Hey Long Weekend

So although my job is “officially” done, I worked all day today and will be working again tomorrow to finish up last minute stuff that needs to get done. I don’t mind though because really, I’d probably just be sitting around at home and I really can’t complain about a bit of extra money into my pocket!

Plus, our boss brought us Starbucks today. And is bringing it again tomorrow. Yes please.

To save some time (aka sleep an extra few minutes) this morning, I actually remembered to throw together some overnight oats last night. I was pretty darn excited about this creamy delicious bowl staring at me from the refrigerator shelf.


Oats + Plain yogurt + banana slices + flax + splash of Almond milk + PBU

I should have made a slightly bigger bowl because I was still feeling a tiny void in my stomach, but that was nothing a few handfuls of grapes and blueberries plus a nice cup of hot coffee couldn’t fix.



Back to Friday for a minute – I mentioned that I had made some zucchini bread. Well here is the final product:


Instead of two loaves, I went with one loaf and muffins. We kept the recipe pretty much the same, swapping out half the oil for applesauce and adding raisins and pecans. The flavour was delicious but the final product was a little on the dry side. Next time I’d probably just suck it up and use all the oil because I really think it would be worth it. Either that or more applesauce.


Now onto the Long Weekend – I didn’t do anything very special or exciting. I’m super jealous of all the people who have cottages to run away to!


I wasn’t starving when I was trying to figure out what to eat for pre-work brekkie, but I was still in the mood for some eats. Somehow I ended up with a toasted english muffin half topped with roasted red pepper jelly, unsweetened applesauce and smashed raspberries. No idea where that came from but it tasted good.


That stimulated my appetite a bit so then I snacked on some cut up mango…


…and a nice foamy iced coffee.


Work was work. Nothing too eventful going down there. I did get a replacement phone for my stupid problematic Blackberry Curve though that I was trying to get working while at work and the replacement phone is even worse than the phone I have right now. My current phone reboots and does some weird hourglass thing during nearly every phone call I make. The replacement phone does the same thing, only it does it constantly. Like every few minutes, all on its own. Anyone else have Blackberry problems? It’s driving me nuts!

My work lunch included leftover Couscous & Chickpea Salad. Mmmm. Now this is a leftover to look forward to.


Dinner was an attempt to use up leftovers as well.

Mini wrap, baby carrots, steamed broccoli with salsa for dipping, butternut squash with hummus, 1/3 cut up sweet potato.


The wrap included 1/2 a tuna burger with spinach, tzatziki and dijonnaise all heated up.


Saturday night I stayed in. I’m just no fun anymore! And I didn’t really have anything to do anyway. It was kind of a funk of a weekend to be honest. Ah, such is life.



Breakfast included goat cheese therefore it was awesome.

Egg white scramble with spinach, mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese. It was supposed to be an omelette.
Uh… yeah not so much. Tasted just as good though. And that’s half a zucchini muffin on the side. Pretty sure I ate a bunch of the zucchini bread as well.


Sunday usually ends up included errands this Sunday was no different. That took up a chunk of it.

I was feeling somewhat adventurous later on in the day so I decided to make  Gena’s “Pizza Cheese”!


This stuff is awesome. I haven’t done anything special or exciting with it other than eaten it on some crackers but I’m thinking I might have to include it in some kind of wrap asap.

During the process I discovered that soaked cashews taste delicious! Is that weird? I kind of wanted to just eat them alone in all of their mushy cashew glory. I showed restraint though and manage to throw most of them into the food processor before swallowing them all first.
I also discovered that I do not like basil. No, I don’t think I’ve ever has basil alone before this. Is that weird? Is it supposed to taste like black licorice? Had mine just gone bad? It was sitting in the fridge for a while… I dunno but I’m not a huge fan of the stuff. It tasted good in the “cheese” though!

Then when dinner time rolled around I made the biggest salad of life. This thing took me ages to make. I don’t know why, I think probably because I kept pulling different things out of the fridge to chop up into it. It was kind of an adventure.


Let’s see if I can remember the contents of my crazy salad: spinach, kale, sundried tomatoes, roasted green pepper, mushrooms, plain extra firm tofu, cottage cheese, cauliflower, honey mustard, light sour cream/dijon dressing.
Something like that. This really tested the limits of my stomach. Yes, I ate it all.

Then Sunday night I made up for not going out all weekend by going out to Retro night! As per usual. Only this was a long weekend Retro night which means it gets insanely busy and you have to get there before 10:00pm in order to get in. Otherwise you wait all night in line. Which means we started the casual sipping around 8. Which means the friends I went with got kicked out by midnight. Classy fools. I knew other people at the bar though so I stuck it out til the end, dancing to too many songs I can’t remember and almost getting dropped on the concrete when someone decided to try to give me a piggy back while I wasn’t ready for it. It was a pretty good time.



I managed to wake up with not much more than a slight headache. I was pretty content with that.

Then I chowed down on the biggest bowl of a cereal mess you ever did see.
Okay it doesn’t look that big but there were two kinds of yogurt, blueberries, banana, Special K with Red Berries, Guardian cereal, Shreddies and PBU all included. Wowzers.



After a late night out drinking I always seem to get into cleaning mode the next day. Anyone else get like that? I did a pretty decent room clean that included putting together and setting up a new TV stand in my room. It gives my room a tidier look.

After the cleanup my cereal binge was no longer sitting heavy in my stomach and I needed some veg. The blob is canned baba ganoush – best thing ever, seriously. Love it.


I actually remembered to take a picture of one my after meal treats (yeah these happen after nearly every meal. I always forget) – PBU date!



During my Sunday shopping ventures I got a new pair of runners. My old runners were a couple of years old. Bad news bears. The bottoms were pretty slippery and gripless so I figured I should probably do something about that… and Sportchek had a BOGO 50% off sale so my mom and I both got a new pair. IMG_8580 IMG_8581

I did a 45 minute treadmill run but I found my right foot got kind of soreis this normal with new runners? I haven’t had a pair in so long that I don’t know how the breaking in process works… if this means I just need to get used to them or the fit is wrong or something… I’m going to monitor it and see how things go though.


I had a big bunch of kale started to go in the fridge so it made up a course of my dinner – Kale Chips!
Dipped in ketchup and BBQ sauce and served alongside leftover couscous & chickpea salad and 1/2 a leftover stuffed pepper.


Later I went over to my friend’s to play the newest version of Wii Sports (I own at fencing and wakeboarding! Not so much at the frisbee games…) and then was into bed early.

And that about sums up my incredibly thrilling long weekend in an epically large nutshell. Now it’s time for some dinner.
Hope you all had a great weekend/start of a new week!


28 thoughts on “Hey Long Weekend

  1. I’m not a fan of basil either.. mainly because of the black licorice taste which I can’t stand.

    Even though you didn’t go anywhere for the weekend it was probably more relaxing that way (and the weather was amazing)! My dad came down to the city on Saturday and said the northbound traffic on the hwy 400 was insane! It wouldn’t have been fun to be driving in that – makes me cringe thinking about how I used to do that weekly for the past couple summer (what was I thinking? lol).

    Awesome new shoes! I hate breaking in new shoes… they just feel so “off”, but they did break in. Maybe give them another try to see how they feel?

  2. I can’t say I’ve ever thought of basil tasting like black licorice. I do not like black licorice, but don’t hate basil on it’s own. Generally though, I always use basil in something, so I wouldn’t be tasting it all on it’s own anyways.

    And not all of us have cottages to go to – that’s really just an ON thing ;)

  3. congrats on almost being done with work!

    And cool new shoes…I think I remember breaking mine in was a little uncomfortable at first, but after a few more runs/workouts, they should feel better :)

  4. Love the shoes!! I love getting new shoes, but then after a month I am ready for new ones :)

    The tuna burger wrap sounds great, super idea adding a tuna burger to a wrap. I do a lot of turkey burgers in my wraps, love them!

    I’m not a huge fan of basil either, by the way. It just isn’t one of those spices I couldn’t go with out, like garlic and pepper, yum!

  5. Retro night sounds fun! I wish we had one here…
    Anyways, basil is not supposed to taste like black licorice — perhaps yours wasn’t fresh enough. Basil plants are extremely easy to grow in your garden (in a pot) during summer and the fresh leaves always taste wonderful! You should try it…

  6. Yay for being done with work!!!!!!!
    I have a Curve and yes, it is a problematic little thing!
    Any chance you’re free on Saturday? :)

  7. oh loved the long recap~ i dont even know where to begin! the pizza cheese looks out of this world delicious, i need to click on that link i am rather curious about it! and you dont like basil? that is surprising but I LOVE IT so you can send yours this way :D the baking looks like it was a huge delicious success. nice new kicks! xoxo

  8. I’ve never had zucchini bread so yours looks fantastic too dry or not :)

    In terms of eats (as if we didn’t know this already), you and I are two peas in a pod! I loatheeeee basil! It’s too sweet for me – give me some cilantro or oregano!!

    Hahaha! Kicked out by midnight – that’s hilarious! Usually I had to ‘break in’ new shoes as well. They feel stiff and whatnot for the first few weeks.

    Hope you enjoyed your 2nd last day of work :)

  9. There’s two different kinds of basil.
    The black licorice one is Thai basil and is usually used in Thai/Asian food.

    The other kind is sweet basil. It’s the one used for Italian cooking.

    Lots of stores mix up the two or just called it generic basil. You gotta smell/taste it to be sure.

    I learned this through many thrown out bunches of basil… and a few ruined black licorice flavoured dishes!

    Also. Zucchini bread = delish!

  10. zucchini bread, new kicks and goat cheese… good weekend…

    that happened to me with my old running sneakers but i just needed arch supports in them and it all evened out… but it could have just been a first time run thing (hope so!)


    pizza cheeeeeeeeeeze! I still havent tried it. I know.

    ZUCCHINI BREAD LOVING!!!!!!! whoa there Kristie!! banging it out in the baking dept., aren’t we?! you go girl!!!

  12. Yay I’m glad you remembered overnight oats! They are so yummy but for some reason less filling than cooked oats (at least for me!)

    Way to rock the leftovers!

  13. Your overnight oats shots kill me! ;)

    I’ve made them before, but clearly need to make them again…it’s been too long! The egg white scramble, WRAP, iced coffee and (beautiful) yogurt mess need to get in MEH BELLY! Now.

    Although you sometimes stay in on fri/sat nights, you always make up for it by hittin’ up the clubs on SUNDAYS! I love that. xoooo

  14. there is so much good food in here i dont know where to start! is it weird that i think the english muffin rando combo looks the best?? idk, something about it looks so awesome! oh and those sundried tomatoes in ur salad. ive never been a big fan and then lately ive been loving them. must purchase stat!!!! have a great weekend!

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