OMG We’re Back Again….

(Shout out to the BSB?)

It’s that time again…Back to the classes.

I just finished up my second day of third year and have experienced all of my classes at least once. They all seem pretty decent and I like my schedule so things are looking good so far!
My earliest day is Wednesday at 8:30 but that’s only every two weeks, otherwise it starts at 10:30. Tuesdays and Thursdays start at 1:00. All of my days are over by earliest 12:30, latest 4. I have no days off but Fridays are only one 50 minute class so I can’t complain.

I haven’t picked up any of my textbooks yet though… terrible, I know. I was trying to search for some used bargains online but not a whole lotta luck on that front. It looks like I’ll be buying most full price… blah. I went to the bookstore today and there was a line all the way down the hall… I decided I’d try again tomorrow haha.

My classes this fall term:
– Physical Geography (A first year course. Didn’t quite cover all of my requirements in first year when I didn’t yet know what I wanted to major in)
– Intro to Clinical Psychology
– Communications – Image, Sound and Text
– Applied Social Psychology
– Developmental Psychology I

I have to say, I’m glad to be back. Glad to have a reason to get out of the house everyday, glad to be in an environment where there are people everywhere rather than being cooped up alone in my house with nothing to do. Glad to bring back some kind of structure, routine and purpose. And frankly just glad to have some change. I enjoy the freedom of summer… but it gets old pretty fast. Welcome back school! (My enthusiasm will most likely be significantly less by next week)


On the topic of FOOD.
My eats the past few days have been a lot more snack focused and a lot less meal focused. Wait, that’s been my entire summer. But that being said, I haven’t had a significant turn around in the way I eat these past few days. I’ve been on the nosh. Because of that I don’t have good photographic evidence of all my eats, so here’s a random schmattering.


Today I have evidence of most of my eats. Score!

Breakfast was some chilly oats in a mug mixed with apple, banana, yogurt…and other stuff I can’t remember. Oh yeah, there was some PB2 in there!


And handfuls of this crap. Please don’t buy it. It’s awful. And terribly addicting. It’s my bro’s cereal of choice so it frequents our pantry shelves. Where are you willpower?!


I forgot the giant iced coffee I chugged too.

I tried to do a treadmill run while watching the last episode of disc 4 of season 1 of Gossip Girls. It was a terrible effort. For some reason my body wasn’t having it. I think it was the combo of some leftover weekend sleep deprivation combined with the earliest workout I’ve done in a while (it was before noon, not my style this summer). I still managed to crack out 35 minutes of running/high incline speed walking plus another 15ish minutes of weights/lunge/squat moves. It wasn’t a fun one though.

I showered and at an early lunch plate of sorts before heading to school.
This plate mess: wee bites of leftover savoury oats, leftover rice stir fry, tempeh, snap peas, red pepper, baby carrots, dijonnaise for dipping and a hunk of cold corn cob.


Plus some peach yogurt and frozen blueberries. 033

Class class class. Timmys coffee and an apple kept me fuelled.

Home home home. I was ready for dinner by hardly 5 oclock.

I cracked open the most beautiful tub you’ve ever seen. Oh Roasted Red Pepper Hummus, how I adore thee. 043

After some serious bread and carrot dipping, I made another snacky plate-like dinner. Steamed broccoli with marinara, a blob of mashed cauliflower, a mini chicken spinach sandwich on rye and a hunk of fresh pure white bread loaf.

Then it was time for a forever fav yogurt mess bowl (after eating handfuls of honey puffed cereal. I hate cereal, can you tell?) with plain and strawberry yogurt, banana, and a hunk of crumbled zucchini muffin + crumbled pb cookie. 054

I added some dried dates and prunes as an afterthought. Best afterthought ever. 063

I was full as full can be but when my brother came home and cooked up a frozen pizza for himself I had to have a sliver (or two) because, well, we haven’t had frozen pizza forever! Or any kind of pizza for that matter. And it used to be my favourite food. It’s been a while Pizza, it’s been a while!



Other special weekend eats included:

Chicken mixed with marinara and buffalo sauce over steamed spinach.


Scrambled egg whites with all the fixins.


Cereal. DO NOT LIKE. (Ehem.. lies)


Snack plate with all the good stuff (tuna, hummus, raw cauli, tempeh, red pepper, tomato, mushroom…mmmm)


Plain yogurt, crumbled zucchini muffin, almond butter… practically overflowing with good taste!


Whole wheat spaghetti with marinara, garlic bun, beans, salmon cooked BBQ style. Best.



The most dangerous dessert ever… peach crumb pudding. I practically had to beg my mother not to make this. It clearly didn’t work. I can’t have this in the house. Literally CANNOT. I could literally eat it all. In one sitting. My stomach would probably murder me shortly after but it takes every ounce of restraint in me not to eat this until I pass out from sugar coma.



I ate a bunch of other stuff that was just ugly. Or that I was just too lazy to plate. :)


Alright. It’s hardly 10 at night but I think I’m just about ready to drift off. Gotta get up earlyish for class tomorrow anyway.


24 thoughts on “OMG We’re Back Again….

  1. I know how you feel about getting back to school…as much as I love summer, I was so glad to be back into it again! I felt so unproductive.

  2. School is crazy! It’s like a love/hate relationship.. it keeps me busy and I like learning but I hate the stress!

    I love your cold oats combination! Do you throw in a whole apple or do you just have random fruits cut up in the fridge?

  3. I know what you mean about being back in a routine. It can get lonely an depressing sometimes without it! And red pepper hummus is the best hummus. Ever.

  4. glad you are back! never commented on your blog before but i read it all the time! keeping up with blogging is such a time-consuming task for such a young person and for a full-time student! as a psyc minor and also a teacher, i can tell you that social psyc and dev. psyc is life-changing for the better! for me anyways…made me a much more open-minded and accepting person..

  5. It is good to get back to the routine of school/work, I know I feel like that sometimes after a long weekend.
    All your eats look so different and exciting, I really enjoy reading.
    btw I love the spoon with the strawberry on the end :)

  6. Good choices on the classes! I’ve actually taken them all except for comm. I still have to make it to the bookstore too… to buy my $170 text for developmental II. I went on a huge rant when I found out how much my book was!

    That peach dessert looks amazing!! I’d probably eat terrible amounts of it too.

    The rest of your food looks great! Do you ever find it hard to keep up with making healthy/creative things during school? I get so lazy with it, especially since I work in the late afternoon a lot and don’t get home until 5-6pm, and then I’m starving.

  7. AMEN to that paragraph of why you’re glad to be back in school. As much as I may complain about work/labs I always look forward to getting back into a routine.

    I love the spoon you used to eat your oats – so cute! Your slivers of pizza always crack me up! I don’t know why I just think it’s cute how little they are :)

    That crumb topping?! LOVES!!

  8. Your post title got me! I’m going to have BSB stuck in my head all day. Not that I don’t get them stuck in my head all the time anyway. They are just too catchy!

  9. You must have the best stocked fridge of any blogger out there — the variety on your plates is ridiculous in the most delicious way! Yum yum yummmmm.

    And Vector. Yeah. Vector = fastest way to experience cereal addiction. It’s an addiction that’s brutally hard to kick, too. Man that stuff was good.

  10. That peach cobbler looks amazing. Holy crap.

    And I totally understand your love of cereal. Give me any kind of crunchy carbs, put them in a bowl with a spoon, and pour some milk over ’em, and I’m in love.


  11. OMG peach cobbler/any dessert with a BROWN SUGAR OATY CRUMB TOPPING IS TDF (to DIE FOR)!!!!!! My mom used to make a apple crisp with fuji apples and I would literally eat it for breakfast …and then go to sleep due to 35462452 grams of sugar. SO GOOD !!!

    And I actually am sooo happy being back at school and on a schedule. Summer is amazing but it is amazing because we are on routines most of da year!

    LOVES :)

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  13. I’m enjoying the structure that school brings back as well. Having those 4 weeks off between when I quit my job and school started was getting pretty boring for me.

    And if you can’t keep that peach delight in your house, feel free to send it my way. Yum!

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