Blame it on the Rain

So my Monday wasn’t so Marvelous after all. I think it was like the anti-marvelous. Just one of those days where the world is against you. I didn’t really love it. But it’s gone and done and we’re onto Tuesday, a day for which I have had no expectations of greatness nor dismality (don’t know if that’s really a word but I like it anyway).
It was okay overall but in the end, not so great either.
Boo to the pessimism. I blame it on the rain, the grey and the overall dreary weather. And everything else but it’s easier to just say it’s the weather’s fault and leave it at that.

I’ll make this a speedy one since I have a pile of readings that I should be doing instead right now. And I’ll try to keep the blah at bay for the rest of this. Sorry :(


It was a green start to my morning, with a cold green smoothie followed by a hot green tea.

Frozen peach, frozen banana, two handfuls of spinach, water + almond milk, flax and a small scoop of vanilla soy protein powder went into the mix.

I was slightly surprised that this kept my hunger at bay for a good few hours, but the unspoken of bites of leftover beans and cottage cheese prior to smoothie consumption might have helped too.


I went to class and fully ripped up the back of my heels after choosing to wear a new pair of (cheap) flats to school. Bad call. Every step was painful and I had many steps to make since I had to park a mini trek away from the school. I was planning on staying on campus for the brief one hour break between classes and doing some reading but there was no way I was suffering through wearing that footwear choice any longer so I booked it home during my break for a quick bite, some bandaging and a different choice of shoe.

The thrown together lunch of sorts: spinach, mushrooms, carrots, plain tofu, leftovers of:chicken, rice and pasta, dressing of: salsa and dijonnaise. I had very minimal eating time, hence the randomness. It was pretty tasty though.


I went back for another class and then was able to come home, do a workout and eat some dinna.

The container included a shaken salad filled with spinach, cabbage slaw and carrots, and the mini plate included what the rest of my fam was eating: heated up frozen veg (water chestnuts!), baby potatoes with roasted red pepper hummus and a wee bit of meatloaf.


Later on I got down to some school work which has been torturous. I feel like I’m running on the spot, which is all fine and dandy when it’s done on the treadmill but not when I’m trying to make some sense of progress in my readings! I don’t know what’s going on this year but my concentration and drive just isn’t here.

I eventually broke for a pumpkin-y snack, which helped a wee bit.
Pumpkin, cinnamon, plain yogurt, peach and chopped dried fruit.
I also dug into the Choco Chip Weetabix. Addict.


The night ended with me not feeling accomplished enough yet opting for bed, lying in bed and not being able to fall asleep anyway, having a restless, hot and straight up bizarre-dream filled sleep and waking up only moderately rested.

Onto today!


So I woke up extra early because I had to go to my first day at my required community service placement for my developmental psychology class. I’m doing it at my old elementary school, helping out in the junior/senior kindergarten class.

Prior to going I ate a quick pumpkin/protein powder mess while doing a bit of geography reading on the comp.
Pumpkin, plain yogurt, cinnamon, vanilla soy protein powder, cut up peach. I let it all chill in the freezer for about ten minutes. Mm.


I didn’t really know what to expect when working in the school, especially since it’s been a long while since I’ve even been exposed to young children at all but I had a really good time! The kidlets are pretty adorable and being around them and their innocent and vibrant energy just made me feel happy. I was there from 9-11 in the morning and will be going every Tuesday morning for two hours for the fall term.

After hanging out with them, watching them eat their lunches and then sending them outside I headed back home for some food and readings before running off to class.

The pumpkin mess didn’t hold me over that long so I was pretty ready for some lunch by 11:30. Salad with some chopped chicken, leftover rice and beans mix and a blob of Sabra Baba did the trick.


I also had a pick-me-up Iced Coffee.


I spent the next few hours in class, nothing too exciting on that front. I cracked out the puffy vest to head to classes today though, it is getting COLD out there. Winter’s a coming and I’m not looking very forward to it. The darkness is coming way too early as well. I keep thinking it’s practically bedtime when it’s hardly 8pm, say what?

Since my lunch was early, so was my dinner, which I made not longer after arriving home from my last class. In an effort for something quick, moderately healthy and to get rid of old leftovers at the same time, I pulled out the last portion of my Noodless Vegetable Lasagna that had been sitting in my freezer for months. I heated it up and topped it with marinara and a sprinkling of extra old cheddar and it was as good as fresh.


Some of that Choco Chip Weetabix stuff may have made a post-dinner appearance, paired with almond milk and a spoonful of strawberry yogurt until melted into mushy perfection.


And, well, this wasn’t as speedy as I had hoped it would be. I managed to get some readings done tonight but my list for the day is not near complete and bed (hopefully) lies about an hour away so I’m gonna call it quits.

My google reader is also very quickly piling up and I’ve hardly given myself a chance to do any catch up on that front at all. Super sorry, I’ll hopefully get to some reading and commenting asap. Once I don’t feel quite as worried about some of this school stuff…sigh.

I wish you all much more positive moods than mine. I’m going to try to pick myself up towards the end of this week. I think I can, I think I can…

Ciao for now ~


18 thoughts on “Blame it on the Rain

  1. You’re one busy girl! And yet you continue to eat the most colorful and healthy foods, I love it. You’re great inspiration for everyone out there who says they are “Too busy” to eat healthy. I love all of your choices, and even the tofu in the salad! Usually I wouldn’t eat plain tofu but your salad had all the perfect components and I bet the tofu was a great addition.

  2. i like to blame it on the rain too! ah i hate flats that tear up your heels :( ah you totally just made me decide i need to put pumpkin in my greek yogurt ASAP! thank you!

  3. Aww i’m sorry bout your sucky day! I hate those days! Hopefully the world is on your side today :)

    Delicious food as usual! I always have to follow up smoothies with hot tea.. smoothies make me freezing!

    And your on my blogroll now.. why the heck didn’t I have you before?? crazy!! :D

  4. Feel free to cut yourself some slack. Let yourself off the hook a bit – no need to feel like you need to do everything all at once. Take some time for yourself! You deserve it!

    Now all I need to do is follow my own advice more often >.< =P

    -Allison (Balance in Bites)

  5. Aww, be happy!! :) I’m sorry you’ve been so stressed and overwhelmed girl. I’m in the exact same position-working on school work all day and just feeling over it when there’s more to do at night. It’s never ending, right?? Ha ha

    WELL, at least you’ve been eating some amazing things…in my opinion!
    I’m in love with the tofu/salad/mustard/rice combo. And that pumpkin-yogurt mess!! I’ll probably have that later tonight, but with pumpkin SPICE (that’s all I have) instead of actual pumpkin….maybe some cereal too! xoo

  6. ahh i see you use the magic bullet! I dont know what I did before I got this kitchen gadget!! I use it every day!

    i cant believe how cold it is already!! its like oct 1st hit and BOOM down 20 degrees!! time to whip out the sweaters and jackets!!

  7. YEAHHH rainy weather gets me down too. :( Chicago has been storming this week and it’s putting a dampen on my usually high spirits!! BOOOO. Don’t let it get you down Kristie!!!

    hahah i saw your mushed up wheetabix into the yogurt and thought DAMN taht is MY kind of breakfast/dessert/whatever!!! People give me the hardest time about how my food is always mushy (including ice-cream), but i love it that way!!! :) Glad to know we’re on the same team!!

  8. Hope the end of your week got brighter — I heard the rain was pretty nasty in your area. We’ve had countless grey days in Ottawa, too.

    How DO you make pumpkin messes look so delicious?! Mine always look… messy. But not in a good, I-want-to-eat-this kind of way. Someday, someday, mine will look yummy too! :)

    Have a great weekend.

  9. Here’s hoping the school stress goes away soon. I know how you feel about not feeling like you are keeping up. It will sort itself out – plus you have that fun community placement to look forward to now as wel :)

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