My Work There is Done

First off, today was my last official day of work! I was doing elementary school literacy kits inventory work for a month but we officially finished checking and getting all of the bins ready, so the job is complete. I will be doing another day or two of work next week to finish up some odds and ends but the main goal of the job has been reached and the last chillin month of summer is about to begin. I need to make it a good one!

So – The end of another week is here and I’ve got some eats to share.


Early mornings have been slightly rushed before work, so breakfast has been rushed as well. I cram a lot of fruit in (most of it while standing at the fridge), and have been really having a go at the Kashi Probiotic cereal while chugging down a very necessary cup of coffee every morning.

IMG_8244 IMG_8246

Coming home from work an hour or two before dinner time messes a bit with my ability to make a half decent dinner. I’m often pretty hungry when I get home so I have a snack, but I’m usually still hungry and end up throwing together whatever leftovers etc I find in the fridge to call it a meal.

Exhibit A – My Tuesday night dinner:

Cabbage slaw/mushroom/baby carrot salad with hummus and tzatziki, rye with hummus and salsa, 1/2 leftover stuffed pepper (eaten cold – I eat most of my leftovers cold. I like them that way!)

IMG_8253 IMG_8258



A repeat of the Canadian version of the Kashi Vive, complete with my favourite cold cereal toppingFrozen banana chunks.


Lunch at work – blah blah. Sorry, they’re boring so you just don’t get to see them!

But dinner you do get to see because it was extra special since I somehow had the patience to wait for butternut squash fries and sweet potatoes to bake up in the oven. I think I had a pretty big post-work snack in order to be able to wait for this.

However, the squash was slightly disappointing as it tasted blah and unsweet. Sigh. It was still good dipped in barbecue sauce and PB2 though.

IMG_8275 IMG_8280



Kashi, Weetabix, strawberry yogurt, frozen banana, Almond Breeze. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit! I’ve finished off the Kashi cereal box though so my next cereal ventures will include something different.

IMG_8408 IMG_8413

When I got home from work I actually managed to get a picture of one of my snack platters. Yeah, one of them. I think there were two or three different ones. I know the second involved cucumber and baby carrots, but it also involved me not wanting to get my camera again.

Leftover ground turkey, salsa, tzatziki, sweet potato, deli turkey…
There are a lot of random foods kicking around in my fridge right now. I’m slowly using them up. I take this task very seriously.


Once dinner rolled around I wanted something with lots of chop and chew. What better fitting than a salad:
Spinach, baby carrots, steamed broccoli, sweet potato, plain extra firm tofu, brown rice crackers, roasted garlic hummus and sweet onion dressing. Oh so good.

IMG_8421 IMG_8435



Since today was just finishing up some labelling at work, it took all of an hour. Quite the Friday treat, I was done work and back home by 9:30!

I finished off some cereal before work but was still hungry when I got home so I sliced and diced a giant ripe mango and ended up eating about half of it.


I also had a very munchy morning and ended up eating a lot of cereal, yogurt and coffee but let’s not talk about it.

After munching away the morning, it was time for a serious sweat sesh. My headphones broke and I’ve been using a crappy old pair that do not like to stay in my ears while running, so I’ve been avoiding the running thing a bit lately. Shoving headphones back into your ears every few minutes is really distracting and a really big pain in the neck. Somehow I put up with it for an hour today anyway.

Then later on I checked the mail and saw that my new headphones had arrived in the mail! Skullcandy has sweet headphones and a great warranty policy. My old ones stopped working for no apparent reason so I submitted a warranty request, sent the old ones in and a got a new pair in the mail no charge. Perfect! Now if only I had checked the mail before going on the treadmill.


I broke in the new headphones on a bike ride later this evening though. They were lovely, as was the bike ride. The weather has finally picked up here! We’ve had rain and very unsummery weather here all month so the sunshine and warm air was quite welcome today and required a bit of biking to take advantage of it.

Getting ahead of myself though, after the treadmill I threw together a quick and tasty veg bowl for lunch: spinach, steamed broccoli, dill pickles, honey mustard, roasted garlic hummus, deli turkey.

Then it was errand time.

Then it was dinner time! The highlight of the day, Couscous & Chickpea Salad courtesy of Janetha and Danica.

Oh my goodness. So easy, so GOOD.
I didn’t have everything on hand so I did a few things differently:

  • Tomato couscous cooked in boiling water and chicken broth
  • A can of Bean Medley (didn’t have just chickpeas)
  • Cooked up premarinated Mediterranean chicken breasts
  • Yellow summer squash instead of cucumber (didn’t have any)
  • Spinach (didn’t have basil)
  • Used pickled ginger and ginger powder in the dressing (no fresh ginger)

IMG_8471 IMG_8476

This meal is chalk-full of flavour. My mom and I both loved it and there are plenty of leftovers. Make it!


I’ve been in sweet mode this week so pretty much every meal has been followed by something in the field of sweet. Think cereal, yogurt, dates, fruit… or just all of the above after nearly every meal. Sorry I don’t manage to capture these on camera. They’re just gone too darn quickly!

I’m staying in tonight (I was out last night and I need to catch up from the four hour night of sleep. Plus I’m lame.) so I felt like baking. I’ve felt like baking for days. And I’ve felt like baking zucchini bread for days. So I just went with it, using this recipe from Smitten Kitchen.
The results are to come…

Have a great weekend, and great long weekend to all the Canadian Civic Holiday celebrators. :)


14 thoughts on “My Work There is Done

  1. Almond breeze WITH a yogurt mess?? Does it make it soupier?? Sweeter?? I’m intrigued!

    Your snack platters and leftover-filled meals are amazing. I just love eating voluminous meals so much more than basic, BORING ones. Ya gotta change it up, and keep your mouth guessing, right?? Haha…..i’m so weird.

    So what cereal are you gonna buy next?? If you have any of these, get ’em: kashi heart to heart, pb puffins, barbara’s shredded spoonfuls, shredded oats OR kashi honey sunshine (i have a feeling it’s gonna show up eventually)! :)

  2. hey i like leftovers cold too! haha.. i always think i am weird. but so many people are into cold pizza, same type of deal, right?? i love skullcandy! they are such a good company. such a great warranty. i am buddies with their rep and their offices are here in park city. good people!

    WOOT you made that fanfreakintastic salad! i love it. your modifications all sound yum. tomato couscous? get out. delish i am sure! i love how easy that salad is, dont you??

    oh and yay for last day on the job! xoxo

  3. Yum you should definitely make the zucchini bread!

    I like my foods cold too, and people make fun of me all the time! I’m sure back before microwaves people didn’t mind eating their food cold, I mean come on!

    Love the couscous, and pickled ginger?? That’s new to me. I love all things pickled though, so I’d be interested in trying that!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Congrats on being done!! Relish your freedom!!

    “throwing together whatever leftovers etc I find in the fridge to call it a meal.” sounds like the best kind of meal to me :D

    So did you combine the BBQ sauce and the PB2 for that dip? I like the sounds of that!

    Enjoy your long weekend, girl! Live it up!!

  5. First of all, I love my leftovers cold too :) And second I love that leaf plate you have!! So cute!

    And yay! 3 day weekend for me! This may sound dumb but I guess Americans don’t have this holiday!?!

  6. congrats on being done work! hopefully the weather turns around and becomes summery now that you can enjoy it (I’m hoping so too.. I wrote the exam for my DE class this morning so I’m done school…. til Sept, woo!)

    I love Skullcandy headphones too… but mine don’t stay in while running. Maybe my ears are too small for them? haha.. I do have a “sport type” pair for running since I also hate when they fall out every minute or so.

    have a good long weekend!

  7. Congrats on being done with the job!!!

    I love PB2 and BBQ sauce as dippers! In fact, I just ate some BBQ chicken and PB2 covered carrots about 2 hours ago!!

    I also love my leftovers cold as well.

    Hope you last month of summer is amazzzzzzing, Kristie!!!

  8. congrats on being done and finally starting some real vacation! YAY! im jealous :) hopefully you will be doing lots of relaxing and BAKING. yes, cant wait to see the delicious zucchini bread nom nom. sorry your squash was a bit of a bust! it looks good at least?!

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