My Summer Eats are MIA

So it would seem that summer + regular food blogging are just not a combo that jive smoothly with me. I don’t do regular, thought out meals when the heat is on and I have no sense of a current schedule to keep me in line.

And you know what’s annoying? All of the coolest foods I’ve eaten lately have no evidence to back them!
For example – Yesterday I went to the beach! Which was awesome. The wind was a kickin’ and the waves were a rollin’. I almost lost my bathing suit at least a dozen times diving into the huge crashers. The only thing that would have made it MORE awesome was if we were going over the waves with a SEADOO. I wish! In the middle of the madness I had delicious beach eats like a hummus vegetable pita and a strawberry peach frozen yogurt.  They looked kind of like these (NOT my pictures):


But I just didn’t snap any pictures of them!

I also had a delicious dinner at The Keg Steakhouse the other night. I got the Grilled Thai Chicken – boneless chicken with sautéed onions, bell peppers and snap peas in a sweet hot Thai chili sauce – with a side of vegetables which was basically a pile of the most delicious sautéed mushrooms I’ve ever eaten. Washed all down with a Rainbow Sherbet. But, yet again, no pictures.Baskin-Robbins-Rainbow-Sherbert-fb

I miss all of the COOL foods, but I have no problem getting pictures of some of the much less exciting and much more repetitive foods I eat at home. What fun is that?! I think I need to start snapping pictures of all my foods, even the things I eat out. Even if I feel like a dumb dumb doing so. They’re just way more interesting.

Also, my cousin was visiting this week so things have been a little all over the place, making it hard to even think about pulling out the camera half the time.


I captured several mornings though. They’ve been looking a little something like this:

IMG_8772 IMG_8800IMG_8824

(I’ve been considering bumping down the coffee habit a bit. It hasn’t happened quite yet)

And this:


Weetabix, pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, blueberries, frozen banana


IMG_8840 IMG_8845

Oatbran, blueberries, banana, wheat berries, almond butter



Pumpkin, cinnamon, vanilla yogurt, flax, Fiber One, Guardian Cereal



Leftover Keg dinner chicken with hummus, spinach and honey mustard in a wrap; side of leftover squash ( yes, this was a breakfast ;) )

And of course, plenty of the fresh fruit that is in ABUNDANCE right now. Mmm. Watermelon.


Throughout the days I’ve been trying to cram in lots of veggies (mainly in the form of salads), and have also been snacking on leftovers, crackers, and other equally unappealing and quickly inhaled foods that never make it onto my camera.

IMG_8780 IMG_8858 IMG_8878 IMG_8768


My cousin has now packed up and headed off on other adventures though, and I’m kind of getting bored of the constant snacking thing, especially considering I’m always snacking on the same foods. So expect to see some actual meals around these parts in the near future? Actually, try not to expect that so you can be awed and amazed when I actually come up with something exciting to shake up my culinary palate.

Tally Ho!

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14 thoughts on “My Summer Eats are MIA

  1. Lol… you’re so funny!

    Ain’t nothing wrong with a ton of coffee… well if there is I don’t wanna be right… especially if I could get my hands on your killa iced coffees :)

  2. summer is really hard to keep blogging regular… i hear you on this one! ;)
    But all your breakkie combo look delicious!!! I miss my elaborated breafast combos! :)

  3. Oh yes, I understand “trying to cut down on coffee”. I’ve attempted to do that too. I bought 1/2 caffeine, half regular, thinking that would help, but I just ended up doubling my cups of coffee!! haha, oh well, I must not be ready to cut it out yet.

  4. Rainbow Sherbet used to be my main squeeze when I was a wee one! Yes, I was weird then!

    Sounds like you’ve been enjoying what’s left of the summer! You can eat real meals when you’re back in school – which isn’t too far off, boo :( Where did the year go?!

  5. haha, i love the looks of your mornings. and of that ice cream even more! even though it was not yours.. i love photos of anybody’s ice cream. mmm honey mustard is good, even for breakfast. love that photo. hahah.. tally ho indeed!

  6. When I’m taking pics at a restaurant, I can usually do it in a way that makes it look like I’m actually looking at old pictures on my camera, rather than taking a picture of food… or at least, I like to think it appears that way…!

    I understand about wonky eats with the weather. It makes me want sushi even more… not good…

  7. my gosh you have GREAT ideas for food!!! I love the way the weetabix looks all mushed up. hahah i’m a HUGE fan. :) I also wanna try your pumpkin with yogurt mix. That sounds really really delicious and a GREAT way to use up my giant metal tin can of pumpkin. hehehehe

  8. My hubby has Weetabix every morning and I never have it since it gets soggy so quick, but I never thought to mush it up to make an oat-like bowl like yours! That’s a great idea :)
    Kristie, all your photos are always so pretty! Not a flash to be seen! What’s your secret?! :)

  9. haha i do the same thing all the time…will eat an amazing meal and then not be able to get a picture of it!!!!! but the most important thing is actually getting to enjoy the meal LOL. your beach eats sound delicious. isnt food a billion times better by default when eaten on the beach?!?!

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