Summer Schlop and Some Culinary Fun

Whoops. I’m looking at a backlog of photos here…yet again. I’m so predictable.

Let’s do a bit of a rewind way back to some of

Friday’s delicacies

The Highlight of the day!


Yeah uh, kidding! Although this was good, definitely not the highlight of the day. It’s too much of a mess for that. What the heck is even in here… Cabbage slaw, red pepper, red onion, tempeh, leftover rice, honey mustard? It’s madness.

THIS is an improvement though – THE freshest, plumpest dried fruit I’ve ever eaten. Thank you Costco.


And courtesy of my grocery store’s health food section – Crofter’s Superfruit Spread! First time seeing it and it was on sale. Score! I haven’t cracked the Crofter’s just yet but it’s sitting in my pantry waiting patiently for the fridge to clear out a bit.


For dinner Friday night my mom suggested we make some gazpacho. I’ve never made, nor even tried gazpacho before but it seemed like a good summery meal to make,  and I knew immediately where to turn to look for a good blended vegetable recipe – Choosing Raw of course!

I wasn’t let down as I quickly found Gena’s Perfect Gazpacho recipe.
Now mine doesn’t quite look like Gena’s (I guess my food processor isn’t up to blending par) but the taste was so light and fresh. I’m no raw foodie so I definitely dipped some fresh bread into the soup – this sure makes a good bread dipper!


Speaking of dipping, post dinner including a little bit of a dip into this:


And chugging of this (I needed some liquid energy before my late night of dancing that lay ahead):




I woke up much too early considering my late night. My internal alarm clock is not my friend, I’ll tell you that.

Obviously late night paired with early morning = cereal. Nothing else will do.

This is what made it into the bowl but I’m pretty sure the amount of Peanut Butter Puffins I actually ate (over the course of the day at least) would probably fill this entire bowl… twice.
+ Weetabix + Blueberries + Banana + Yogurt.


I must like my food to look like schlop because lunch was equally schloppy. Schloppy in the bowl but clean for the fridge! This bowl helped finish up some rice and quinoa leftovers, cottage cheese, hummus + a bunch of veggies and honey mustard. Yums.


I spent a good chunk of the day sorting through a whole whack of magazine page cutouts I’ve been hoarding in my room for ages. I’m an obsessive mag page ripper. I have to go through every magazine that sets foot in this house and rip out anything I might find a use for before allowing the mag to make it to the recycling bin. This equals a lot of miscellaneous articles and pretty pictures kicking around in a giant bin in my closet. Every once in a blue moon I’ll sort through a bunch and purge a bunch. Saturday was that blue moon.

During this sort and purge process I came across a recipe for Honey-Roasted Chunky Peanut Butter Cookies. It was ripped out of the LCBO’s Food & Drink magazine Summer issue 2003. I immediately pictured the giant jar of almond butter from Costco sitting in my pantry and dropped everything to get started on the baking session. IMG_9311IMG_9317

It called for 10 minutes baking time and I only did 8 but they still burnt on the bottom. Crap! Overall they were pretty tasty but not award-winning. Guess this page is one for the purge pile.  

Still feeling culinarily experimental, I later on whipped out a package of wonton wrappers that have been chillin (literally) in the bottom of my freezer for… I dunno, a year? I’ve been dying to make some kind of dumpling recipe but just kept forgetting to do so. No more!

I scored the net for fillers and how-tos and then got to work. I used this recipe as my main guide.

I cooked up spinach, carrots and onion in chicken broth and spices, stuffed these little finicky wonton wrapper buggers and then pan fried them using cooking spray and more chicken broth – no greasy oil fry required and they turned out quite delicious!


Be aware if you ever decide to do homemade dumplings though – this isn’t exactly a quick meal. Much more painstaking than I thought it would be. Then again, my patience levels are practically zilch so I’m sure it wouldn’t be quite as frustrating for most people…haha.

I paired them with a cabbage slaw/cuc/feta salad and dipped them into an (unpictured) mixture of soy sauce, rice vinegar, ground ginger, honey and hoisin.



Monday – Wednesday

Much less exciting on the eating front, I spent the beginning days of this week eating things like oats, vegetables and leftovers.

Check it:

Overnight oats topped with Dark Chocolate Dreams drowned in almond milk.


“Crack wrap” and veggies with salsa and honey mustard.

IMG_9528 IMG_9531

Plain yogurt, cinnamon, peanut butter cookie pieces


Spinach topped with crumbled tempeh and honey mustard, leftover polenta bake (depths of the freezer) topped with rubber cheese, dumpling (x like 4)


More dumplings, cabbage slaw, plain tofu


Spinach/salsa/garden veg cream cheese –stuffed omelet, frozen vegetable mix, one swedish meatball.


THE best packaged cookies ever – Ikea’s Double Chocolate Crisps. Ever tried them? Good straight out of the package but amazing straight out of the freezer.

IMG_9575  IMG_9583IMG_9588

Doesn’t that just scream “Eat me!” ?


Breakfast yesterday was especially note-worthy because it was a CCV Recipe!
In honour of the Spiralizer Giveaway, I had to take advantage and finally get my butt in gear to make the oh-so-delicious Snickerdoodle Oatmeal!

And with that, the Blueberries and Cream Snickerdoodle oatmeal breakfast was born. I went with Katie’s suggestion of kamut flakes, cooked following the CCV recipe and ingredients, lightly hand blendered, then “stuffed” with a vanilla yogurt and blueberry center!

IMG_9593 IMG_9614

Miss CCV sure knows how to start off her mornings on the right foot!


And speaking of feet, I should get mine moving. I feel a bit like a bump on a log right about now!
Happy Wednesday!

19 thoughts on “Summer Schlop and Some Culinary Fun

  1. Holy oats! “Stuffed” sickerdoodles?! I want to try adding blueberries to the real cookies now! You are a genius!

    And the drowning overnight oats look so creamy it’s insane. I love you, Miss Kristie!! Seven million entries to you ;)
    (Ok, just seven…)

    Too bad you can’t be an ant on a log… I love that snack

  2. I think ou has some great eats for the week. I especially liked the fist mix. Every thing looked good and the ”crack wrap” looked good! i haven’t had one in awhile and i need one soon.

  3. You are the finisher! Seriously I am impressed by your refrigerator cleaning salads and dishes!

    Those PB cookies look amazing!! I love everything you ate (no big surprise ;) )! The crack wrap plate? Perfection!

  4. Crofter’s Superfruit jam is awesome! I bought some in Buffalo then realized it’s made in Parry Sound! DOH!

    Loving those AB cookies….lush, I tell you!

    And those Ikea cookies are da bomb! ;)

  5. I really have to try some won ton wraps, you always make such neat creations with them! Another product I need to try is the Dark Chocolate Dreams. I have tried the White chocolate WOnderful, and am OBSESSED, but I keep saying no to the Dark Chocolate, wondering how I would use it…I’m sure there are plenty of ways though, be creative Gina!

  6. OMG those wontons!!!!! Amazing!! And what are you talking about – that first schlop looks great! would definitely be the highlight of MY day! I have those superfruit spreads too that I’m waiting for my fridge to clear out. Can’t wait to try them!

    Hope you’re having a fantastic humpday girlie!

  7. Your wonton creations look amazing, and sound so simple. I have a feeling I’ll need to try something like that out one of these days. I’ve made my own wontons for soup once years ago, and I know how finicky the process is. Good job :D

    I saw those new Crofter’s spreads at one of the organic grocery stores I hit up today. Had I not splurged on a crap ton of other things, I probably would have bought a jar to try out. Maybe next time :)

  8. i almost bought that superfruit spread this weekend! but it wasn’t on sale for me, so i went with the whole foods 365 brand for now. ill be anticipating your review to see if it’s worth the splurge! and i’m lovinggg the dumplings…im so impressed you attempted such a thing yourself! i don’t know if im chef enough for that…

  9. Pretty cool post. I just came by your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your posts.

    Any way I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you post again soon!

  10. Haha I love that you referred to the wontons as little buggers! My mom says that all the time. Not that I’m equating you to my mom or anything! It’s just charming.

    Is that the teeniest little bowl of overnight oats, or is that my imagination? Well, now that I think about it, they don’t need much space.

    Shooo crack wrap! What ever happened to those? One minute everyone’s eating them, then the next, no one is! Oh wait. The raw trend happened. That’s it.

    Hope you have a fab rest of the week!

  11. I LOVE your eats and your food pics! Total food porn! I’ve even subscribed to you!
    Those PB cookies look PERFECT! So chewy and I’ll bet it smelled wonderful and tasted AWESOME in that yogurt!

  12. heeey girl! dude the honey mustardy bowl sounds good, no lie. hey! i am drinking out of my magic bullet mug as i read this! coincidence? i think not. just great minds. mmm DCD, i miss that stuff. it is on the top shelf right now. i really want to grab some crofter’s superfruit spread. cant wait to see how you like it! hello cookies, hello dumplings, i would like to eat you both. i need to try that oatmeal recipe! i usually unload a whole bottle of cinnamon in my oats so i am sure i would dig.

  13. ive missed your gorgeous food photos! those wontons look great. ive been wanting to make them but definitely am lacking in commitment… i see them at the grocery store and then dont buy them!! ahhh sort of jealous of the pb puffins too. just two bowls??? why not ten?! happy almost weekend!!!

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