Squash Every Day

So we’re finally at the end of this week and I’m feeling pretty relieved. Straight up, this week’s been a bit of a doozy and today was no exception. But simply because I’m emotioned right out, I’m going to skip right on through to some foodie stuff and keep it simple. Yum.


This was a long one. Every two weeks I have a geo lab that I have to go to at 8:30 in the morning. Luckily it’s only once every two weeks, which is more than do-able, but this was the first week I had to do it and thus the first week in a while that I’ve had to be up and ready by that early of a morning hour.

Because of this, I planned for a speedy breakfast: One package Nature’s Path Instant Oatmeal, spoonful pumpkin stirred in, plus half a banana and a tsp of cashew almond butter.


I took a bit too long getting ready before making this though, forcing me to inhale it much faster than I would have liked before running out the door.

Four hours later I finally had a break in my classes and was able to run home for a speedy leftovers lunch bowl: spoonful rice and corn, cold potatoes, blob of goddess hummus, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and honey mustard dressing. 015

I somehow also made time in my very short period at home to fit in some sweetness as well: plain yogurt, cold banana, cinnamon and dried prune. Just recently discovered how great dried prunes are. I have Costco giant bags of dried fruit to thank for that one.


After heading back to campus for one last class of the day where I got to learn about Charlie Chaplin and silent films (Communications class, can’t complain!), I came home and cranked up the oven to prime it for a long overdue
Squash Reunion!

Nearly an hour later I had a perfect dinner of mounds of deliciously crumbly roasted squash, along with a bit of baked tofu (dressed in BBQ + dijon), spinach and a couple pieces of roasted potato. My perfect dinner right there.


After polishing off some more squash (which I could easily eat at breakfast, lunch AND dinner on any given day), I filled the last itty bitty spot in my stomach with a Tootsie Roll. The pic was clearly an afterthought.




I was feeling the savour on this morning so I went with messy egg white mound, filled with salsa, spinach, and a slice of melted FF swiss.
Complimented by grapes (probs 3x this amount) and a blob of cottage cheese (probs 3x this amount as well).


My first class on Thursday isn’t til 1:00 so I had plenty of time in the morning to get in some reading, treadmill running and a post-run snack/early lunch.

You bet it was based around leftover squash. Eaten cold. Best way. On top of cabbage slaw, zucchini and a Sabra Baba blob.


I finally went to my afternoon classes where I learned first about data analysis, then about the developmental phases of unborn babies and health assessments for newborn infants. During this learning I daydreamed about how I would use up the last very old tortilla and small piece of chicken hanging around in my kitchen. Yes, I daydream about leftovers.

Such daydreams led me to this:


BBQ chicken tortilla “pizza” with tomato and BBQ sauce, garlic powder, chili powder, oregano and basil seasonings, spinach, tomato and chicken.
I was slightly too heavy handed with the seasonings (mainly the garlic powder I think) so this was a little too “zesty” so to speak, but otherwise it was pretty tasty.

And then… there was more squash.033

During studying I had things like iced coffee (which made me way too cold!) and apples chopped into wee pieces.


Then I spent nearly two hours thinking about the maple fro yo sitting in my freezer and promised myself I could have a taste if I just got through my darn chapters of cognitive psych before bed.

You can bet I got through those chapters. And you can bet I very shortly after dug into the fro yo tub for a spoon or two as a pre-sleep snack.



Now here we have arrived at today.

And a downright dismal day it was. I don’t think it could have possibly been more grey or rainy. The ickiest weather possible. Not just rain but cold rain, the kind that feels like little ice pellets and chills you to the bone. Or maybe that’s just me but I didn’t like walking in it much.

Before I had to venture out though there were some morning chow downs and morning running sessions that took place. I didn’t eat a real breakfast, just bites of things like cottage cheese and banana straight from the fridge before getting my sweat on.

Post-sweat though was snack time. L-R = baked tofu, squash, snap peas, mushrooms, roasted red pepper hummus, plain tofu, zucchini.


That was the last of my squash. I saved it for last out of all the eats on this plate. I think it was the saddest bite of my day. (I loved that particular squash that much. I’m not even exaggerating when I say breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would eat it for every meal and not get sick of it.)

Expect to see plenty more squash now that the weather is getting chilly again.

Then I went to my one class of the day and learned about clinical interviewing.


Then it was time for shopping. My friend and I went to two different malls and were shopping for about four hours. Guess how many items of clothing I bought…


I did not find ONE thing I liked. I don’t know if it’s our city that has a pathetic selection of clothing this season or if this season’s fashions are just awful but I saw nothing. I was pretty disappointed, I need new clothing for the cold weather! Maybe today was just not a good day for me to shop. I did buy some new headphones (because mine stopped working … sigh) and a pair of earrings. I guess I saved money at least…? Oh and I bought a veggie sub too in the midst of the unsuccessful shopping. It was decent, nothing to write home about.

But THEN when I was on my way home, getting off the expressway on a very curvy ramp… in the rain… well my car just did not want to follow that curve. So it decided to start sliding… right off the ramp. I threw on the brakes but not enough and I ended up sliding halfway off the ramp up onto the curb and grass on the side of it.

Double sigh.

My car is now sitting at the garage waiting to get looked at on Monday. I was still able to drive it and there were no funny noises, noticeable leaks or smells, or strange parts hanging down from underneath but the bottom did get scraped along the curb and the rim on the front tire is bent so I have to get it looked at to see if there’s any damage done.


When I finally got home from that mess I just ate random foods to clear my fridge and fill my dinner quota.

Pizza sliver, cabbage slaw with baked tofu topping


Half a reheated stuffed pepper that I pulled from my freezer stash. The other half was eaten promptly after this one.


Pumpkin, plain yogurt, chocochip Weetabix, dried fruit, carob chips


A mug of the greatest tea ever


The unpictured eats…this part I don’t particularly want to admit but whatever:
– Cottage cheese, handful chips, handful tortilla chips with salsa, mini bowl maple fro yo and strawberry yogurt, couple dates stuffed with chocolate chips.

Could have forgot a thing or two in there as well. Tonight’s one of those nights where I don’t really care though, I just needed some comfort food. And I couldn’t decide what I wanted so I just kind of had everything haha.

Anyway, it’s definitely time for some sleep. Tomorrow is the weekend! Actually technically today since it’s now past midnight. So with that… have a good one!


13 thoughts on “Squash Every Day

  1. That shopping thing happens to me ALL THE TIME. I’m all excited because HELLO, SHOPPING, but I end up with nothing. Very disappointing.

    Yep, I think I’m going to buy squash today (if I find it).

    I’m sorry about your car. :/

    The weather is still good here in Portugal. It’s kinda been like Spring. Sunny but not too hot.

  2. You sure have been on the go! The weather has been pretty bad all week, eh? Ugh…At least this morning is looking kinda bright.

    Great eats! I’ve got a few b-nut squash sitting on my counter that I picked out of my garden. They’re SO good!

  3. Sorry to hear about your car! And yeah, the weather has been terrible. I drove 2.5 hours yesterday entirely in the rain (apparently I was driving through that rainy crap as it was moving north). Made me want to curl up with a mug of tea and a blanket for sure!

    That squash looks great! I’m visiting my parents for the weekend and when my mom gave me squash as a dinner veg option I jumped all over it. Yum!

    Hope next week is better for you! I guess you have one thing to look forward to – no 8:30am class :)

  4. I could eat squash at every meal too!! In fact it’s quite the common occurence.. same with prunes! You must try them dipped in nut butter.. its fantastic!!

    I’m sorry about your poor car! Ugh! :(

  5. Boo to inhaling breakfast!! It’s the worst – I always want to sit and savor my meals which doesn’t jive with my schedule at times. Double boo to shopping trips that end up empty handed :( How disappointing!

    Holy sqaush-a-moly! Delish!! Yikes to the car situation! I hope that your car is alright and I’m glad that YOU are alright! Hope you’ve been having a great weekend after all that :)

  6. i need to get back on the squash bandwagon!!!! i am totally missing my acorn. YUM. sorry to hear about your lack of shopping success (well, and the car too, but the CLOTHES count more i think)…i havent found any great fall clothes yet but COATS…i have purchased not one but two fall coats in the last week. crazy? or amazing….

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