RIP Topaz

This Tuesday I experienced a small tragedy.
My car was killed.

I was driving home from work. There was a variety store on the corner. Two cars up from me, the driver decided last minute to turn into the parking lot of said store. He stopped fairly quickly, as did the van behind him, as did I behind the van. We were all good.

The guy in the rusty brute of a Dodge Ram behind me, however, seemed to temporarily forget the location of his brake pedal. Screeching tires and my brother’s swearing tipped me off just early enough to glance into my rear view mirror to see his front barrelling forward before making contact with my bumper. I slammed on my brakes to just barely avoiding hitting the van in front of me as my entire car was jolted forward.

The whole back end was pushed in so that even the back car door couldn’t be opened. Luckily the car was still driveable so we took it to the garage down the road of a guy my dad knows. They took a look underneath.

The entire underframe was bent. In other words, not fixable. In other words, “Your car is done.”

So, I had to bid a sorrow goodbye to my precious pimpmobile, my little thunderbolt with its luscious burgundy interiors and flame decals on the side.

RIP my wee 93 Mercury Topaz. We had a good run. I won’t forget you!


I hardly had time to be upset about the fact that I no longer had a car though, as the garage guy immediately informed me of one he had for sale at an amazing deal that I basically couldn’t afford not to accept. So dead car one day, new car practically the next. I have now advanced eight years to a 2001 Black Nissan Sentra. I picked it up yesterday. I think I’m in love.


Alright, enough car banter for the moment. I’ve been all over the place this week and thus so have my meals. Many more than usual have been eaten out and therefore many are MIA. When I have been at home though I’ve been eating the same old shiz.

Random salads loaded with leftovers and cabbage slaw bowls

014 002

Dates topped with… rice pudding! Oh yeah.


Overnight oats (soaked overnight in almond milk, water, plain yogurt, pineapple, banana and flax, splashed with almond milk in the morning) alongside plenty o’ cafe.


Raw veggers (especially baby carrots in mass consumption) and rice crackers + wilted spinach mixed with salsa and topped with nutritional yeast.


Pumpkin mixed with PB2 and rice pudding. Double oh yeah.


Green Blended Oats – quick oats cooked with banana, almond milk and spinach then Bulleted to smooth breakfast perfection.


Backyard Tuna Bowl!023

Dreams of Dark Chocolate filling the bodies of banana and date.


Egg white wrap with salsa and ricotta


One baking venture this week resulted in Oatmeal Whole Wheat Quick Bread! Fresh bread that requires no yeast and only 20 minutes of baking time? My perfect loaf. I wouldn’t use it for sandwiches but as a snack bread topped with jam, nut butters or even just on it’s own? Definitely. I’ve made quite a dent in this baby this week.


Bread for breakfast, with grapes and liquid greens (my most green tasting smoothie yet as this was more water and spinach than banana and almond milk. A little less delicious than usual but still pretty tasty). 


A plate of fried stir with a side of more quick bread obviously.


Which brings me to this morning – Oats. With almond milk + water, banana, flax and PB2 stirred right in (GOOD idea). A bit of homemade jelly (mystery flavour – the stuff has been in the fridge for a while) to top it off. Combo delicioso.

003 010

I have a day of maybe some shopping but definitely some car cleaning ahead of me. My new ride is a bit of a filth rag at the moment. It’ll be squeaky gorgeous by the end of the day though. 

Have a superb weekend :)


26 thoughts on “RIP Topaz

  1. I have to try these Dates snacks I’ve seen around the blogs, they look heavenly. Sorry about your car, I’d panic if anything happened to mine, I love it so much and it was a 21st birthday present from my parents, so its kinda sentimental too.

  2. Aww sorry to hear about your car! That’s great that you’ve already got a new one, and a nice upgrade at that! :)

    That bread recipe sounds good! And super simple too. I think I’ve found another thing to do before school starts!

  3. SO SORRY about the car!! At least you have a good attitude about it. I love all your date creations. I should buy some of those, because they are sweet, yet healthy! Rice pudding on dates is so clever.

  4. Oh my gosh – I’m glad you and your brother are alright! A new car isn’t too shabby though ;)

    Rice pudding! I haven’t had that in years! It’s soooo good though! Mixing it with PB2?! Now we’re talkin! Glad you liked the PB2 in the oats – so thick and delicious!!

    That bread looks great! I need to bake my own bread again, gotta love homemade carbs :)

  5. Oh no!!!! I am so sorry about your car but am happy to hear no one got hurt!! And YAY for getting a new baby to drive around :)

    Dates and rice pudding?!?! YUM

    I need to try nutritional yeast!


    Have a good weekend love love!

  6. DANG. That is so scary!! I’m glad you are okay, and that you were able to get an upgrade!! Getting a new car is a big deal! It definitely feels weird for the first 3 weeks to be driving something diff!

    Love the oatmeal quick bread. That looks so stinkin delish!


  7. Ah! Shooooooooot girl, sorry about the car!!! Glad you’re alright though, and that you got another new thang out of the experience!

    I’m just gonna go eat that egg white, salsa wrap and/or your pumpkin/pb2/rice pudding mixture right now… that alright?? ;)

  8. Sorry to hear about your poor car! We had one totalled a few years ago…a Nissan Sentra actually. Loved that car. Luckily you and your bro were not hurt.

    Love the rice pudding/date combo! And the bread looks divine, too!

  9. Very sorry to hear about your accident, but I’m happy to see that you are alive and well – and good enough to keep posting! I loved all of your Fall-themed dishes, especially the slaw. I didn’t notice the recipe on your site though – are you keeping it secret?

  10. oh… so sorry to know about the car incident.. the important thing is that you’re okay!!!
    what is done is done, I’m glad that you are not too upset, you’re a smart and positive girl, love it! :)

  11. Ahhh–so scary about the car incident. It is crazy to think how quick things can happen. That reminds me: I need to stop texting when I drive. It is so dangerous! I am being dumb!

    On a lighter note (haha)–that oatmeal bread looks so good and full of fiber. I bet it isn’t too sweet and keeps you full. If you have time, would you post the recipe? Oh wait, nevermind, I just scrolled up and saw you linked it. haha! I will be trying this one soon!

  12. awe, RIP car.. but it sounds like you got an upgrade! dude, rice pudding on dates?! what a brilliant idea. and that quickbread looks so delicious. hope the auto cleaning goes well! xo

  13. Awww sweets I’m so sorry about your car, but I’m glad that you’re OK!! That bread looks delicious I just bookmarked the recipe, thank you!!

  14. So sorry about the car, but at least you’re alright, and it’s awesome that you are getting a newer one! A rainbow after every storm, right? :)

    Still haven’t tried green oats yet. I’m afraid the oats will stick to the blender! They do look good though…very creamy!

  15. Your eats look great- esp the rice pudding on dates! Yum!

    Sorry about your car- maybe it’s a sign of a change! Change is good =)


  16. It’s too bad about your car. Hopefully you aren’t injured from the accident. I know all too well how craptaculous car accident injuries can be. And what it’s like to have a totalled car.

    Tasty looking oat bread :) I bet it would be the perfect breakfast bread.

  17. AH! Omg car accidents so freak me out! At least you’re OK and you got a shiny new(ish) beaut to play with now!

    I’m still jealous of this PB2 action. I don’t know why I keep putting that purchase off. Moh well.

    I hope your week is going fabulously! xo :D

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