Weekend Munch


This short, morning only workday required some quick and tasty fueling.
Plain yogurt, COLD banana, flax and PB2 did the trick.

Meals 012

It held me over throughout my repetitive work task of bin checking but I was starving by the time I was done and home so I immediately threw together a nice, early lunch. I had been craving tuna for several days but still hadn’t gotten around to making it so here was my golden moment.

I mixed a can of tuna with dijon mustard, light sour cream, tzatziki and pepper. I had some of it over a bed of spinach (and topped with a dollop of hummus)…

Meals 021

… and some of it wrapped in spinach. What’s the difference? There isn’t one really but I’m all about the variety so this multimethod way of eating was more satisfying.

Meals 022

In the aft we did a big grocery trip.

It included some grocery store sushi – tropical shrimp, spicy shrimp and pear, smoked salmon and shrimp. I thought they all tasted pretty similar, but they were all decently good. They switched up the brand of sushi they sell there though and I liked the old one better. This one is too crunchy with all of the sesame seeds. Oh well.

Meals 035 Meals 038

We also bought some Wild Mushroom Risotto, ground turkey and a bag of on sale green peppers to make our dinner of… Stuffed Peppers!

Meals 034 

I set the oven to 425 and cooked the peppers a bit while cooking up the turkey and risotto on the stove. Once the stuffing ingredients were ready, I pulled the peppers out, stuffed them with the cooked risotto, turkey and some canned seasoned diced tomatoes and then put them back into the oven for approximately 20 minutes.

Meals 048 Meals 043
Tasty! They probably could have used a little longer in the oven since the pepper was still a little crunchy but overall they were tasty and the stuffing part was great, especially with a little crumbled goat cheese on top.

A couple other purchases:

Kashi Probiotic High Fibre Cereal (I guess it’s the same as the Kashi VIVE? Weird how we have different names for the same cereal) 

Meals 055

…And this insanely dangerous ice cream. Meals 053

President’s Choice has a whole new line of these Loads Of Ice Creams that came highly recommended by a girl I work with. And they were on sale. And we haven’t had a good kind of ice cream in our freezer for ages. So now was the chance.

“Yummy butter tart flavoured ripple ice cream, positively packed with butter tart pieces and praline pecans"

The container is almost gone. My family all love it. Never. Buying. Again.
Hah. Right.



I saved the last bit of an almond butter jar especially for this Saturday morning when I finally had enough time to be able to make a nice oat bran breakfast.

Meals 059

I stove top cooked some oat bran with water and almond milk, half a banana, cinnamon and flax. The last bites were by far superior, as all of the almond butter was sitting right at the bottom of the jar. Best for last!

Meals 067

We currently have a ridiculous amount of leftovers hanging around our fridge, so I utilized some of them in my lunch. Along with some raw veggies (mushrooms, zucchini, green peppers), I had some spinach leaves stuffed with leftover ground turkey risotto stuffing and leftover tuna from Friday.

Meals 005 Meals 009

I also had some steamed rice from my dad’s chinese food lunch. I ate a bunch of it plain and then did this…

 Meals 017

You bet I stirred steamed rice into my vanilla yogurt. Instant rice pudding. Freaking delicious.

For dinner my mom made a Crazy Plates recipe: Mr. Bowjangles – “Bow-tie pasta with chicken, broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes in a light broth.”

But we didn’t have bowtie so we went corkscrew instead. I served mine with a bowl of spinach, yellow zucchini and tomatoes. Meals 081

I’ve been consuming the leftovers of the pasta in mass amounts over the last couple days. It’s dangerous.

Saturday night I stayed in. Friday night I also stayed in actually. I guess it was just a stay in kind of weekend. And I actually didn’t mind it too much, I was feeling a little too unmotivated to bother even making an effort or having a late night for once.



Breakfast was a wee bit unconventional…

Meals 088

The leftovers are seriously OVERTAKING the fridge. I had to get working on them so I figured I might as well make a breakfast out of them!
Bizarre Breakfast Platter includes: shrimp sushi, polenta fries, cottage cheese, tomato, strips of chicken burger and leftover Mr. Bowjangles Pasta. Weird but definitely not untasty (rocking the double negatives).

It was a gloomy Sunday morning therefore the perfect weather brew for a cleaning job. The culprit? The Pantry.

Meals 107 Meals 103

I did the shelves one at a time, taking everything off and rearranging each one. We have a lot of crap in our pantry. I didn’t get an after picture (or a before for that matter) but I assure you it is much less stressful to look inside now.

Then I eventually made another bizarre mess of a meal for lunch.  IMG_8222

This salad included: spinach, cabbage slaw, carrots, mushrooms, chicken burger cubes, dijon mustard, tuna, tzatziki and hummus.

Followed by the remainders of a container of plain yogurt with banana, dried apricot and Kashi Honey Puffed. 


Post rain outside always looks so crisp and fresh.

Backyard (2) Backyard (13)

Garden Tequila…?
The rain was on and off all day. At some points it was sunny and at others it was pouring. Crazy weather.

In the afternoon I went to see Food Inc.
Wow. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, see it. You have to see it. It’s intense to say the least.

Before dinner I did a P90X Plyometrics video that I found randomly online. This was my first time (other than the P90X 15 minute ab workout) trying out P90X and I definitely think I’ll be doing it again. Sweat City – Great workout! I might even consider buying the whole set, although the price tag makes me cringe a little so we’ll have to see.

Although Friday and Saturday nights were nights in, I was definitely ready to break that by Sunday so I went out for my weekly Sunday night retro dancing and more than made up for my other two nights in. It was pretty grand, except for the three hours of sleep part since I had to get up early for work the next morning. That part was a little less fun. I guess here is where it’s helpful that my job involves sitting and doing mindless bin checking tasks all day.


And now we’re into a new week. Yesterday was a terrible day of eating (in other words the eating just didn’t stop)  but from this point forth I’m cracking down. You know that ‘eat when you’re actually hungry’ thing? I’m going to relearn that starting today. Speaking of which, time for me to figure out some dinner!


23 thoughts on “Weekend Munch

  1. oh i love stuffed peppers! yours look bangin. i have never seen that probiotic kashi/VIVE, very intrigued by it though. i love how your products have english and french on them! hooray for the oat bran in a jar..mmm..melty sticky goodness. i saw food inc this past weekend too! intense for sure. and i really want to try p90x but its so dang expensive. good luck with the intuitive eating!!

  2. Hmmm, those stuffed peppers look great!! I really should try and make some for myself…….. :)

    And oohhh, so do you like the kashi vive/ priobotic cereal?? I like it, but don’t LOVE it.

    Your pictures look lovely as usual, and i’m glad you got to squeeze some dancing in on sunday night! xoooo

  3. butter tart ice cream? omg!! I don’t buy ice cream very much but I think I might have to make an exception this time!

    I hear you on the “trying to eat only when hungry” problem… I get bored and then decide to snack (at least its usually healthy but it could quickly go the other way). it’s especially bad right now since I’m studying for an exam on Saturday (gross) and studying usually involves mad snacking.

  4. Oh yeah, the tuna creations look like my kind of meal! Interesting about the Kashi probiotic cereal, I wonder why they decided to change the name and box design. Maybe they weren’t selling well? I thought it tasted pretty darn good, but I never understood how the probiotics stayed active, as they are temperature sensitive.

    I’ve never seen the President’s Choice brand of ice cream, we don’t have that in the US, but that flavor sounds interesting. Tons of pecans and tartness?? I like that combo!

  5. I’m working on eating when I’m hungry (not bored) too! I love the President’s Choice brand. I wish we had it in the States.

  6. everything looks amazing as usual! I love the idea of adding rice to yogurt.. i’m going to do that asap!! But add cinnamon of course :D

    Where did you find that video online?? I’ve been wanting to try P90X!

  7. That ice cream sounds so good! My Grandma LOVES her butter pecan ice cream so that flavor always reminds me of being at her house – it is a nice choice!

    Your instant rice pudding is genius! I LOVE rice pudding!!

    Retro dancing?! I approve!! It sounds worth the 3 hours of sleep ;) You’re only young once!

  8. RICE PUDDING! That seriously inspired me to get some brown rice and puddin’ and combine to make an off the heezy dessert. CAN’T WAIT! :)

    Ice cream is seriously a dangerous thing..however, I do love danger which means I do love ice cream :D

  9. Seriously, how do you come up with some of your eats?! I love it! Your rando breakfast looks awesome… and I’m hoping my grocery store is going to switch sushi brands because yours looks better than the weird stuff I’ve gotten from there.

    I was JUST wondering about that ice cream. The commercials have me intrigued! I believe it’s amazing.

  10. KRISTIE!!!!!!

    I’m sorry I’m so behind on life. Ugh. This was such a great post to read though because you like P90X!!! :) I’m a huge fan – the price isn’t too nice, but if you ask for it for Christmas it’s definitely nicer…ha.

    I love all of your eats – sushi, stuffed peppers. And good call on wrapping the tuna salad in a lettuce leaf – I don’t do things like that often enough but it’s so easy!

    I need to do some more catch up and figure out what you’ve been up to!

  11. MMM everything from your weekend looks devine! I love stuffed peppers- I will have to try them sometime soon :)
    And I just bought some Ice Cream too- BAD IDEA! Your flavor- pecan tart, sounds amazing! The ice cream I bought was Girl Scouts Samoas, it’s addicting!

  12. I haven’t had stuffed pepper for ages!!! I need to make some, yours looks delicious!
    good job with pantry cleaning! it’s a nasty work, but so necessary! :)

  13. Glad you were able to see Food Inc. I think everyone should see it!!

    I love all your food- so fresh and healthy. Always with you!

    You reminded me I have to make stuffed peppers! Costco has a great deal on peppers I am going to take advantage of :)

  14. that sushi sounds so interesting! ive never heard of sushi with pear before!! also that ice cream…MMM i think i would finish it in a day :) hope your mindless eating has passed. i wouldnt worry about it too much tho! i feel like those days come and go, and there are always a few days a month where i just need to eat anything and everything in sight!!!

  15. Yep, Vive is the same cereal from Kashi. I’m not a big fan of it. I like GO Lean Crunch much more.

    Glad you got to see Food, Inc. I’ve not seen it yet. Your stuffed peppers look delicious!

  16. Hello, butter tart ice cream? I need to start shopping at Real Canadian Superstore more often if they are carrying gems like that. I love me some butter tarts :D

    Your stuffed peppers look mighty good as well. Probably because they are chocked full of mushroom risotto.

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