A Grand Discovery and a Tribute to Cereal and Vegetables

We interrupt this post with an important News FLASH —-

The Peanut Butter Heavens have touched down in my city!
I’ve relished in the joys of Cinnamon Raisin Swirl and White Chocolate Wonderful that I happily discovered in the past at my local grocery store, but never did I think I would see the day when Dark Chocolate Dreams and Mighty Maple graced the shelves of a place located in my very not so-Peanut Butter & Co-equipped neighbourhood. I had resigned myself to the fact that I just may never taste the delights of these trendy and coveted peanut butter flavours. But no more. Not only am I now the proud owner of both, but I can restock my supply whenever I need to!


I even had a nice little conversation with the cashiers about how great the White Chocolate Wonderful is and how I highly recommended they buy and try the PB&Co greatness, as dangerous a habit as it is to get into. One was slightly weary as she is a self-proclaimed peanut butter lover (and thus was probably afraid to begin the addiction) but I’ll bet she went home with a jar or two tonight.

——-And now back to our regular program.

Food shopping has been a bit exciting the past few days. Not only did I score two wonderful peanut butter flavours today, but I also picked up some tempeh which is hard to find around here and yet which I adore.


We also just got a Costco Membership! So you can bet there was a trip this weekend. We didn’t get a huge load but did pick up a few food deals:


Tri pack of tofu, duo pack of plain yogurt, big bag of super fresh dried fruit, giant almond butter and six pack of tuna. Gotta cover the basics.

This huge almond butter was only $6.99! That’s cheaper than all of the almond butter varieties at the grocery store, which are all half the size! I couldn’t afford not to get it. And now I am very set for nut butters for a while…


During another quick grocery store trip on the weekend I stumbled upon some Fontaine Sante Light Spinach Dip.

IMG_0938 IMG_0941

You can bet this became a good chunk of my lunch. I had a field day dipping baby carrots in and putting a gigantic dent in the container. Oh so good. It had water chesnuts in it. Genius! I’m definitely now a fan of crunch in spinach dip. IMG_0943


This Weekend in Eats


Cereal is my addiction, my kryptonite, my existence. If I could eat it at every meal I would. Wait, I probably already do that. Oh my geez. IMG_8952 IMG_8963 IMG_8979 IMG_9119 IMG_9124

Once in a blue moon I switch it up and drink some green liquidy stuff. But that’s usually followed by a few handfuls of cereal along with a few chapters of trashy girly summer reading.




I love my cereal, but I also love my veggies.


Especially when covered in honey mustard…


…and salsa and hummus.

IMG_9000 IMG_9102 IMG_9032

They’re also great in summer squash form…


… in winter squash form…


…and in burger form.


Once in a while I even make them look like (but not taste like) dessert – nope, it’s not Banana Soft Serve. It’s cauliflower!


When I wasn’t eating veggies or cereal this weekend, I was eating lots of fruit…
(moreso grapes and blueberries but I eat them by the handful out of the fridge)


… and lots of yogurt (this particular bowl mixed with PB2 and dried fruit and nuts).IMG_8880

Lemon pound cake somehow found its way into my fridge so I’ve been snacking on that dangerous little mound here and there too. Once I double-whammied the danger and topped it with butter pecan ice cream. That was rough.


And fresh Montreal-style bagels were purchased so I had bagel bitlets topped with dangerously delicious dips today at lunch.



One night this weekend I went out for sushi.
Wakame (aka seaweed) salad started it all off.


And the RAMBO roll was the conclusion. Asparagus, avocado, mushroom. Oh yes, this was good. At first though she misheard me and thought I said Rainbow roll. So I ended up with a giant raw fish-topped roll. I’m not against the fish but was very hyped up for my Rambo. So I had to correct her and ask for another one to be made, as much as I am not a fan of doing so. Luckily she was very apologetic. I just hope the guy who had to prep the rolls wasn’t so P-Od that he decided to add any extra ingredients to my corrected roll… yikes.



Three nights this weekend I went out for dancing.
One of them involved a photoshoot with feet, flowers, and leaky bathrooms.

IMG_0946 IMG_0947 IMG_0961IMG_0957  IMG_0963 IMG_0965


And that about sums up the last several days of my life, give or take an iced coffee, a cereal binge, a shopping trip and a Backstreet Boy groove session or two.

I’m off to relocate my butt from one location in my house to another (probably the one in front of the boob tube) briefly before heading off to dreamland so adios dears!


29 thoughts on “A Grand Discovery and a Tribute to Cereal and Vegetables

  1. i love cereal too! lol. but i love it so much that this month is an abstain from cereal month to see what happens. doing all right – august 19th tomorrow! more than half way through!

  2. Mmm there’s so much yummy food!! Costco is the best isn’t it? My number one favorite peanut butter is actually Costco’s organic brand.. sooo good! and the almond butter price can’t be beat. I’m jealous they have tofu at yours! And all that squash.. no words!


  3. ahem. ultimately jealous of your mighty purchase. i have been looking for that for ages! maybe it is better i cant find it? haha. hooray for costco! and you know i agree with you on the cereal subject. nom nom nom. LOVE the mirror photo!

  4. Those PB are the best!!! I love dark chocolate and crunchy ones! :)
    Love all your colorful plates of veggies!!!! honey mustard? yes, I need to get some! :D

    it’s so interesting to see that costco in canada sell different things than USA.

  5. All of your cereal mixtures look divine!! How could anyone NOT like cereal. No matter what, every morning I find my hand in a box of cereal, even if it is just a couple pieces I have to have a nibble. Your def getting your veggies in and I majorly need to do the same!!! Have a great day my dear!

  6. I’m so glad you get to experience the wonderful PEanut Butter and Co peanut butters!! And, I can’t believe $6.99 is cheap for your almond butter, yikes. I get mine here at Trader Joe’s for $5, which I think is STILL too expensive!! It’s worth it though.
    All of your veggies look so delicious, with such wonderful colors! You’ve eaten your rainbow, for sure!

  7. CONGRATS on all the nut butters!!

    Spinach dip is so good (especially with pretzels or wheat thins – ooooh yeah!)! I’m in love with your eats! That lemon cake/ice cream duo? Excellent!!

    Backstreet Boys groove sesh? I approve :D Love BSB!

  8. yay for mighty maple! i don’t think my life was complete until my mom sent me a couple jars from back home…i think more are on their way too! and way to be a recessionista with the almond butter…oh wait, i guess canada’s not in a recession…? ok, maybe i should go throw the ny times into my reading this morning…

  9. Ahh I love reading your posts! Too cute! Mighty Maple and DCD are my two fave PBs by far, so I know you’ll enjoy them…bliss, pure bliss. And thumbs up for a Costco membership!! :) have a good week!

  10. Nice tribute!! Loved all your pics.
    I can’t wait to go to Costco and get a big, fat, awesome jar of the Maranatha. Don’t you feel like you’re robbing the store when you leave with a jar that size for so little cash?

    A Rambo Roll – ha! Yet to hear of that combo in Ottawa. I have to say, I do love a good rainbow roll – you could have mailed it up North and I would have gladly eaten it. ;)

  11. You have no idea how excited I was to see that you got those new PB flavours (I live in the same city)!! I considered myself a PB addict (anything less than 4 jars in the cupboard is ‘getting low’) so to see that these 2 new kinds are here made my day!

    I write this as I am having oat bran for dinner in my nearly empty Cinnamon Raisin Swirl PB jar…you. are. brilliant.

  12. You are soo gorgeous Kristie!! I need to go clubbin with you asap.

    Loveeeeeeee the eats!!! Veggies, tuna, tempeh, tofu, yogurt, WAKAME seaweed salad!! you know where it’s atttttt!!

  13. YAYAY for finding that PB!!! New finds at grocery stores are always so exciting :-) And congrats on finally getting a Costco membership. I am obsessed with Costco – have fun exploring (and tasting all the samples!).

  14. wow why do you have soooo many good eats?!? nice grocery shopping girlfriend! sounds like you scored some really good deals. i need to try that mighty maple. ive had dcd but none of the other ones yet. how awesome is it?!?!

  15. Girl, you will be SO addicted to dark choco PB from now on! I have to take 1 spoonful and put it back in the pantry for portion control, it’s so good.

    You take beaut photos fyi!

  16. I wish my Costco sold almond butter! I can barely find it at the health food store here, only one variety in a tiny jar!!
    Love WC Wonderful, too…definitely my favorite PBCo flava. Oh, and DC Dreams. Too many choices!

  17. Yo. Why you gotta be so fine, homes? Haha LOVE the pics with yo crew.

    I just caught up on all your posties, but I decided this is where I’d leave a mark.

    Dude, that is SO the huge thing of almond butter I found that you said you found cheaper. That is PURE insanity!

    Can I just say that every time I read your posts I get supah excited. I dunno what it is, the energy, the colorful, delicioso food. Just love it!

    I hope you’re off to have a fabby weekend!! (Sidenote: omg just saw that you just commented on my blog…while I was typing this…freak.ee.)

  18. Dark Chocolate Dreams is basically a jar full of delicious crack. I’m sad that I no longer have any. I could just drag my behind down to the store, but I’m putting myself on a spending hiatus. It definitely ain’t cheap!

    The rambo roll sounds like a great combo of veggies :)

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