A Weekend and a Meh Monday

Oh hay Monday (night that is). Kinda glad that you’re over, you were not very special to me. Not terrible, but far from special.

AM munchin was a deceptively small bowl of muesli with banana, a spoonful of strawberry and plain yogurt and a splash of almond milk. It was in a wee bowl but this stuff packs a serious punch to the gut. I was uncomfortably full after this, although I’m sure the coffee, grape handful and unmentionable cereal handful helped with that too. I don’t wanna talk about it.


I went to school only to discover that the streets were lined up many already occupied curbs that I could therefore not park alongside (I handed in my request for uni parking late, doh, and am now stuck on a waiting list…) so I ended up having to park on a street quite a trek away from the school. This normally would have been just peachy had the skies not decided to dump a hard drizzle right as I had to exit my vehicle. Needless to say, the next couple hours of class were a little chilly and a lot soggy.

During an hour break I grabbed a nice hot coffee, trekked back to the car (at least by now the rain had stopped) and went for a brief tool around town to kill some time since I had to move my car before the next class started anyway. Three hour street parking time limits… pfft.

When I finally finished up my classes and got home, I promptly changed into some completely dry and unsoggy sweats and made some snackers to tide me over til dinner.

Cottage cheese, baby carrots, mushrooms, steamed broccoli with marinara plus dijonnaise and Sabra Baba for dipping. Unpictured half rye slice was also eaten.

008 012

Then I sat around on the computer and avoided starting school readings. I’m alright once I get going but BOY is it tough to get going sometimes.

When dinner rolled around I was pretty hungry but promptly returned my stomach to an even worse state of discomfort than the after breakfast state once I finished up this heavy chilly weather dish.

Chicken cacciatore with whole wheat + white pasta over steamed spinach, broccoli and green beans, plus a hunk of garlic bun.



I ate a handful of grapes and a spoonful of yogurt out of after dinner sweet routine but that’s all my poor stomach could handle. I really pushed its limits these past few days, I’ve been uncomfortably full a few too many times. Not so nice.

Then I finally got down to the school work business and got through a bit of textbook reading and note-taking. Emphasis on a bit but it’s a start.
And now I’m about ready for bed but before that happens I’ll finish this up with a recap of my weekend eats.



Woke up early to go to work. Was up late Friday night possibly by reason of clubbing. I scored a free Jagermeister tank top though so the night was a total win. But anyway. Not so hungry in the am.


The countless grapes I ate furthered that no-so-hungry feeling. Seriously, grapes in my fridge = grapes in my stomach. With every single opening of the fridge door.

Lunch was SUBWAY. This may not seem that exciting to some but you know what? This was all kinds of thrilling to me. Do you KNOW how long it’s been since I’ve had a Subway sub? No? I don’t either, that’s how long it’s been. This veggermeister, loaded with 90% of the veggie selection + honey mustard changed me from sub-deprived to sub-satisfied.


Eventually I came home and satisfied a desire for more veg-loaded meals with a salad topped with a plop of amazing refried bean slop, microwave heated with salsa, buffalo sauce and garlic powder for an intensely flavourful dish. My rice cracker side dish included toppings of Sabra Baba, hummus and salsa.

020 014

Sweet eats = mini bowl of Kashi honey puffed cereal, strawberries, yogurt, DCD PB.


I got dragged out Saturday night to accompany a friend in need to a bar to meet up with another friend of ours who has been long lost and MIA, and who continued to be long lost and MIA by never showing up that night. So the night was kind of a bust although otherwise I would have been at home alone just chillin so I didn’t mind too much. I got to watch intoxicated people dance like fools so I had my entertainment for the night.

I may have lonely feasted when I got home though and it wasn’t the prettiest of sights so I didn’t get any pictures. Not that night feasts ever get pictures.



I woke up too early for having gone to bed too late, but I miraculously managed to fall back to sleep (a near impossibility for me I swear) until a more decent hour of tenish?

Though not yet hungry from my night feast, I chilled in bed for a while longer and finished up the last couple episodes of Gossip Girl Season 1! Now I just need to watch my way through Season 2 and I’ll be all caught up. I borrowed Season 1 from my friend on DVD though so I think I need to track down Season 2 online, it should be available online somewhere right? What TV show isn’t nowadays?

Eventually I got hungry enough and was strangely craving just simple egg whites. Mmm.


Then I loaded myself up with some more morning liquids (water and iced coffee) and went back upstairs for the last bites of GG.


Apres GG I did some treadmill running. Then I headed off to a backyard BBQ for some tunes, rays, drinks and circles of chicken on a bun with baby oiled macho men and guys wearing fake afro wigs. It was a solid Sunday evening.

Moving onto the night, I did a friend a favour and accompanied her heartbroken self to the bar for Sunday night retro since she was apparently in need of a drink or two. I love my retro nights though so I was really the one benefitting. Except a drink or two was more like ten so it’s probably wise that I opted to drive since I don’t think I would have trusted her to get home okay on her own…

My poor broski also had some excitement (or much less than excitement) of his own this weekend when he had to go in last night for an emergency surgery that I won’t get into. Poor guy. He’s just fine but homebound for a few days and in all kinds of unpleasant pain. I don’t know how he toughs out half the stuff he does but he’s quite the trooper.


So that would be the weekend and now I’m much due for some sleep so that is where I am headed.
Have a good one!



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13 thoughts on “A Weekend and a Meh Monday

  1. Aw man, being wet and cold is the worst!!

    Subway hits the spot sometimes! I think your veggiemeister looks delicious! I’m sure GG season 2 is somewhere online – have you tried hulu or surfthechannel?

    I hope your bro is alright! That doesn’t sound like fun!!

  2. It’s been rainy here too.. definitely calls for sweats and warm comfort foods!

    I love subway veggie sandwiches! I could never add that many veggies to my home made sandwiches so subway is a real treat! :D

  3. Timed parking sucks. Guelph only gives you 2 hours. :(

    I <3 Subway! It's my family's go-to take out food. And at least it's healthy, right?? ;)

    Great eats as always, Kristie!

  4. Aww, bummer about the broski. Is that what you call your brother? Is that from something, a move or show? I swear I say that too, in fact Nick and I put the “ski” on the end of a lot of words…but I kind of thought we made that up! Maybe I’m wrong. haha.

    I love your chicken cacciatore dish. It reminds me of my childhood because my mom used to make that all the time!

  5. hello darling! i have missed you but now i feel caught up a bit :) sorry about the soggy walk, i hate parking issues. haha, nice score on the tank top! rock it. the pasta dish looks fabulous and i love the coffee mug that says coffee. i hope your brother is ok.. nothing serious i hope. xoxo

  6. I LOVE subways veggie sandwiches + honey mustard. The bread is sooo delicious and dreamy. I mean, as dreamy as it can get for Subway.

    I am the same way with grapes. I eat them by the handfulSSSS and then feel sick. But then it comes time for another meal and it happens again. Woooops!

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