Pasta Attacks and Weetabix Family Fun

One word for today: BLAH.

I spent almost the entirety of it on my bum, laptop and textbooks glued to each side of me, scanning page after page of blurring words in attempts to be somewhat caught up with the chapters and chapters of readings I should be done by now. I’m not a fan of this school thing right at this moment, I’ll tell you that much.

Didn’t help that I was out too late and had a wee bit too much fun last night, resulting in my feeling tired, cranky and crappy all day today.

Which definitely didn’t help with making good food choices either.
Which consequently definitely didn’t help in making me feel good in any way, shape or form. It’s all the cereals fault.

Upon waking this morning I was not hungry in the least. Probably a result of the late night leftover pasta attack I had. Eventually when the tiniest hunger hit I attempted to make a combined breakfast/lunch meal out of cereal.

Here’s a bowl that I ate the contents of. It had some cereal in it, along with some pumpkin, yogurt and frozen banana. It was good. Very good.


However, before this bowl I had a field day with the Weetabix family.


I dug into all of these boxes. Many times over (The Chocolate Crisp is my new addiction). Consequently I had brick-in-stomach syndrome for many many hours after this.

Nearing dinner time I was ready for a wee snack-attack alongside my geography readings. Much leftover pasta is unshown but was not unconsumed.


Dinner was feeling a little fiesta-y. Here we’ve got some chicken, some rice, some corn, tomatoes, black beans… all good stuff. It lacked a bit of flavour but a dash of buffalo sauce and a stir of salsa later and it was rolling in tastiness. 023

And I just very regretfully realized that I forget to take pictures of the Halloween COOKIES I ate later on this evening! Good thing Google knows what I’m talking about. These things are amazing straight out of the oven. Next day not so much. But out of the oven… hot and melty addiction. I was going to have half. Instead I had two and a half.

found on google

Roollllllback to…


The Chocolate Crisp cereal addiction presented itself high on mighty as part of this breakfast, alongside fresh chopped fruit and a big swirl of pumpkin mixed with strawberry yogurt and cinnamon.


I worked Saturday, where I ate a not-so-pretty salad, apple, Fibre One bar lunch.

Saturday night dinner was where the pasta that was the culprit of the leftover pasta attacks was first born. This was a pasta dish that included pasta sauce, sundried tomatoes, spinach and mushrooms. It was darn good, so much so that I ate like thirty helpings + thirty more helpings of fresh hot-from-the-oven bread slathered in roasted red pepper hummus. No wonder I felt like a rock after this.


I tried to do a sprint interval run post dinner. Worst idea ever. I literally almost lost my dinner.

Then I went out for a night of drinking, dancing and glowstick waving. I guess they decided it would be cool to throw glowsticks at the crowd. I guess I agreed because I spent the rest of the night hoarding every single one I could find. I gave a few away (reluctantly) to people who asked nicely. I should have taken advantage of the people who thought I was selling them and instead of telling them no, told them a buck a piece. I could have had some good cash flow coming in that night!

Then I came home, pasta attack happened, sleeping happened.

Rewind further…

Thursday + Friday

We’ll go over this one quickly and in a combined day fashion.

I strained some plain yogurt to make makeshift GREEK (get your butt to Canada already Greek yogurt, would ya? And that one single tub of the very full fat stuff on the grocery shelves does not count) and it made my breakfast a happy moment.


And there was some more Weetabix family cereal feasts going on… with pumpkin, yogurt and fruit joining in on the fun.


It was on Friday that the Chocolate Crisp first came into my life, courtesy of Costco.


Also courtesy of Costco: Great big duo pack of Jalapeno Sabra. Boo yeah!035

Courtesy of our garden: Lovely little picturesque baby tomatoes


And the rest, courtesy of our food stash:

Slaw, carrots, Fu, leftovers.


That would be cottage cheese rolled inside a turkey slice. I wanted some kind of cheese in there… that was the first one I came upon after the mold-topped cream cheese. I thought ah what the heck and went with it, why not?


Salad and pasta salad. The salad was double this size but I contained half after I accidentally went haywire with the pasta salad and gave myself pasta-salad-brick-in-stomach. What is my deal with pasta this week?! And bread… and cereal…


See, I eventually ate the containered other half of the salad, topped with a few pieces of chicken and a blob of Sabra Baba.



Oh fresh bread. Oh mound of roasted red pepper hummus. Oh bites of heaven.


So after this weekend I’ve concluded that I need to:
– Work more diligently on class readings
– Work more diligently on eating like a normal human being
Never eat pasta again Yeah. RIGHT.
In all honesty though I think I need to be a little more sound in my eating habits this week. Smarten up sonny! We’ll see how it goes.

Oh, and I’m trying to bring back the alternating days of 100 squats/pushups/abs. I did it back in March without missing a day and I’m slowly but surely trying to reintroduce it again to bring back some muscle def. I missed today. Whoops. But otherwise I’ve been pretty good and come October it’s crackdown.

With that, I need to get to bed. I’m hoping tomorrow will be more of a case of the Marvelous Mondays than the Miserable Mondays. That could very well be determined by what time I succeed in getting to sleep though, so I’m off to try to up my luck before it’s too late literally.



14 thoughts on “Pasta Attacks and Weetabix Family Fun

  1. OMG those chocolate chip Wheetabix’s look AMAZING! I’ve never seen them before though. Booo me wantie! And I love those holiday cookies!! The dough is the best part :-)

  2. Oh I like the cottage cheese wrapped inside the turkey! When I was younger my father and I used to eat bologna with cream cheese inside….ewww, talk about unhealthy! But, very tasty.

    The bean and rice dish looks fantastic. Nice and fall-ish :)

  3. I’ve never had a Wheetabix and every. single. time. I come to your blog you make me want them!! Are they filling? They sound like they’d be awesome with pumpkin!

  4. OKAY. SO!

    1. i made a video
    2. bc of #1, you must do the same bc i have had been blushin on you (blog + crush) forevskis and well. i wanna see the love in person yo!
    3. i need to do YOUR #2 as well. i think its so interesting that when i spend so much time tryng to go against mother nature, she shows me that it ain’t gon’ happen. baller.


  5. Once you get past the first week of school, it looses it’s excitement. Boo to homework!

    Those cookies remind me of my childhood! LOVES!! You should have sold the glow sticks for drinks ;)

    I hope you are having a MARVELOUS Monday!!

  6. oooooooooo mama. you are so funny! i wish i was dancing and glo sticking witchu last weekend!!! my weekend was pretty lame with the going out.

    i love your eats and the wheetabix action.

    hope you monday is marvelous! mine aint miserable but im def feeling UG.

    love u kristie bear!

  7. there are always so many things to say about your long posts! i can never remember it all. hmmm i loved the look of those cute cookies but i dont love sugar cookies. that spread of cereal is right up my alley and JALEPENO SABRA?! i could only be so lucky to find it. oh and the pasta looked divine! i am sure i missed a lot of what i wanted to say but now this is just long :P

  8. Mmmmm Wheetabix!!! I want to try the choc chip sooo badly.

    I know this sounds odd, but I kinda like that you eat the way normal people do. If pasta is good, you best believe I’m going back for more. And more. And more!

    Jalapeno Sabra!?! Whattt!! OK, I’m coming over. Be prepared. I’ll bring pita chips, crackers, bread and maybe some veg for dipping. Let’s do this! xo.K

  9. Oh, you shouldn’t swear off pasta – it’s not a bad thing :) Just find a way to not eat it to the point of stomach pain.

    And that chocolate Weetabix looks like it would be good. I’ve never seen it before in the stores. Actually, I don’t think I’ve even ever tried any Weetabix cereal before. Crazy.

    I think I’m going to have to convince my mom to go on a Costco trip just for Sabra hummus. I bought 1 small conatiner on sale yesterday, and it was still $4.69. Expensive!

  10. hi! it’s my first time visiting your blog, but I was just wondering, do they sell any Greek Yogurt in Costco (canada)?
    I recently made the card for Costco, and I LOVE Greek Yogurt, but I’m not so sure if they have any in Costco.

    • Hey there Stephie. I’ve never seen Greek yogurt for sale in Costco. I actually have never really found Greek yogurt for sale *anywhere *in Canada. The only way I’ve ever really had it before is by making my own. To do that I just buy containers of plain yogurt and strain the liquid out of them by dumping the yogurt into a strainer lined with cheesecloth and placing over a large bowl, letting it straing overnight. This makes the yogurt extra thick and apparently very similar to actual Greek yogurt.

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