I wish I was a little bit Taller, I wish I was a Baller

This weekend I lived it up and became a baller for a night.


Saturday morning started off in a pretty standard, not-so-ballin’ way.
Stovetop oats with heated peach, one banana slice (going all out) and a sprinkle of chocolate PB2 powder on top.
Okay so it was kinda ballin’, this bowl was goood.

I went to work, did some type typing on the comp and then ate some lunchie:
Container filled with red peppers, mushrooms and plain extra firm tofu (a few sandwiched with Sabra jalapeno!)


+ some of my bro’s fried rice and chow mein.
And an apple.
And 2/3 of a Key Lime Larabar.


Then I discovered a tin full of Mooncakes at work and was encouraged to try a small piece. I don’t pass up bites of weird looking sweet foods!


No one else liked them but… I did! Considering the nearly 800 calories per baseball sized goodie though, I won’t be seeking these out anytime soon. The whole egg yolk in the centre was a little freaky as well.

After work I arrived home to a lovely mom-made dinner of baked sweet potatoes (topped with salsa and sour cream), salad and parmesan crusted tilapia. This tilapia was simply coated in skim milk, stale garlic bun bread crumbs and parm but was melt-in-your-mouth delicious.


So then the ballin’ begins.
Earlier in the day I had got a text from my friend Sam telling me to come out that night for “penthouse prepartying” before going out for the night. He’s invited my friend and I to this so-called “penthouse” a few times but we had yet to join, figuring the penthouse was probably a nickname for one of his buddy’s apartments.

He literally meant the penthouse.

There is this new fairly schmancy student apartment building that has gone up recently and Sam’s friend lives in the entire top of it. We’d met him before a few times out at the clubs but didn’t quite know he was the host of all of these penthouse preparty sessions.

I didn’t want to be creepy and take pictures of just how ballin’ this place was but it has it’s own private elevator that, as soon as you get to the top, opens up to a giant entrance way that looks out onto a curved wall entirely of windows; a decked out movie room and, especially hilarious, a urinal in the bathroom. You know it’s a guy’s pad when…

There was a fireplace in the kitchen?

017 - Copy

You can kind of see the entranceway in the back of this one.

026 (2)   

We sang songs from the 50s, ate fancy chocolates and talked about broken toes, then eventually made our way out to the clubs. It was homecoming weekend so everything was packed and line ups were long but we somehow managed to get into two different clubs with minimal wait time. It was pretty smooth.

010 (2) 

I had significantly high heels on and yet somehow still manage to be a head shorter than everyone else.

At one point my friend and I got into a yelling spat over something I couldn’t even recall two minutes after the argument ended but after she stormed off I decided to head home, probably the best decision for my current state at that point anyway. And considering neither of us had a clue why we even fought in the first place, we promptly ignored the fact that the fight happened the next day.



I woke up very early and promptly chugged a large bottle of water while spending an hour divulging and ranting about the details and of my night and friend frustrations to my mother.

After I had sufficiently rambled her ear off, I was plenty ready for a good, hearty breakfast: Creamy stovetop apple oats (oats, cut up apple, cinnamon, water and vanilla soy milk). I was excited for this one but that excitement was killed when I was a little too heavy-handed with the cinnamon. I know some of you would argue that there’s no such thing as too much cinnamon, but while I like my share of cinnamon, I prefer it in small sprinkles and dashes. This was overkill. I stirred in some strawberry yogurt to try to take the spicy edge off but it didn’t help much.

Thus this bowl was just okay. So sad.005

So the rest of Sunday… kind of sucked. I felt pretty much like crap all day and had to study for a midterm on top of it.

So my day consisted of eating, studying, and feeling like ick.
There was a grocery trip in there to break up the day and replenish the fridge.

The rest of the Sunday foodie sessions included:


Leftover COLD tilapia OMG so good. I couldn’t stop saying “mmmm”.



Apple season heck yeah! They’re like candy.



Egg whites, salsa, spinach, jalapeno hummus in a fresh protein pita.


You know when you first open a container of yogurt and it has the thicker stuff right around the rim? BEST.


Cherry yogurt with chocolate PB2 = perfection.


My hunger was kicking all day, consequences of a night of a little too much of that alcohol stuff. I made do in the midst of plenty of study time and eventually passed out for a night of much needed sleep.


Today was a fairly standard Monday kinda day.

I opted for a slightly less conventional breakfast of coffee (well that part’s standard) cottage cheese with flax, and a plum. May have also nibbled on some leftover cold tilapia. Addict.


I had three classes today, two in the morning followed by an hour cram sesh fuelled by apple, coffee and big bite of a bar before my midterm.

Then I wrote it. I wasn’t worried for this one as it was simply about the evolution of visual entertainment aka photography, film and all of the in-betweens. Fairly straightforward and yet of course half the questions on the midterm ended up being fairly obscure things that I wouldn’t have thought to pay attention to in the readings and lectures. So that midterm could have gone either way. Boo.

I rushed home hungry and ready for food. You bet I finished off that tilapia, cold and delicious on top of some greens, sided by a bitlet of tuna-topped pita and cold sweet potato chunks with honey mustard. I really like my leftovers cold!


Then I did a run on the treadmill before picking up my repaired car that needed to be checked out after my little rainy day slip the other day. Apparently there was no damage from my sliding off the ramp but somehow my right front brakes were gone? Not a result of the sliding. So I didn’t quite get the car back without payments due but I guess it could have been worse. 

I enjoyed my sweet potato so much at lunch that I decided to polish off the rest of it at dinner, this time heated and topped with jalapeno hummus. I actually ended up eating half of the huge honking leftover baked sweetie cold while the pictured part heated in the micro and I liked it better that way. I seriously just really like leftovers cold, maybe I’m crazy.


Then to satisfy my post-dinner sweet tooth I had one of those door-sell caramel chocolates…

028 032

And an iced coffee.048

I also got my hands on a good deal set of P90X from my mom’s friend. I’m not sure yet if I’m going to follow the actual program or just use them at my leisure but I’m kind of leaning towards actually attempting the 90 day thing, at least on a not-too-strict level. I’ll have to read up on it and see if I’m ready for the challenge. Any P90X experiences out there you want to share?053

Tonight I’ve spent my evening working on an assignment due tomorrow. In the midst I snacked on candy an apple056

And a small bowl of Weetabix/Special K, banana, yogurt, flax.


And now my assignment is done, this post is done, it’s later than I had hoped and I need to sleep.

Tomorrow calls for volunteer placement in kindergarten class, two classes (one of which I just may not attend) and much studying for my next midterm that occurs on Wednesday (the reason which I may not attend the class that I just may not attend).

Nighty night!


12 thoughts on “I wish I was a little bit Taller, I wish I was a Baller

  1. i love how we were both ballas this weekend. However my night did not include a penthouse. how rude of life to do that to me :) im also pretty sure your pics are always food porn rated, NC-17, because they just scream food-gasm. i blame the midnight hour for my inapprops-ness. alright before i continue to embarrass myself with more compliments about your photography skillz, I will just say “goodnight” lovey dovey :)


  2. I love your post title! My friend and I were obsessed with that song in high school :) Good times.

    A whole egg yolk in the center of that Mooncake? Wow! Glad you liked it though – you’re adventurous!

    That penthouse sounds suh-weet! I always love seeing your fab pictures!

    Ahh you got P90x!! Not sure if you knew this, but I did that earlier this year. I was VERY lax about it and I think that’s the best way! If you aren’t too strict, you can’t beat yourself up and then you’ll just have fun with it. Well, not fun, really – it’s still a killer workout! Good luck, my friend.

  3. The Penthouse, ehh?? Fun!! I’d love to randomly be invited to the Penthouse!! Too cool. It sounds really neat.

    I also love the rim on top of a newly opened yogurt container. It’s think and creamy, so delicious!

    good luck withe the studying, and of course on your midterm. Wait…midterms already?!?! That’s crazy.

  4. Now I’m going to have that song in my head all day! Love the one hit wonders! Great weekend and living it up with some good food along the way.

  5. Can I have all your food please?? You have my favorites.. oats, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, pitas, and tilapia..mmm!!

    Have a great day!

  6. There have been many mornings where I wanted to use that song as SOTD! Love it!!

    Plain tofu sandwiched with Sabra? That’s BRILLIANT! That penthouse looks swwwwwwwwwanky!

    Too much cin? You craze!!

    “yet of course half the questions on the midterm ended up being fairly obscure things” – HATE THAT! Same thing happened to me on my exam. Boo, indeed. Have fun with P90X and good luck with your Midterms!

  7. you are so so gorgeous!!
    i’m glad you had a fun, adventurous night girl!

    good luck with all of the studying-i feel like you and i are always workin’ away on our homework during the school weeks (and weekends), day & night…… ughh, the life of a college student. ;)

    lovely, lovely pictures of some apple, hummus and chocolate snackage! we all know what i’m craving now.
    have a great day! xoo

  8. Delicious pics! I love mooncakes – I had them once a long time ago, my college roommate used to get them from home and bring them to the dorms. I remember it being really dense – 800 calories in one cake doesn’t surprise me!

  9. That sure is one fancy pants apartment! Not sure how a student would afford to live there, but I guess I don’t come from money. LOL.

    I’m with you on the whole cinnamon thing – I like it, but you can get cinnamon overkill.

    I’m jealous of your Dark Chocolate Dreams. It’s been far too long sine I’ve had any around, and it’s just so delicious.

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