The Healing Powers of Fruit and Vinegar

I think I have a mild cold. My voice has been coming and going these past few days (practically lost it completely on Monday) and I woke up with a sore throat this morning. Blah.

The first step to repair? Fruits! Lots of fruits.
Half kiwi, half orange, full strawberries in solid form.
Half banana, half peach, handful of spinach plus splashes of almond milk and POM in liquid form. This was especially refreshing and fruity today. YUM.

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Coffee, class, and more class.

I had an hour break in between classes so for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to run home because I didn’t feel like kicking around the campus. I still don’t think it was a bad idea persay but it was rushed to say the least. Though I managed to have just enough time for some tasty home grub.

Chop chop salad with honey mustard dressing and cottage cheese, plus a side tuna topped tortilla triangle.


And a giant french pressed coffee that I pretty much chugged in my last few minutes before running out the door. Caffeine was a necessity today for some reason.

After more class I came home with an urge for some treadmill running but then I realized that my headphones were broken and we have NO SPARE PAIRS in this house. I was overly sad about this. Now I have to go cheap headphone hunting. Any recommendations, preferably ones that stay put while running?

So I joined Billy Blanks for an hour of Tae bo instead. It’s been a while so it was kind of nice to switch it up.

Come dinnertime I may have swiped my brother’s leftover half of a turkey Subway sub that was soggifying in the fridge for a couple days. Don’t tell him. He wouldn’t have wanted soggy sub anyway!

Uhhh yeah that white square chunk there is the sub. I may have been picking, slicing and munching on it while actually plating it. I was hungry! Middle veg dippers include a spoonful of hummus, baba and dijonnaise. That ugly blob on the right is a piece of cabbage roll.


And I munched on more veggies + cottage cheese. And more cabbage roll out of the pot.


Then there was a nearly empty container of yogurt in my fridge and that just doesn’t fly with me. So I filled it a bit with flax and frozen mango chunks and got it the heck out of there.


Then I sat around and watched GLEE, bought Oktoberfest tickets and tried to organize myself a bit in terms of school work.


But because I’m ahead of myself a day, let’s now go back to


I ate some especially creamy oats in the morning. It’s been a while since I’ve added yogurt to my oats but Tuesday seemed like a good day to do it.

So into the pot went some oats, water and extra ripe banana, cooked all the way through. Vanilla yogurt stirred in towards the end. All into the bowl and then topped with almond butter mixed with almond milk and SF syrup for a pleasantly sweet morning.



I did a treadmill run (This is when my headphones stopped working properly. Luckily it was right towards the end of the run. Otherwise I might have cried a little. Though I may have cried a little anyway. Or just yelled a few obscenities at the basement walls) before having to run off to class.

Post run I dug into some leftover chicken cacciatore. I ate it over steamed spinach and topped with buffalo sauce. Though I ate most of it straight from the container first. 032

Class was… class.

Then I treated myself to the most dangerous Goldfish you ever did eat.
The snack that bites back, GOLFISH.


And a home remedy. One tsp Apple Cider Vinegar to Two Tbsp Water, gargled and swallowed (for extra potassium?). My throat wasn’t very happy after class and I’ve heard positive things about ACV. Anyone else an Apple Cider Vinegar fan? What do you use it for? I hear a lot of health benefits but I don’t know quite what to believe. Either way, it’s kind of tasty :)047


Towards dinner I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted but I knew I had intentions of making homemade hummus for a while now and after seeing The Broccoli Hut Goddess Hummus I couldn’t wait any longer to do so.

I made the amount suggested, sampled a bit, then promptly doubled the batch. Mmm I love hummus.


Dinner was perfection. Baked tofu and sweet potato fries, does it get any better? I had about double the amount of fries to begin with, but I was proud that even that many made it from pan to plate without a pit stop into my mouth.


I ate a whole bunch of fruit and drink a whole bunch of hot beverages after dinner. It was good times.


But now I think I need to sleep. What I should really do is work on school stuff but it’s getting late, I’m getting tired, and I need a bit of a mood boost which is not going to come from cracking open a textbook right now.
Night all!


22 thoughts on “The Healing Powers of Fruit and Vinegar

  1. oh no, i hope you dont get a full blown sickness! it is going around here. i think it was the sudden drop in temp. that chop salad looks tasty. fruit and liquids is good thinking! get some rest girl!

  2. Your posts always make me want cottage cheese (even more than I normally do!).
    Glad you tested out the Goddess hummus! I’m pretty sure I could eat about a pound of that by myself:)

  3. haha, you don’t want to know what I use apple cider vinegar for!! Ok, I’ll tell you. :) I use it to catch fruit flies!! In the summer we get fruit flies in our apartment often, so I leave out a glass of apple cider vinegar and they fly right into it, haha, they are dumb!

  4. haha I just love the way you eat! a little of dis, a little of dat!!!

    those goldfish sound good! pizza time!

    hurray for gorgeous snack plates, fresh fruit, hummussssssssssss, baked tofu and the most gorgey sp fries, and omg subway turkey subs- which I used to ALWAYS!!

    go tae bo! i haven’t done that for about 6 years, but those were the days at skate camp!!

    love you Kristie!! hope you are feeling 100%!!!

  5. Take care of the cold, girl! There’s some nasty ones going around.

    My kids go through Gold Fish like nobody’s business. Glad to see that we have the pizza “flavour” here now! :)

  6. as the author of the healing powers of vinegar (the cover blurb is created by Patricia Bragg! I see you have her vinegar; me too, in the fridge), i can attest that this may help fight off any flu/cold bug…and olive oil is not to be overlooked. nutrient-dense fruits and vinegars are a great way to stay healthy this fall!

    yesterday while swimming (yes, exercise is a great immune-booster, too), many of us “fish” claimed we’re not getting the flu shot but staying well with healthful food and exercise. take care. i remember my grad school days, back to back classes (commuted 100 miles each way to SFSU)…wow, the energy to do college…

  7. That makes me happy that you use sf syrup!! I’m kind of addicted to it and it gets a bad rep. Not sure why.. it’s delicious!!

    I hope your not getting sick! Feel better soon!

  8. hey kristie! hope you feel better asap! i just wanted to say that i love your blog! it’s become one of my faves actually. your food always looks so good & inspires me!! i like how you manage to stay creative by eating a little bit of everything ;)

  9. Um, goldfish. Hello, loves. It’s so refreshing to see Pizza Explosions on a blog.

    I’ve never used ACV for anything! Shame, fa sho. BUT please don’t get sick! I say pound the berries and veg! Hope you’re feeling a teeny bit better already!

    OH! And Glee!!! Isn’t it the best?! Loves.

  10. I am SO jealous of your sabra babaganoush hummus! so jealous. :)

    and mmm, you CANNOT go wrong with a baked tofu + sweet p fries dinner. something i miss dearly!!!!

    hope you got a nice night’s sleep, good luck with the homework girl! xoo

  11. yes i do love the braggs apple cider vinegar!!! I mix it with some dijon mustard and EVOO and make a delish salad dressing!!

    oh teh half container or yogurt or cottage cheese does NOT fly with me either, when I see that I mix all sorts of goodies in there and finish it off!

  12. aw, sorry you arent feeling well! definitely take it easy and go to town with the vitamin c. my coworker was just talking about glee! he made us watch the football scene and told us that it’s the best show ever. he is 40 and loves sports so if he’s really that into glee, im inclined to believe him!

  13. Ugh, I had the beginning of school cold as well, and it wasn’t fun. Hopefully you didn’t come down with anything too bad.

    I have a friend that swears by the ACV as a remedy. She also uses it in cooking and for salad dressings. I’m sure it can’t harm you, and if it tastes good, all the better!

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