Not So Poached Potential

  Poached egg. Oh how I’ve been craving a poached egg. For SO LONG I’ve been craving this poached egg. I’ve come across many a beautiful photo of incredible poached egg breakfasts and poached egg dishes coming at me left, right and centre.

But I’ve been afraid. Oh so afraid. The sizzling water, the precarious tipping of the egg, the fragile removal of the gentle specimen at just the right moment… too finicky, too difficult.

I had braved an attempt once. Once was all it took to realize that a poached egg natural I was not. From that moment on, I feared that I would never be able to make the perfect poached egg. And so I pushed poached eggs to the back of my mind and did not again return myself to their delicate splendor.

Until now.

May I present to you… my morning breakfast.


Apparently I did not magically become a poached egg master in my sleep.

As cliché as I can possibly be, perhaps “practice makes perfect” is the only way my future poached eggs are going to survive. Special thanks to Bec for her poached egg guidance. I’m thinking the slotted spoon is key and I may need to invest before taking my poached egg attempts to new heights.  
So until then, maybe I’m safer with scrambled.


After my slight breakfast fiasco I headed to my last class of the first week of classes. Week One completed and survived!

I also managed to be a savvy textbook saver after all. I mentioned earlier that I was having no luck in the used textbook hunt but I kept at it and managed to score nearly all of my textbooks used and at ridiculously good prices:
Developmental Psych -  New $144. I paid $50
Applied Social Psych  – New $106.50. I paid $50
Clinical Psych – New $163.50. I paid $60
Physical Geography – New $126.75. I paid $40

I have one set of books that I have to buy full price but they are the cheapest ones on my list. Overall I managed to save nearly $350! Moral of the story? The extra effort to track down used textbooks is worth it.


Now onto the last couple days of EATS


A green monster topped with a sprinkling of wheat germ and coffee squared began my morning.


Classes filled the majority of my day. I snacked on a Larabar and a coffee during some downtime but I was essentially on the go right until dinner so it was much needed when I finally arrived home.

Obviously a speedy dinner was a necessity. There isn’t much that beats the quick speed yet great taste of a veggie burger. Topped with spinach, tomato, dijonnaise, a slice of FF swiss and sided by a cold corn cob and I was eating mere minutes after arriving home.



But that’s clearly not enough food. Bring in the yogurt bowl!

My food Dreams of Dark Chocolate swirled themselves through this bowl of yogurt, bananas, cinnamon and strawberry jam. There may have been unaccounted for spoons of the DCD straight from jar to mouth but we’ll keep that on the DL.


Wednesday night consisted of slacking and no school work since, at this point, I had not yet gotten my hands on any textbooks. Catch up time this weekend perhaps? Good thing the first week is pretty slow on the school work front.



I woke up with visions of oat bran dancing in my head.
But then I opened the fridge to visions of leftover peach crumb pudding dancing in my face. So obviously I ate that first.

The last few precious bites. This was pretty much all that was left. Not quite breakfast-worthy but enough to rev up my taste buds.


After spending a bit of quality time with the stove, I enjoyed my bowl of oat bran filled with banana, wheat germ and PB2 and decked out with the same in the morning sunlight.


Where there are beginnings there are also endings, and with the birth of this bowl came the peaceful death of a much loved jar. It was a good run we had PB2, a good run. Luckily I have the last bits of my Chocolate PB2 jar to help me through a few more mornings before I bid it adieu as well.


Thursday mornings are late starters in terms of classes, meaning time for a mid-morning exercise sesh! This one consisted of a sweaty treadmill run followed by some abtacular crunches.

I wasn’t planning on having anything to eat before I left for school but for some reason I ended up semi starving shortly before going so I threw together a cabbage slaw and cottage cheese bowl. 048

Yeah still pretty starving. I dug into the last of a yogurt container and finally threw in some crumbled peanut butter cookie for a sweet kick.


Then it was off to class. I made my schedule so that majority of my classes are back to back, which is great in terms of being efficient and not having little spurts of time to kill here and there but bad for my concentration level since I’m seriously lacking there to begin with. So by the end of the day I end up watching the clock for the whole last half of the last class. Which just makes time drag that much more. Not so fun.

Because that early snack/lunch deal of mine was much earlier than I had hoped to eat, I was starving when I got home. Luckily it was just about time enough to be reasonably considered dinner without still being the middle of the afternoon so I just went at ‘er and cracked open some refried beans. I’d been parted from them basically all summer for no real reason whatsoever, so this reacquaintance was much loved.

With them beans I did something special and made a refried bean quesadilla! It was special to me at least…

– In a pan I heated broccoli, tomatoes, red pepper and spinach with some chicken broth.
– In the microwave I heated the refried beans with salsa, garlic powder and buffalo sauce.
– In a tortilla I spread some avocado, the heated bean mix, the heated vegetable mix, and some more salsa, then pan fried it all to crispy perfection and got my dinner on!

065 074

The veggies didn’t all fit into the tortilla so I ate them on the side with a little dose of balsamic vinaigrette. 

The Post-Dinner Sweet was a mini bowl of Weetabix and Vector with cut up peach and chocolate almond milk. Yes that’s a blue-tinted light on the bowl. My mom bought this wind-up flashlight thing and I figured dessert deserved to be in the spotlight. :)079

I also ate some frozen banana-almond butter “sandwiches” like so:



So here we are now into


Aside from my poached egg breakfast (which, despite its pathetic appearance, was quite delicious) I managed to turn my day into an excessive cereal consumption day. The carbs were calling me all day and apparently today = zero resistance because I obliged and ate them by the cereal-filled handful.

Therefore my lunch was much unpictured cereal eaten standing at the pantry, straight from the box. It happened. It’s over. We move on and eat veggies for dinner instead haha.

But uh… first comes the fresh bread. A carb calling day still remains a carb calling day into dinner time and fresh bread is the carbiest of the carb.

We did groceries. This loaf was still warm when we got it home.


Sabra Baba! First try of the goodness. I’m kind of a baba junkie and this is good. Although I don’t think anything beats my babaganoush-in-a-can. I love that stuff. 


The monster veggie bowl dinner, complete with cottage cheese and some of the Sabra Baba (plus spinach, mushrooms, baby carrots, red pepper, tomatoes, steamed broccoli and a really random sour cream-based dressing).


Then there were grapes by the handful (an improvement on cereal by the handful).


And then there was THIS.

070 067

We had a coupon so this giant tub of Maple Walnut fro yo delight was only $1.99. I’m a coupon fan, what can I say.

I decked my bowl out with a peanut butter drizzle and a pumpkin mellocreme. Oh yes it’s that time of year again. Welcome FALL!



The week is done, and the weekend is calling.
Adios Week!
Bonjour Weekend!


37 thoughts on “Not So Poached Potential

  1. I’m actually so obsessed with saving money on textbooks. I get really excited when I hunt them down for less than half of what they cost new :)

  2. Poached or not it still looks delicious! You basically stole your textbooks – NICE FINDS!!

    “There isn’t much that beats the quick speed yet great taste of a veggie burger.” So true! Fresh, warm bread is one of life’s best pleasures. You’re making me want some right now. Do you think there will be any at 9:15PM?

    True story: I OD’d on those pumpkin candies one year and haven’t been able to look at them since. That was over 10 years ago! Also true story: an empty jar of PB2 is a sad sight :(

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hungry girl has a recipe for poached eggs and it actually worked when I followed her recipe surprisingly!

    What kind of tortillas do you buy? That quesidilla looks professional!

    And that dessert with the little pumpkin candy on top? Your killing me!! I’m drooling!

  4. I really have to try that PB2, everyone always talks about it and I feel left out! haha, I will ask for some for Christmas, Santa!

    Your veggie burger looks so delicious, and gourmet! I love it, it’s like art. Oh, and thanks for the recommendations for poaching eggs. Slotted spoon, eh? I need to get one of those! I have yet to perfect the poached egg. More practice, perhaps?!

  5. Delicious eats my dear! I just about finished my PB2 jar this morning, but thank goodness I have another 2 jars waiting for me. I’m thinking why not use the jar for oats in a jar!!!

  6. my trick to poaching eggs is to add vinegar to the boiling water, then crack the egg into a small cup first and pour it quickly and compactly, so it somewhat keeps the shape. the vinegar makes it cling together and doesnt change the taste! works like a charm!

    that dilla looks amazing. so gourmet! and that bread…ooooh i almost went out and bought a loaf after reading your post. but i refrained, since it would have been for one and i clearly would have eaten the whole thing :)

  7. This post is DOPE.
    I love that you nailed those textbook prices all like….WHAT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ______(fill in your fav gangsta swear word- plural) !!! (AND P.S. please DO tell us what you are learning about! Being a Psych major, i def wana hear…..and learn ….from my fav. KRISTIE!!)

    love the loaf of bread……and when it is still warm……i remember that often while living in canada!

    and CONGRATS on a pretty poached egg yo!

    you are also making me miss refried beans, quesadillas, AND green monsters. all at once. you are so skilled, lady!

    ANDDDDDDDDDD, what else?!

    go ice cream!!!!!! and go cute-a$$ banana sammys! ADOR.

    take care BEAUTIFUL LADYYYYYYYYYYYYY! When you guna come visit me so we can go dancing?!

  8. Good job on scoring those cheap textbooks. I only got one of mine used, and it was still freakin’ $149! Damn biochemistry.

    You make me want to eat yogurt with all those beautiful messes you always have. I think I need to bring it back as a snack more often.

  9. I don’t know why but that dijon on top of your veggie burger looks absolutely heavenly to me right now! :)

    Sabra BABA?!?!?! i must have been in a bubble – i didnt even know they were making that! now I MUST find!

  10. Don’t know if anyone has mentioned it, but I recently became a poached egg convert. After a few botched attempts, I learned the secret. Vinegar. Add a glug to the water and all will work fine. I swear!

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