The Ending Days of Summer

Call me a late bloomer but my friend just lent me the first season of Gossip Girl so I’ve just started to watch. Before this I had never seen a full episode… new addiction coming up! Now I’m starting to understand the hype :) Just finished three episodes. If I had a higher patience level for tv watching then I’d probably watch them all at once.


Alright, on a different note though. Seriously, where are these days going? It’s not like I’m doing a ton of stuff and yet it’s already Wednesday of this week. More terrifying still is that I start classes on Monday… less than a week away. As much as I’m tired of sitting around and doing nothing, I’m not prepared for this. Eek.


The morning started off with some kind of breakfast or other that seems to be MIA.
The more important part though was the Iced Coffee.


The rest of the morning involved lazying and treadmill running. Followed by messy salad and mass cottage cheese consumption.

073 075 I think that container lasted like… two days? Maybe three. But it’s “HIGH IN PROTEIN” so I’m doing myself a favour right? Or not.

Along with the favour I did my taste buds with these mediocre jubbies. Mmm. Sugar. Oh honey honey.


Then I spent the entire rest of the afternoon vaccuming, Windexing, washing and waxing every inch of my new car! It was a bit of a filth job before but now she’s a’gleamin!


By the time I had finally shined on the last of the wax I was more than ready for some grub. Bring on the Gardenburger!

Layers of luscious veggie patty, tomato, spinach, laughing cow cheese and dijonnaise all sandwiched between a toasty english muffin bun. Now that’s what I call a burger.

087 101

Post dinner, in the mood for something sweet of course, and needing to use up an avocado on the brink, some quick digging found me my treat: Chocomole! (at the bottom of the page)

106 120


I had a small bowl topped with fresh blueberries (and licked the blender clean of course).

Later on, a Saturday night in with Mean Girls and Sudoku prompted a late night snack of yogurt, blueberries and dried fruit before an early bed time. I’ve been good with the early bedtimes lately… prepping for the back to the books life perhaps? Oh sigh. 133



First I ate fruit (and yogurt and peanut butter).


Then I ate veggies (and cottage cheese no wayyyyyy).


Then I went shopping!

To Costco for giant tubs of the greatest hummus ever and giant packs of veggie burgers on sale. 013 018

And to HomeSense for cute plates!
Yep, that’s a spider web plate. The Halloween deco is out in full force and I couldn’t pass it up.


Dinner allowed me to dive into the new hummus (okay so I had dived in earlier with some carrots and rice crackers too, I couldn’t wait) and wrap up it along with some lettuce, honey mustard, tomato and Mediterranean chicken.


Then the evening came around and I headed out nice and early for Black Sunday aka the busiest night of the year at my favourite Sunday night bar. Busy as in it opens at 9:30, we got there at 9:00, there were already people there waiting and by the time they opened the doors the line up was all the way down the sidewalk and curled around. Pretty sure the place had hit capacity before 11. It was a blast of course. Though I made up for my early bedtime Saturday night by hanging out with some friends after and not going to sleep until 5am. Then waking up by 10 the next morning and walking 45 minutes home in the most uncomfortable sandals you can find, completely tearing my feet to shreds. Good way to refresh yourself after a late night out though that’s for sure.



Once I arrived home from my semi-treacherous yet simultaneously reviving walk I proceeded to make some liquid greens. I also kind of just ate apart my kitchen but I only managed to capture some of the greens.


Then I took the longest shower of my life and scrubbed every inch of Black Sunday grime off my body. Mainly my feet, which were coated in a black sludge that I don’t even want to know about. It was a feat (ha) and a half getting that off.

At some point during the day I eventually got hungry again after my morning feast so I made a veggie bowl to tide my over til dinner, completed with a tasty new Bolthouse Farms Honey Mustard dressing that I discovered the other day.



Dinner was roasted red pepper soup, baby potatoes with hummus of dreams and my oh so favourite corn on the cob.


All followed by strawberry yogurt mixed with chocolate PB2 and naner, topped with a handful of muesli and a dollop of jam. I dunno, it worked. 057

Still semi dead from Sunday night, I conked out early yet again. 



Another lazy day but I’m embracing it since it’s my last lazy week of summer. Ahh!

I had forgotten about the Breakfast Cookie for a while but it’s been popping up again recently and thus I was luckily reminded of its existence.

003 016

This one was super simple. I had whipped up a teeny batch of Banana Butter the other day and figured it would be more than perfect for the cookie. So that was it: oats, banana butter, onto a plate and into the fridge overnight. Topped the next morning with PB2 mixed with SF maple syrup, sided with honeydew and coffee and we were good to go.

Later on in the day I had a huge craving for squash and baked tofu (it has been a while since I’ve had either one!) so I switched on the oven and made it happen.

Then I proceeded to gorge on the finished product straight off the pan, making myself quite full and thus no longer in need of making some kind of actual lunch. Then I ran and did a session with Billy Blanks. This wasn’t all that fun with a belly full of squash but I survived with minimal nausea. Hah..

Didn’t need dinner for quite a while. When I did eat I still wasn’t very hungry. But I definitely wanted more squash. It’s an addiction, it really is. So I made a squash, tofu, veg bowl. Once I started eating it I realized I was hungry enough to eat it all…


… and follow it with some last spoonfuls of yogurt + blueberries, flax, cashews and a dollop of chocomole. And a peppermint tea/hot chocolate drink after that. I was chilly!



Now we’re onto a new day and I’m about to go for a bike ride, which I haven’t done in at least a month now? Crazy! The weather’s calling for it though so it’s gotta happen. Toodles.


24 thoughts on “The Ending Days of Summer

  1. Aww thanks for the banana butter shout out!
    And super-cool new car!

    Don’t worry; I was late getting into GG too. And I don’t watch them all at once either… it’s better to savor them because that way we don’t have as long to wait til the next season comes out :).

    Love love love,

  2. What an AMAZING looking veggie burger!! It looks too pretty to eat! Wow.
    Also, those breakfast cookies look great. The oats are huge! Another week of amazingly delicious eats for you, yum.

  3. I know what you mean about not being ready for school. I bought a pack of pens a couple days ago and that’s it (and it was only because I was in Zellers and thought they’d be useful lol).

    That Chocomole looks incredible… sooo chocolately! The veggie burger looks yummy too.

    Hope you had a fun bike ride! The weather is so nice today, I think summer might be here now, just a little late!

  4. so your 5am night/morning is like every weekend of mine LOL. Hope ur bike ride goes well…Im trying to get motivated to run but im thinking tonight might be the best to do it, so its not hot? I may just be stalling the sitch by saying that to myself LOL


  5. I’m a late bloomer as well – I haven’t watched any of Gossip Girl. I read the books though! Does that count?!

    What a shiny car!! I like! Hope you’re having fun zoom-zooming around town in those wheels :)

    That veggie burger is a slam dunk! Micky D’s and BK should take a note from you!! I love the Halloween dishware – best holiday! Hope you had a good bike ride!

  6. haha i have never seen gossip girl but i am a late bloomer on the weeds home front. holler at the new ride! and the chocomole looks good enough to lick on the screen. but i will refrain. love the spiderweb plate!

  7. Looks like you’ve had a nice few days!

    I am cottage cheese obsessed too, I must admit… but it IS high in protein, and dairy is good for you- right?

    That gardenburger sammie looks yummmy… all my faves on it!

    And I would love to try that chocomole! Sounds right up my alley =)

    Have a great rest of your week!


  8. MMMMMMMMM! I love the way your eat!! How are the yves veggie burgerS?!

    the breakfast cookie looks real good, and OH MY GOSH chocomole sounds bizzomb in. Why do avocados hafta be so dang expensivE!?

    Gossip Girl is good, but I started missing episodes and now I feel so out of the loop! I loveeeeed it in the beg. though!!


  9. I love all your squash!! I’m a fellow squash lover and it’s pretty delicious I must say!

    And I make that pudding with prunes or raisins.. its so darn delicious! I definitely can’t stop at a dollop!

  10. I LOVE Gossip Girl! It’s kinda cheezy but the clothes and the characters and the way it’s filmed is addicting AND beautiful :)

    I miss squash!! Your squash and halloween plate make me SOOO excited for fall… best. season. EVER!

    Cottage cheese consumption is totally approved. So good fo yo bod and I just realized how amazing it is on crackers. YAY :D

  11. oh no, gossip girl is a serious addiction! once you start, you can never stop!

    chocomole looks incredible, i want to eat it right through the screen haha!

    i love that your bfast cookie is so simple, i’m always afraid to try one because i never have fancy things like protein powder. now i know it can be done without!

    your new car is so pretty!

  12. That chocomole looks positively fantastic! And so does your new car!
    I’d like to welcome you to the Gossip Girl bandwagon, but I’m really bad at watching series… hehe, I keep watching a few episodes then skipping a few weeks, but I too understand the hype :P

  13. Hello chocomole?! That looks insanely good. I want some avocados now just to make that. Yum!

    And yer lucky you don’t have to start back until next week. I could use an extra week of summer holidays for sure.

  14. Now THAT is my kinda veggie burger!!!!! They always taste amazingly when sandwiched between a toasty english muffin. Yum!

    Your food, the lighting, everything…looks gorgeous as always!

    And welcome to the club, my friend. Gossip girl is amazing. I have a serious girl crush on leighton meester (blaire)….she’s adorable! And so sassy.

    Have a great friday love!

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