Snacktackles and Mystery Puddles

Now that work is done I’ve been chilling at home the last couple days and been feeling extra snackalicious. I’ve eaten my weight in zucchini bread, cottage cheese and grapes. Not all together, but now that I think about it, that COULD be a good combination! Snicker.


I’ve also eaten at least half my weight in THIS ICE CREAM.


Remember my Pecan Butter Tart bliss? Well this one is the same line, only Chocolatey Caramel Treats. Meaning every bite is loaded with little mini Roloesque chocolate bits. I keep picking them out of the container. Yeah with my fingers. Spoons, schmoons.



I still worked this day so my breakfast was quick and sloppy.
Guardian cereal, blueberries, bananas, plain yogurt, PB2, almond milk.


Work consisted of a whole lot of labeling and packaging manuals and doing inventory counts. Exciting, am I right?

I really needed to add some thrill to my life after that day so I made pretty much the most colourful salad I’ve ever laid eyes on and my day was instantly brightened.

IMG_8627 IMG_8639

Spinach, romaine, mushrooms, tomatoes, yellow zucchini, banana peppers, avocado, baba ganoush, honey mustard.

Oh come on, doesn’t fun coloured just make you wanna smile?
As does corn on the cob and fresh bread with Pizza Cheese! :)

IMG_8648 IMG_8650

Wednesday night I was going to go out to groove to some Hip Hop tunes but instead my friend and I took it easy, went to a cafe, and chatted about the weekend and Retro Night adventures over peppermint tea and spinach dip.

You probably can’t gather quite how classy my favourite retro night hotspot is from the picture (ehem.. chain link fence inside?) but I definitely spent some time standing in a giant puddle in the middle of the floor by one of the bars where a puddle should NOT have been. I thought it was funny at the time but thinking back, I wish I had removed my soaked sandaled feet much much quicker. Shudder.

5894_244430945351_646060351_8108857_950098_n5894_244430995351_646060351_8108866_5531486_n 5894_244431015351_646060351_8108868_541209_n       



My first day of doing nada after a month of full time work. How do I start it out? By sleeping in until 10 (score!) and then eating my entire kitchen contents (not so score).

One of the many things I ate: a bowl of pumpkin mixed with mango apricot yogurt, frozen banana, blueberries and Shreddies.


And ICED coffee. Do you love my baby Babar mug in the background? I think that thing’s like 15 years old. Now that’s Retro.


MIA? Zucchini bread. Nut butter. ICE cream. Whooooops. Hey, it was a work-is-over celebratory breakfast. Those always need to include ice cream, no? Okay, maybe just that ONE day.

Then I RAN and Shredded (Jillian style, not cereal style) and my new runners didn’t hurt! I guess I’m breaking them in nice and quick.

You would think I’d never be hungry again after my mondo breakfast but alas, my stomach always wants food. And I always oblige.

Mucho cabbage slaw with feta and cottage cheese, grapes and cherries eaten backyard style.

IMG_8669 IMG_8712

And pictures of my blurry toes and droopy flowers just for fun (my magazine wasn’t captivating my attention enough).

IMG_8682 IMG_8690

Then I went inside and ate up the last two old lychees in my fridge. They were getting mold spots. They’ve got a coating though so it’s all good! I’m still kicking anyway.


Dinner was eaten at home and unmemorable but later last night my friend and I discovered this new little sushi restaurant so I had to try an inari hand roll – one of these stuffed with just rice and a piece of fried soy bean curd.

It was pretty good but I have to go back once I actually haven’t had dinner yet so I can try some of their other stuff!

Then we went to see The Ugly Truth. Holy hilarious (A HOT and Homegirl Approved Film). I LMAOd throughout the entire movie. See it!



And here we are! I’m so thrown off with my days now. Weekend is HERE though and I dig it.

Sadly I’ve hardly moved an inch all day today and now it’s almost dinner time. I had to do some work from home though, organizing thank you letters and missing item letters to send out to elementary schools who participated in the literacy program I was working for, so that ate up my morning. Then I was just in lazy mode from there on out. I’ll bang out some energy after dinner though for a workout and then a night out!

Before starting my work stuff I made a nice big pear-shaped bowl brimming with oat bran.


Oat bran, small handful rolled oats, whey liquid, water, splash almond milk, 1/2 banana, pumpkin, cinnamon, SF maple syrup; topped with PB2 mixed with vanilla yogurt.

While I plugged away at the computer for the morning, my mom went to a local farm to pick up some fresh veg. She came back just in time for lunch. Along with her came a loaf of fresh flax bread. You can bet I tried some of it immediately.


Then I made a big salad dressed in this new bottle of balsamic vinaigrette.


That I ate in the backyard. Where I had to wear a long sleeved shirt. In AUGUST.
Weirdest summer ever.

IMG_8749 IMG_8753

My mom’s friend made fresh date squares so I had to sample some of them as well. About 1/4 of the sample actually made it into my wee silicon bowl.



I’m about hungry again. I’m thinking sweet taters. Mmmm.
And with that… WEEKEND time! Have a great one!


23 thoughts on “Snacktackles and Mystery Puddles

  1. I think zucchini bread and cottage cheese would be pretty darn delicious together. Don’t know about the grapes though ;)

    Aww you look cute!! Ew to the sketch puddle – yuck!

    I’m LOVING the CC/cabbage slaw combo! I hope you have a glorious weekend!

  2. i swear to god you crack me up all the time…no worries about the bread consumption because my banana bread is almost gone…its been 5 days since having my first slice. whoops. i hate when it sits in the fridge and calls out to me….. :)


  3. Zucchini bread, oh so delicious. The flax bread also looks great. The chocolatey caramel ice cream sounds like amazingness in my mouth, I may have to make that with my ice cream maker! Chocolate sauce, or fudge, with caramel, and vanilla ice cream base…I can see it now!

  4. I’m not sure if I’ve ever shared this before, but Shreddies are/is my all-time favorite cereal. No questions about it. I don’t know how they get all those amazing layers into one little square. It’s all I eat when I have them in the house. Whenever my g-ma comes to visit (from Canada, obvs), she knows how to fix her granddaughter up: 4 or 5 jumbo boxes. Hell yeeeee!!!

    I love the snack attacks. That’s been my whole summer in a nutshell. And now you have me wanting ice cream…and shreddies. Damn you! And did I catch you say “whey liquid” up thurr. Is that a clever way of saying milk? You smartie, I love it.

    Have a fabulous weekend, darling!

  5. ah where to begin? oh how about first saying a big fat thank you for the lovely comment you left~i think portion size is def an issue for me. thanks for the tips. LOVE the ice cream, first and foremost photo in the post! yesss. and holler! hot photos out and about~ick about the puddle though.. shudder times seven. i have never tried my hand at a hand roll :P but they look good. i just usually share rolls with friends. enjoy the weekend my dear. xoxo

  6. Date squares are one of my favourites. My mom makes an awesome one, but she only ever makes it when she’s taking it somewhere. We have to beg her to make extra for the family to keep at home.

  7. My tummy always wants food! Sometimes I wonder how my stomach can hold everything I eat!

    I love all that pumpkin goodness.. pumpkin is pretty much amazing. How do you add the whey liquid?

  8. i love your recaps because its just one amazing food pic after the other! that ice cream flavor sounds BOMB! i would easily sit down with the carton, thats for sure. rolos in ice cream?! sign me up :)

  9. mmmm your oats look delish. I am going to try mixing PB2 with yogurt next time. That ice cream sounds amazing. Nice pics, wanted to eat every one of them!

  10. “Not all together, but now that I think about it, that COULD be a good combination! Snicker.”

    hehe you’re adorable!!!! love that turqouise dress/top too!!!!! you gorgeous!

  11. That fresh bread looks so squishy and delishy… mmm. And yes, that is the most colourful salad I’ve seen! Well done!

    Chain link fence inside… I have a couple of places in mind, either off King Street or University. ;)

  12. when I’m on vacation i get specially snack too!!! :D It’s what vacation meant!!! hahaha…… Love that ice cream!
    enjoy your NADA days! :)

  13. Ah! You’re so cute, love the shots of you at your fave retro nightclub!!

    And ummmm….the oatbran bowl and colorful salad sound absolutely amazinggg right now. Maple syrup? Pumpkin? oats? vanilla yogurt?! I’M IN! :)

    Glad you enjoyed ugly truth. Gerald Butler (the main guy) is so hottttttt and dreamy, no?!

  14. Hi I just found your blog and have to say your photos are amazing. All your meals look so colourful and healthy. I’m trying to eat healthier myself and will certinley be taking home some recipes :) I hope you’ll check out my blog and say hello some time.

  15. ooo my jealousy rises every time you use those fruit shaped bowls. pleeeeease tell me they aren’t a canadian thing! i just have to have them!

  16. You are too cute! I love those pictures of you :) And pizza cheese? I’m so sold!

    All of your eats are so pretty! I haven’t had a colorful salad in way too long. My eats have been so terrible since I started my job. I need to be better about packing something pretty!

    Love the pictures you took of nature and your purty toes. I hope you’ve been having a good week, Kristie!!

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