Midterms and Oatmeal Mishaps

For what feels like the first day in ages, the sun is finally shining! It’s been gloomy and rainy nonstop and when I woke up and opened the curtains expecting the same this morning, I was pleasantly greeted with beams of light.

I soaked them up along with my breakfast this morning – Alpen Muesli with almond milk, frozen banana, and plain + strawberry yogurt – which is being accompanied by a back episode of Glee :)


This week has been slightly stressful since I’ve had two midterms and the first part of an assignment due, but all of that is finished up and I have a little breathing room before the long weekend!

What have I been eating these past couple days?


I found some leftover Oatmeal Whole Wheat Quick bread in my freezer. Score! Love this stuff. Therefore it was necessary that it became my breakfast. Gonna have to get baking another loaf soon obviously.

From left to right, topped with almond butter, red pepper jelly, banana slices.

008 015

Tuesday morning I went to work with the kindergarten kidlets for a couple hours. They learned how to write the letter T and made hand print turkeys.


When I got home I had a window of opportunity for a snack down/early lunch before heading to class.

Bite size hunk of multigrain bread with dijonnaise and sliced turkey – with one of my favourite time moments in the background… 11:11! Anyone else like to make a wish when the clock strikes? :)


Then the Dijonnaise made another appearance alongside some raw veg.


And more veg consumption in the form of cabbage slaw was had.


I also cracked a can of eggplant dip / baba for some rice cracker dipping. I love this stuff too much, it’s almost sad. Eaten with crackers, carrots, on salads, by the spoonful… delicious.

038 After I was a good little eater and got in my veggies, it was time to crack open a fresh box of Chocolatey Chip Minibix cereal. Take this hand and multiply it by ~8.


Then I finally tore away from the kitchen and off to class. 
Went to one class, handed in an assignment, sat through the lecture and then booked it home, skipping out on lecture #2 of the day in order to study study study for my clinical psych midterm the next morning.   

Since my snacky lunch was quite early, I made an early dinner as well in the midst of the beginnings of my study time.

Yves veggie burger in a high protein pita with spinach, honey + dijon mustard and a swipe of cream cheese. Sided by some edamame pods.


I clearly wasn’t ready to jump right back into the studying after dinner so I milled around some more in the kitchen, and made a couple sweet treats.

Sweet Treat A  – Yogurt banana muesli bowl


Sweet Treat B – Peppermint tea, highly sweetened with hazelnut creamer and light hot chocolate. I was really in sweet need mode, this did the trick. 069

I spent a good few hours into the night studying but my brain was shutting down earlier than I had planned so I ended up opting to call it a night slightly earlier, setting my alarm nice and early in the AM so I could cram in a few hours of studying right before the actual event.


With my midterm starting at 11:30 and one lecture before that starting at 10, I had plenty of time to cram in a couple hours of some last minute review studying by waking up at 7am.

By about 8, after getting in a good couple mugs of coffee and a good amount of note review, it was time for breakfast. I had oats in mind, and blended green oats seemed like a good brain activating kind of meal.

I whipped up a batch on the stovetop…
1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup water, 1/3 cup vanilla soy milk, 1/2 banana, small scoop vanilla soy protein powder and a large handful spinach
… and then blended them with the hand blender. They ended up a little liquidy since I splashed in a bit more soy milk later on so I put on the lid and let them sit a bit to thicken up.

I should have turned the heat down a lot lower.

003 009

After cleaning up that mini disaster it was time to EAT. At least the clean up gave my overheated oats some cooling time.

Delicious. I couldn’t finish the whole bowl (probably from the excessive amounts of coffee I drank that morning) so I saved the last bit in the fridge for later.


Then it was more last minute studying and OFF to school.
The midterm was okay I think…it was a short one, which are never that great since if you get just a few wrong it makes a huge dent on the overall mark but we’ll see I guess.

I rushed home after the midterm since I had one hour til my next class and made a quick and dirty salad mess – spinach, cabbage slaw, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, Jalapeno Sabra, Baba and balsamic vinaigrette.

+ more coffee. Addict.

Class came and went and I arrived home ready to finish off the last bites of those overbubbled oats. Eaten cold and topped with natural peanut butter. Perfect snack.


Then I did a whole hour of running (I rarely do a whole hour at once so I was feeling hardcore haha) and a new personal record plank of 3min20s! My previous high was 3 minutes but a good song came on that was 3:20 long and I couldn’t pass up the chance.

I had to sit around sweaty after my run cause my bro was hogging the bathroom. So I ate dinner as a dirty grub but the food was goooood.
Egg noodles, steamed broccoli and spinach topped with marinara, buffalo sauce and pepper. I ate oh so many noodles. Love em.


It was a cold, dark night. One of those nights for packing in early, getting on the sweats, watching TV and… eating brownies. My brother requested and I was in baking mood so some brownie making action occurred.

I had some freshly baked and warm brownie crumble mixed into a bowl of plain + strawberry yogurt because I’m weird like that and love me some yogurt. Most especially when it includes brownie.


I tried to do some textbook reading catch up last night now that my midterms for the week were complete but I allowed myself some distractions thrown into the mix (MSN, Facebook, Glee…) and I only completed a small fraction of what I hoped to. Whoops.

Guess I better get down to business and get some work done right now. Especially since I won’t be able to get much done this weekend since it’s the long one… Canadian Thanksgiving!
Got plenty of stuff to pack in: Work, OKTOBERFEST, long weekend RETRO SUNDAY night and TURKEY DINNERS.

Can’t wait!

Tomorrow is Friday…
What kind of excitement do you all have planned for your weekends?!
Happy WEEKEND Everyone!!


20 thoughts on “Midterms and Oatmeal Mishaps

  1. Aw! Kindergarten!! That’s the first grade I worked with – too cute :)

    AHHHH to the oat-tastrophe! Cleaning up oats is the worst! I’ll best you killed that midterm! An hour of running AND a plank for 3:20? You are a machine!

    Sounds like you’ve got a great weekend ahead of you!

  2. Ahh I have midterms in a couple weeks.. so stressful! Looks like your handling them well though!

    Cold oats as a snack?? I must try that!! I’m assuming it’s like a pudding?

    And awesome workout! I’ve never ran past 10 minutes straight. I hate it! LOL

  3. midterms already? where does the time go???

    i always make a wish at 11:11 :)

    what an awesome idea with the peppermint tea/hot chocolate! i will definitely be replicating that at some point!

    you are a plank champion! i’m so impressed! i rarely time myself, but i can’t imagine i’ve ever held a plank for more than a minute!

    yay for such a fun weekend! i can’t wait to hear all about it!

  4. haahahha the oats mishap is great…My friends and I just melted some plastic into a flan we were making! It wasn’t…my favorite dish but still :)

  5. Sweet treat B sounds so creative and YUMMY! I’m missing thanksgiving this year since I am in Italy.. eat lots of seasonal food for me! Enjoy the sunshine!

  6. Just came across your blog and I have now fallen in love.
    Your posts are full of DEELISH food. I don’t even know where to start.
    I must say that bean an oatmeal lover, your Banana muesli bowl excited me the most. It looks very light, dainty, and tasty.

    I’ll be coming back,
    take care!


  7. Wasn’t it NICE to see the sun? Too bad today is yucky again. Eh.

    HATE oatmeal explosions. Not sure where it’s worse…the stove or the microwave??

  8. sorry about the stress, i bet you kicked some serious bootay on those midterms though! canned eggplant dip? looks delish. i have heard you and ange from OSG talk about high protein pitas, maybe it is just a canada thing.. but i want in! AH! crazy about the green overflowage on the stove. haha.. made for a good story/photos though. have a fab LONG weekend babe!

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