“Morning” Workouts and Different Breakfast Routes

I love working out in the morning. It is SO nice to get it out of the way and to feel refreshed and energized for the day. By morning though… I mean like 11. I’m not some crazy who’s able to wake up at 5 in the morning, drag myself out of bed and be ready to sweat. I guess I’d do it if it were my only option but I’m taking advantage of my leisurely days right now and waking up via internal alarm clock, enjoying my breakfast, chilling out for a bit and then finally feeling pumped up and ready to work it!

Today I did a speedy and sweaty 25 minute treadmill run and then another 45 minute session with Mr. Billy Blanks. Love it.

Prior to, I ate this slice of toast with hummus and tomato. That bread has literally been in my freezer for probably a year. Not so good defrosted (hello freezer burn) but a little toasting and we’re good to go.


My breakfast was much bigger than this as I also had some cottage cheese, blueberries and coffee but you know, some things just aren’t meant to be pictured.



Yesterday (as in Thursday) I went to work for the day (I usually work Saturdays but switched it up this week). Prior to I had another savoury-based breakfast. Why the switch? Well, A – I’ve been eating way too much sugar lately and I’d really like to cut back a wee bit (wait til you see my breakfast from Wednesday). So I figured a few less sugary breakfasts sprinkled here and there was a start. Plus, I had this intense craving for savoury oats. Who knows?


Oats, spinach, salsa, spoonful of cottage cheese, spoonful of garden vegetable cream cheese, oregano, garlic powder, chili powder.

But inevitably sweet had to follow so a nice big foamy iced coffee solved that problem. IMG_9200

During the work day we went out for lunch to a place called Angel’s Diner, a little 50s decor greasy spoon and has a menu that includes everything and yet at the same time very little in terms of healthy choices. Their “Low Cal Options” section included grilled chicken and veggies… with ranch dressing, and a chicken wrap… with two kinds of cheeses. A for effort?

I ended up ordering a lunch special of chicken souvlaki – a chicken skewer with tzatziki sauce, greek salad, rice and home fries. Check out this monster of a dish:


I ate all of the salad and chicken, a few bites of the rice and a few home fries. The upper half of the plate was pretty darn good at least.

When I got home by dinner time I was greeted by more rice as my mom had made stir fry. At least this one included a good chunk of veggies in the mix.

Rice with soy and hot chili sauce, broccoli, mushrooms and red peppers + a side of spinach and zucchini with balsamic vinaigrette.


We had some crazy weather warnings last night including tornado warnings. Gah! They missed us but there were several cities close by that got hit by torrential downpours and mild tornadoes. We don’t get tornadoes much in these parts, it’s freaky business!

I calmed my nerves with some yogurt, cinnamon and banana slices. Cinnamon and yogurt is a brilliant combo!


Alright alright, I wasn’t calming my nerves I was calming my sweet tooth…
… which is why I also may have dug into the butter pecan ice cream container a bit too. Shhh.


The Day Before Yesterday

(Aka Wednesday)

This is the breakfast that made me think I needed some savoury breakfasts for a few mornings.

Yogurt, blueberries and… whaaa? Many many crumbled of super sweet and sugary lemon pound cake. It was just sitting there in the fridge, looking so tempting, just begging to be chopped up and stirred into a creamy bowl of yogurt. So I had a bit of a field day with it and ate much more than my fair share of the stuff. Sugar. Overkill.

IMG_9160 IMG_9162

You bet it was good though.

I think Wednesday was pretty uneventful. I hung around, did some reading, ate some food, you know the drill.

It was a lovely day though so lunch needed to be eaten in the backyard obviously.
A Mess of a salad with spinach, tomatoes, baby carrots, mushrooms, steamed broccoli and a light sour cream/dijon/balsamic dressing
Rice crackers, clockwise from top: tuna salad, spinach dip, sundried tomato caponata.
Ridiculously good.

IMG_9165  IMG_9169IMG_9174

And to end the madness? Puffins, melty half frozen banana and chocolate PB2. IMG_9179


Dinner was kinda rushied cause, I dunno really, I was feeling lazy.
Zucchini slices with hummus and salsa + toasted english muffin half with hummus and the last of my spinach dip.
Looks kinda small but I was snacking on a bunch of zucchini and hummus in the process of making it so my appetite was dulled by the time I actually started plating the meal.



Anywho, my tasks for the day may involve some groceries and dropping off an application for a parking pass for the school year and then possibly some grooving tonight.
Say Hey to the WEEKEND!


26 thoughts on ““Morning” Workouts and Different Breakfast Routes

  1. The weather was insane yesterday! I’m glad the worst of it missed us here.

    Your Wednesday brekkie looks good even though I probably couldn’t handle that much sugar in the morning! I just can’t seem to eat sweets before about 11am. After that though… watch out lol.

    I love working out in the morning too. I’m really going to have to adjust my sleeping schedule for school if I’m going to get workouts in before class though. It’s not too ambitious – I start at 10am and 11:30am every other day so I wouldn’t have to get up too early, but right now I’m getting up 8:30-9am which would be cutting it a little too close for how far I live from the school!

  2. I love morning workouts too.. meaning after 9:00 am! I’ve tried the whole get out of bed workout right away and it just doesnt work. My body isn’t loose enough and I need food before I can have some energy! Glad to see I’m not the only one ;)

    I think that pound cake is totally worth it! Mmm! Except I’d probably add even more sugar by adding some delicious nut butter! haha

  3. Lemon pound cake..yum! I like the toast, hummus, and tomato combination too, that’s something I would make for myself. I also like the idea of peanut butter puffins with banana and chocolate PB2, what an awesome combo! I bought me first box of that cereal about 3 weeks ago and it’s almost gone. I didn’t like it at first, but it started growing on me!

  4. haha, 11 is morning to me too. i wish i could workout before work but that is not physically possible for me~getting up that early is no good. chicken souvlaki is one of my favorite meals on earth!! i love the PB2puffinbanana treat. HEY WEEKEND!

  5. Working out in the morning is the best! Gets the day started!!

    Your savory oats look fantastic! Haha – thanks for the cinnamon and yogurt shout out! Glad you liked it, obviously I’m a big fan :D

    Wednesday’s dinner? Delish! I hope you have a great weekend shakin’ yo’ groove thang ;)

  6. Weren’t those storms wicked? I feel so bad that an 11yr old was killed. :(

    I’m not one to get out of bed at the crack of dawn to workout, either. I wish I could be that motivated so that I could get my lunch hours back! :/

    I haven’t been to Angel’s Diner in eons. The place kinda grossed me out the last time I was there and like you mention….not much in the way of healthy choices!!!

  7. I’m liking your rendition of savoury oats there. I may just have to jump on the savoury oat bandwagon one of these days, even if the family thinks I’m insane. Oh wait, they already do.

    You totally could have sent some of that lemon pound cake my way. Yum!

  8. I have an intense craving to eat my computer screen whenever I look at your blog.
    I wish I could get into the savoury oats… tried it once, wasn’t feeling it. Your bowl of Super Sweetness is way more my thing!!
    … A run AND a date with Billy?! Nicely done!

  9. dont you love making yucky freezer burned bread taste nice and delicious again by just popping it in the toaster! yum! omg dont get me started with the puffins. i havent bought a box in a while now…


  10. Kristie… I just love your blog… not only are the pictures gorgeous but you have me LOLing the whole time

    “some things just aren’t meant to be pictured. ” hehehe

  11. Hands down you have one of the tastiets eats I’ve ever seen! Love the savory oats, and that brilliant souvlaki dish! Woo!
    And I love morning workouts, too. But I actualy ENJOy getting up way earlier (yes, even 5am!) to run…because then no one else is up and I get some ME time! :-)

  12. your savory oats ingredients sound like something i HAVE to try. i’ve only gone so far as an egg and hot sauce so far…not quite as adventurous! and i’m right there with ya on the morning workouts girl. but unfortunately, i am one of those wackos that can wake up at 5/6. guess the real world calls for you to be that way…too pooped at 6 p.m. to work out. dinner and gossip girl/food network/any trashy reality tv show is calling my name!!

  13. oo spinach dip sounds sooo good!!!

    and I’m a lot like you…..i much prefer to workout in the AM. it’s just easier to get it out of the way!!

    I want a magic bullet to make foamy coffeee!!


  14. Hellllooo! Could your food get any more appetizing?? I am just CRAVING that simple slice of toast w/ hummus and tomato. The foamy iced coffee and savory oats look pretty delicious as well. I still need to try the savory, but i’m scared!!!! We’ll see if I get gutsy enough on my next trip home…… ;)

    Hope you got to get out and dancing girl!! xo

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