before heading off to my every-two-weeks geo lab at 8:30 AM and then writing my midterm once the lab was finished at 10:30.

Oat Bran = Brain Food. Oat bran + almond milk + water + flax + banana = The Ultimate Brain Food.


Pair it with coffee and I was more than good to go.


I sat through the two hour lab, then ran over to another building with the measly ten minutes I had between class times to write my midterm. I breezed through it and was done before most of the others. I felt like I really knew what was going on in those questions so lets hope for a perfect shall we? Hah.

With the extra time I had before my next class since I finished the midterm early, I went and got myself another pick-me-up coffee, sat through one more class, then ran home for a quick half hour lunch before my last lecture of the day.

 Tuna mixed with plain yogurt, dijon mustard, and BBQ sauce, topped with pepper, on top of spinach. I don’t know why I haven’t had tuna in a while. I could eat it every day! Or at least every couple days.


Then I had more coffee, drove back to school, perfected my parallel parking skills to park curbside on a side road since I didn’t win in the school parking lot lottery (our school parking sucks) and watched intros to Hitchcock films while learning about the importance of title scenes and credits in films? Alrighty then…

Then class ended and I came home again. And ate again.
So in summary my life consists of driving to school, driving home, and eating. Fun times in the life of moi.
Wednesday aft’s fun snacking times included (among other things) some hairy edamame.


For dinski I steamed up a whole mini buttercup squash and ate about 2/3 of it alongside spinach topped with honey mustard dressing.


I also ate a couple slivers of the unpictured greasefeast Delissio pizza my bro ate for dinner. It was greasy. And it was good. Just sayin. I only regretted it because my post-turkey body has expanded itself a couple numbers upward and I’d prefer them to skedaddle on out sooner rather than later. It’ll happen though cause the turkey stuffing is all gone now ;)



That would be today, a day in which I:

  • Finished off the last of my oat bran supply.

Oat bran, almond milk, water, flax, banana, topped with pumpkin cream cheese (which I threw out the last of after this bowl because I’m thinking the slightly funky new flavour it recently developed might have been a sign that it wasn’t quite as fresh as it should be in order to be edible…whoops?)


Potentially mildly rotten cream cheese and all, this bowl was still good. I know, I know, what’s wrong with me. I survived the day sickness free though so it couldn’t have been that bad…right? Ha.. ha…hem.

  • Did a good sturdy 45 minute treadmill run.

This one wasn’t very fun. It was just hard. Don’t know why. I survived though. I think I also need to invest in a new Ipod, as sad as that makes me. I like mine. It’s my baby! But the on button doesn’t really work. I can turn it on. But I can’t turn it off? It’s messed up.

  • Ate Spinach. And tomatoes. And mushrooms. And squash. And cottage cheese.


  • Sat through two very long, boring and sleep-inducing classes. I almost fell asleep during the second one. Naw good.
  • Had a cranky late afternoon spell. I think I still have sleep to catch up on.
  • Thought long and hard about what I wanted for dinner.

Eventually came up with a veggie burger on a toasted english muffin with dijon, spinach and tomato. A piece of potato and mucho salad with mucho homemade croutons on the side.


Mucho grapes followed. As did mucho bites of pumpkin pie bars. And a not so mucho mug of tea/cocoa.

And then very drab readings on developmental psych filled the last couple hours. You would think it would be semi interesting but it takes forever to get through a chapter. Siiiiiigh.

I’m studied out though. I’m thinking bed time.

And then TGIF in T minus 1 hour. Yay.
Happy Weekend!


16 thoughts on “The Week After Turkey

  1. Wow. You still sat through a class AFTER a mid-term? I just shimmied my butt back home and slept. Actually, I grocery-shopped, but there is no better reliever than a good food-shopping!
    Can’t wait for the weekend either! Is it Friday night yet?

  2. I’m so approving of the mucho grapes! I’ve be overloading on those sweet suckers lately. Gah parallel parking… I’m pretty sure I haven’t done that since my driving test haha.

  3. I love love love oat bran. It’s the only breakfast that keeps me full for almost 4 hours, it’s great! I’ve never heard of buttercup squash, it looks similar to acorn squash…which I LOVE too :)

  4. 1/4 of the salsa jar? That sounds normal! Mmm, salsa!! In regards to the cream cheese: what doesn’t kill ya, makes you stronger, right?! ;)

    You killed all of your school work this week – enjoy every single second of your weekend!! That’s an order!

  5. Ahh it sounds like we’re going through the same things.. especially with all this dang studying! I bet you did great on your midterms though as seeing how much you studied!

    Confession: Last night I ate dinner that I dropped on the floor. Hey I washed it off! I think that’s as bad as eating rotten cream cheese :D

  6. the weeks have been flying lately!!!! i love when you make squash plates…i have been on a major squash kick lately and could eat acorn squash every single day. really weird, but it’s awesome with some goat cheese in the middle. mmmmm :)

    happy weekend girlie!

  7. Ah, the pear bowl made an appearance! I love it. Hope your weekend has been going well girl!
    Soooo honey mustard dressing is amazing. Butternut squash is amazing. That quinoa meal sounds amazing!! I MUST combine quinoa with avo and and salsa asap! You’re so creative :)

    But seriously, all this pumpkin talk has got me cravin’ some thanksgiving food! Well it’s only what….six weeks away?? Hahhaa….

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