The Power of Pancakes

Gum chewing, Julie & Julia reading, blog writing, Gossip Girl watching and body resting – I swear I’m incapable of not multitasking.

However, I think at this current moment I’m overdoing it. Something needs to be cut. *Spits gum out*
Alright I think that about solves it. The gum was stale anyway. I may also have put the book down. Writing, reading and tv watching all at once use a bit of competing senses.


Hey Janetha, I ate your pancakes!
Pancake to be exact. Protein pancake to be more exact.

002 011030

One protein packed plate of deliciousness, topped with fridge-chilled banana slices, a blob of PB2 and a spread of homemade jam. This was a breakfast with no bites left behind.


What better way to fill the last lazy Friday morning of the summer than with some episodes of Gossip Girl, a big iced coffee and a sweaty sprint interval and incline power walking session on the treadmill?


After the workout and much needed showering, it was time for some lunch. Romaine, cabbage slaw, baby tomatoes, baby carrots, mushrooms, baked tofu, tempeh, a great big blog of roasted red pepper hummus, all topped with balsamic vinaigrette to complete the mix.


My incurable hunger was not quite satisfied though, so I needed to fend the last bit off with some plain yogurt, banana, cinnamon a sprinkle of vanilla soy protein powder. One of these days I’ll learn that “wait 20 minutes” trick but for now my patience just isn’t quite there.


Not an hour later my stomach wasn’t quite loving the fiberful lunch bowl so I was lying down for a bit. Then suddenly my hunger came back with a vengeance? I don’t quite understand but half of a Coconut Cream Pie Larabar solved that little problem… for now. I feel like the hunger will be back soon though so I think an early dinner tonight is in order. After finishing up some more Gossip Girl episodes of course.


Since I’m a couple days behind here, a quick recap:


A very unconventional breakfast of leftovers was what I was craving. This happens every once in a while when the leftovers are overflowing from the fridge. And when there’s leftover squash, because when that’s the case I basically want to eat it at every meal.

Cabbage slaw topped with Rawsta a la Rawdka, half a corn cob, squash, baked tofu and a baby potato with a hummus blob.  The sunshine schmear really made it special.


I must have been in leftovers mode on Wednesday because I decided to use up some old frozen pasta leftovers as well in my lunch.

Spinach, cauliflower, ravioli mixed with some more rawdka sauce, and a splash of honey mustard dressing shaken, not stirred.


Post lunch I had an Iced Coffee because it’s my addiction and my treat and I’ve gotta get them in before summer’s over and it’s told cold to think about anything involving ice. Let’s hope that’s not for a little while yet…


Of course I had to keep up the using food scraps trend for dinner as I made a tasty chicken sandwich that involved one of two of the last pieces of a loaf of very old and very freezer burnt bread (I really don’t like throwing food away!). Toasting helped to make this fairly tasty with only a hint of freezer burn flavour.

Roasted chicken, spinach, roasted red pepper hummus, dijonnaise




Lately I haven’t been eating much cereal… what is that about?! Though our pantry is down to the boring cereals and I’ve been avoiding buying anything new and exciting because that’s when the addiction really kicks in, when the fresh new boxes are sitting there just waiting to be dipped into.

Thursday was a cereal kinda morning though so I cracked out the Kashi Honey Puffed and Special K Red Berries, doused them in strawberry yogurt, banana, blueberries and almond milk and enjoyed every last bite of my deliciously overdue cereal-based breakfast.


Later on that morning I got a call from Future Shop telling me I could go in to pick up my new camera! My old carry-around camera (not the one I take most of my food pics with) stopped working a few weeks ago for no reason. It was a year and a half old but luckily we had bought the extended warranty so they had to repair or replace it for free. Guess repairing wasn’t an option because I got a brand new model – the Canon PowerShot SD890 IS, a step up from the last one I had.


What a beauty :)

In the aft I got a text request for sushi lunch. You can bet there was no way I was going to refuse that one.

I got the Spicy Roll Lunch Combo, which included miso soup:


And clockwise from top left: tempura potatoes, garden salad, some kind of noodles, spicy california roll and spicy salmon roll. I love spicy rolls.


After some clothes shopping (I bought a dress and flats), Starbucks iced coffee (I got a small with a pump of pumpkin pie spice syrup) and health food shopping (I bought basil tempeh) I came home, chilled out on the computer and then had finally some dinner.

Here’s an example of why it’s good to use small plates. My dinner plate is not very large but it looks like I have a ton of food. Okay so I did load it up quite a bit but how satisfying is it to have a plate overflowing with food? Had I used the same size dinner plates as the rest of my fam, I would have had to take twice as much food to make it look as full. And it’s kind of fun to have it look hearty and loaded. So I’ll take the small plates. Haha.

Anyway, this plate includes tilapia, salad, a giant pile of mashed cauliflower with salsa and half a cabbage roll.


After dinner I used up the last bits of chocomole and mixed it up with strawberry yogurt and blueberries. SO good. So good. I ate some dates too. I dunno where they went…shh.


Okay so now I’m getting hungry again. What shall I have for dinner? Perhaps I should dig into the depths of the freezer for some more great leftovers finds?

Oh and just for the record, I ended up eventually pausing Gossip Girl a little while ago instead of continuing to watch while writing this. The drama is just too thrilling to only watch with half attention.

TGIF. Enjoy the weekend!


25 thoughts on “The Power of Pancakes

  1. yuhhhm. glad you made and ate every bite! and scuse me but i want a black bullet! mine is silver and yours is rad. nice new camera! and suuuussshhhiiii. always a favorite to see on the blogs, thank you for giving me my fix, nobody else was eating it this week! haha sounds like in need to get up on some GG! happy weekend lady!

  2. Great looking new camera!!
    I need to get a new camera, and a magic bullet. Your coffee drink looks much better than mine, which I make in an old blender. It also seems much more practical (size and everything).
    Tonight I am doing the leftover thing too. It’s been typical for dinner the past week, as I seem to have accumulated WAY too many leftovers!

  3. I’m BAD when it comes to multitasking – check emails while driving?! Sure, why not?! Not good….!

    That protein pancake looks yummy! Small dinner plates are the way to go! Actually, small everything is the way to go! Especially spoons because then I take longer to eat things which means I get to savor it more ;)

    Love the new cam! Looks pretty!! Have a wonderful weekend! When do you start classes again?

  4. that pancake looks AMAZING!!! I need to make it and devour it with jams (my latest love!).
    Small plates definitely “cheat” our hunger level and satisfaction level. But I still like to use big ones …. just looks prettier?
    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. Yumo!!! Janetha’s protein pancakes look incredibly scrumptious. I can’t wait to finally get on that and make some for myself. I keep forgetting though. I love all your frothy iced coffees. They look delish! I seriously need to purchase a magic bullet. Is that one of your favorite kitchen appliances?

  6. mutli-taksing is a must! I love those pancakes how do you make them?! I am SO GLAD someone else has jumped on the GG obsession I LOVE that show. My best friend and I are behind and I cannot wait to be all caught up! :D

  7. Yay new camera!!! It’s always fun to get new gadgets :-) You’re not helping my sushi craving with those pictures, you meanie! ;-) Not continue and enjoy your Gossip Girl!

  8. Oh my, that pancake looks delicious! I haven’t eaten pancakes in nearly two years because the last few times I ate them, I had a migraine within an hour. Weird, I know. But, your pancake looks good enough to make me want to risk the migraine!

  9. Delicious eats as always!
    Haven’t checked out your blog in a loooong time–your photos are looking better and better!
    Must give those pancakes a try–they look so pretty~
    And as always–so jealous of the sushi and the colorful salads!

  10. I know I’ve probably said this before, but one of the best parts about reading your posts (other than your hilarious writing style that I love) are your GORGEOUS pictures. Seriously, every one of them is mouthwatering – especially that one of a new camera ;) We all know how important cameras are!!

    Love Janetha’s protein pancake – I’m definitely going to have to try that one sometime. And I am also a total multi-tasker. Currently I am asking Bobby what he would like for his birthday breakfast while typing this and simultaneously watching college football…

    Can’t wait for the new season of Gossip Girl – woohoo!!! Have a fab weekend, Miss Kristie!

  11. i have been wanting sushi for sooooo long…and now you’ve made that craving even worse! so much torture from your gorgeous foods!

    and i totally could have used your iced coffee at work today; so hot and tiring…blah.

  12. Holy crap.

    Your photos are fantastic!

    I try so hard every day to take good photos of my food, and the lighting in my apartment is just so bad, and I only have a point and shoot digital camera.

    I’ll just sit here and drool over yours. =)

  13. Love the protein panacke! it looks amazing esp with those slices of banana on top!

    i am so with you on the iced coffee! i will be so sad when winter is in full fledge and i cannot enjoy as much my beloved iced coffee : (

    love your blog!


  14. Tee hee: “a great big blog of roasted red pepper hummus”

    I assume blog should be blob? ;)

    I would never pass up a sushi invite either. Mmmm, sushi.

    I think I need to try your iced coffee technique on some green tea here, because I’m becoming enamoured with iced green tea lattes from Starbucks, and they aren’t friends with my current money situation.

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